2009 Remax Overview


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This is an overview of the Benefits as working as a realtor with remax!

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2009 Remax Overview

  1. 1. ONTARIO-ATLANTIC CANADA GEARING UP FOR 2009 Your Resource Guide to RE/MAX w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca w w w. re m a xeve n t s .ca w w w. re m a xca re e r.ca
  2. 2. TAbLE Of CONTENTs 4 WELCOME ................................................................................. ADMINIIsTRATOR’s DIGEsT ...................................................... 5 Regional Office Index, Trademark Usage 9 PubLIC RELATIONs ................................................................... Agent Editorial Templates 11 CAREER DEvELOPMENT......................................................... Re/max Education, Career Paths, Succeed-Agent Mentoring Program, Buffini & Company - 100 Days to Greatness, Ultimate Agent Program, Designation Days, RE/MAX Platinum Plus Entrepreneurial Series, Business Planning & Analytics, RE/MAX & You Agent Orientation Event, Trading Secrets Tour 23 RE/MAX TOOL bOX................................................................ Frames, BestAgent.ca, Remaxevents.ca, Remax.ca, Remax.net, Re/max Satellite Network, LeadStreet, Design Centre, Re/max Recognition, Awards, Corporate Material Program, Canada Post 36 COMMuNITY INvOLvEMENT ................................................ Children’s Miracle Network, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation: Sold on a Cure, Yard Sale for a Cure, Corporate Material Program, Hot Air Balloon Program 43 RE/MAX EvENTs ..................................................................... Event Registration, KickStart Annual Sales Rally 45 RE/MAX CONsuMER EvENTs ............................................... Consumer Home Shows 49 RE/MAX 2009 CALENDAR .................................................... GearinG up for 2009
  3. 3. WElcOmE Welcome to the RE/MAX Gearing up for 2009 Resource Guide. This booklet will provide you a synopsis of all the tools RE/MAX has to offer. Please read through this booklet and visit: bestAgent.ca, remaxevents.ca and remaxcareer.ca, on a regular basis for up-to-date information.
  4. 4. AdmINIstRAtOR’s dIGEst w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca h t t p s : // w w w . r d w x p r e s s . c o m
  5. 5. administrator’s digest REgional officE indEx RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada 7101 Syntex Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 6H5 www.remax-oa.com Toll free phone ..............................................................1-888-542-2499 Regional Telephone ........................................................905-542-2400 Executive Fax ................................................................... 905-542-2318 Regional Fax.....................................................................905-542-3340 President & Co-founder ...........................................Walter Schneider Chairman & Co-founder ................................................. Frank Polzler CEO ......................................................................... Pamela Alexander Regional Director & Executive Vice President ............................................ Michael Polzler FRAnChiSE DEVElOPMEnT Executive Vice President, Business Development ...................................... Gary Schnarr Ext 342 Director of Franchise Sales ................................. Adrian Burry Ext 316 Executive Director, Regional Development ... Shirley Porter Ext 324 ADMiniSTRATiOn Director of Corporate Relations ...................Dana Whitman Ext 327 RE/MAX PROMOTiOnS Executive Vice President ....................................David Brown Ext 312 Director of internal & Public Relations ................................... Christine Martysiewicz Ext 311 Director of Special Events & Meetings .................................................Marianne Thompson Ext 314 Director of Web Services ................................... Sandip Dagli Ext 321 --
  6. 6. administrator’s digest trademark Usage T he RE/MAX name and marks, including the organization’s many famous slogans, embody and reflect the national and international leadership position and goodwill the RE/MAX system enjoys. Proper use of RE/MAX trademarks protects this hard-earned goodwill. The latest Trademark Graphic Standards Manual is posted on www.bestAgent.ca. Please ensure you print out a copy for your records. GearinG up for 2009
  7. 7. With the strongest market presence, it’s easy to be noticed. Each office independently owned and operated.
