Iron rich foods


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Iron rich foods

  1. 1. Iron rich foods:The best sources are clams, oysters, lean beef like sirloin, top and bottomround,flank steak and skinless poultry. interestingly enough, the dark sourceshave more iron than the white types of poultry like breast. so go for drumsticks orthighs when you can. the second best category of iron-rich foods are thevegetarian sources. the dark greens youre eating are loaded. keep eating leafygreens. also edamame, lentils, starchy beans and tofu have iron as well. andwhen you eat the vegetarian sources they are not as absorb able as the animalproteins. couple them with a food rich in vitamin c because c helps to boost theabsorption within your body. when you eat your spinach and kale, drizzle somefresh lemon juice on top. The lemon juice brings vitamin c to the table to bump upthe iron in your body.