  8. 8. PUBlIc RElAtIONs w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca
  9. 9. Public RElations R E/MAX is the leader and credible source of real estate market information. Committed to the industry RE/MAX prepares and distributes news releases and market reports to the media as timely topics and as news unfolds. stay current with the news and market share trends with RE/MAX - a voice to you. If you would like a customized Press Release for your office, please contact Christine Martysiewicz at: cmartysiewicz@remax-oa.com, or call the Regional Office at: 905.542.2400. To download the latest press releases, visit: bestAgent.ca and click on the Voice of Real Estate, Agent Editorial Templates button or click on the Listings Assistant tab. - 10 -
  10. 10. cAREER dEvElOPmENt w w w. re m a xca re e r.ca
  11. 11. Career Development RE/mAX EdUcAtION R E/MAX understands the importance of having a solid foundation to grow your business. We have developed several events to help you take your business to the next level. for more information on upcoming professional development events, please visit: www.remaxcareer.ca. - 12 -
  12. 12. Career Development R E/MAX agents are the most productive in the market - and that is not a coincidence. We know that being the best takes a commitment to provide our agents with the best leadership and career development programs. Most real estate agents take a few random courses, attend a couple of seminars and hope for the best. sadly, that often brings poor results. RE/MAX agents can now develop their careers in a planned approach by following specific “Career Paths” specially designed to improve professionalism and productivity, regardless of their length of time in the business. three separate Career Paths: With that in mind, we have created At RE/MAX, we’re committed to helping every new and seasoned agent achieve a meaningful and productive career that secures a quality lifestyle for them and their family. GearinG up for 2009
  13. 13. Career Development for more information regarding Career Development with RE/MAX, visit: www.remaxcareer.ca. Succeed This exclusive and comprehensive program will help you, as a newcomer to real estate, build a successful business and secure a higher income, right from the start. This highly beneficial 8 week learning experience provides you with all the tools and support you need to start earning income immediately. The content is delivered by experienced mentors, who know the real estate business and care about your success. • Create leads that turn into sales • Effectively interview and qualify potential buyers and sellers • show property and hold a successful open house • Address buyer and seller concerns using effective dialogue • successfully demonstrate a marketing strategy to a seller • Complete all of the paperwork that an agent is required to process • Price property and complete estimates of proceeds • Educate consumers about home enhancements • Prepare for, and present, an Offer to Purchase - PLus MuCh MORE! The Succeed Program is specifically designed for newly licensed agents. Buffini Company - 100 Days to Greatness® The 100 Days to Greatness Program (RE/MAX Edition) teaches you the fundamentals of real estate lead generation through referrals. business coach/ industry expert Brian Buffini combines his training methods with video role- playing exercises, action steps, and live accountability sessions - creating a comprehensive, practical learning experience. - 14 -
  14. 14. Career Development 100 Days to Greatness® continueD This program is suitable for new and experienced agents alike. No matter where you are in your career, the 100 Days to Greatness ® Program will show you how to provide your customers with excellent service and strengthen your client relationships before, during, and after the sale. You’ll generate a steady stream of high-quality referrals as a result! You’ll learn how to: • Take your database of existing relationships and create advocates who will help you accelerate your business • Proactively add new relationships to your database • build relationships with customers based on trust • Turn traditional real estate lead-generation activities like floor time and open houses into effective tools for building your business • use practical selling skills, such as presenting your services to buyers and sellers • use targeted dialogues to build relationships and close more sales The 100 Days to Greatness Program is specifically designed for experienced agents. RE/MAX UltiMAtE AgEnt PRogRAM This program is an accelerated training program. “RE/MAX Ultimate Agent,” powered by Buffini Company, is available exclusively to RE/MAX affiliates. The Ultimate Agent Program moves beyond the (Powered by Buffini Company) 100 Days to Greatness Program and focuses on getting RE/MAX 100 Percent Club and Platinum Club agents to surpass the $100,000 to $500,000 earnings level. The Ultimate Agent Program is specifically designed for experienced or advanced agents. GearinG up for 2009
  15. 15. Career Development dEsIGNAtIONs dAys W hen a customer sees multiple designations behind a RE/MAX agent’s name, they know that agent takes the real estate industry seriously, and has enhanced knowledge and expertise. RE/MAX agents lead the way with more graduates than any other brand in the world, and offer programs that allow agents to earn their designations and provide a higher level of service, ultimately leading to more sales. The Designation Day Courses are specifically designed for experienced or advanced agents. hARNEssING ThE POWER: skILLs bAsED PERfORMANCE MANAGEMENT January 19, 2009 What separates the best from the rest? The best have systems, not just for their real estate businesses but for themselves. They have harnessed the power of performance management skills to challenge themselves, to manage their time effectively, to build credibility and develop a personal vision. This course will show you how to eliminate the obstacles that conspire to prevent you from getting to that next level, in your business and in your life. • Grow and become more profitable • Draw more people to you and your business • Lead and influence with compelling vision and profound impact • understand how others think in order to communicate more effectively • Adapt quickly and with ease to an ever-changing marketplace, as well as help others to become more flexible with change • Achieve a better blending of goals and balance in life Please check bestAgent.ca for registration details as this course will run in conjunction with the 2009 kickstart sales Rally. - 16 -
  16. 16. Career Development GREEN DEsIGNATION February 3 4, 2009 The National Association of REALTORs ® (NAR) Green Designation is the definition of green professionalism, excellence, and leadership for today’s real estate practitioners. Specifically designed to address the educational needs of practitioners in residential, commercial, and property management markets, this training program is a true cross-over designation and the only green designation recognized by NAR. sREs®: sENIORs REAL EsTATE sPECIALIsT march 11 12, 2009 The sREs ® Designation program trains REALTORs ® to profitably and ethically serve the real estate needs of clients age 50+. Includes first year membership in SRES Council and its umbrella of services. AbR: ACCREDITED buYER REPREsENTATIvE september 15 16, 2009 The Accredited buyer Representative (AbR ®) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation is awarded to real estate practitioners by the Real Estate buYER’s AGENT Council (REbAC) of the National Association of REALTORs ®. for more information on earning designations, please visit: www.remaxcareer.ca/courses. GearinG up for 2009
  17. 17. career development T his advanced program, offered exclusively to RE/MAX agents who have achieved Platinum status, will facilitate long term objectives for a profitable and sustainable real estate business. Agents are recognizing that having a successful real estate career involves not only working IN your business, but also working ON your business. • How to create a “Systems Driven” business • growth create a business plan that addresses achievable how to strategies • as well as casha financial plan to produce predictable profit, How to create reserves for the future • Accounting tips that will save you money • from to compensate, and get better performance and results how team members • how to exhibit leadership skills for ultimate results • Plus many other valuable skills! This supercharged series is lead by North America’s #1 coach of Real Estate Mega Agents: ken Goodfellow. This exclusive partnership with RE/MAX is an opportunity for agents to have access to what we believe is the most informative and meaningful real estate business training available in the market today. The Platinum Plus Entrepreneurial Series Program is specifically designed for advanced agents and is by invitation only. To find out about these educational programs and others, please visit: www.remaxcareer.ca. - 18 -
  18. 18. career development ONE dAy cOURsE TO RuN ThE WEEk Of NOvEmBER 23 – 27, 2009 T his planning workshop is very detailed and will provide the participant with an entire plan at the end of the day that will help ensure revenue production and profitability. We will break down what you need to do to make 2010 a great year. here is some of what is covered in the one day business planning session: • Review of 2009 numbers • visioning and Goal setting • sWOT Analysis • (understandingModel of your you need to be successful) The Economic business the numbers • Profit Loss - How to be profitable • setting up your Lead Generation • setting up your Marketing Plan • setting up budgets • Growth Plan • Action Plan This Business Planning Analytics Program is specially designed for experienced and advanced agents. GearinG up for 2009
  19. 19. career development T he RE/MAX You Agent Orientation Event is a great opportunity for sales representatives to join their colleagues from around the province for a half day of insightful information on RE/MAX. Whether new to the real estate industry, new to RE/MAX or a seasoned RE/MAX real estate professional, this event is made for you. Come meet the regional office team and experience the RE/MAX culture. Learn about the past, present and future of RE/MAX. The RE/MAX You Program is specially designed for newly licensed, experienced and advanced agents. for more information and to see upcoming dates, please visit: www.remaxevents.ca. - 20 -
  20. 20. career development tRAdING sEcREts T he Trading secrets Tour is an interactive platform in which RE/MAX agents have an opportunity to converse with one another to discover the secrets of success. You will walk away with specific actions so you will manifest fulfillment and abundance into your business and your life. The tour highlights the trials and tribulations some of your peers have faced over the years. Our panelists will not only be sharing their secrets on “how to” they will also reveal who they had to become in the process of being successful. The Trading Secrets Program is specifically designed for the newly licensed, experienced and advanced agents. for more information on upcoming tour dates, visit: www.remaxevents.ca. GearinG up for 2009
  21. 21. We’re proud to give a helping hand. Each office independently owned and operated.
  22. 22. RE/mAX tOOl BOX w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca
  23. 23. re/max tool box FRAmEs https://www.rdwxpress.com f rames is our franchise Administration and Management system. It is a web-based application used for managing regional membership, franchises, billing and statistics. It is accessible to offices for managing their membership, billing and monthly reporting. BEstAGENt.cA http://www.bestAgent.ca T he website exclusively for RE/MAX agents. This site is continually updated by the regional staff to keep everyone in our network informed. by using bestAgent.ca, agents can access all the details for private upcoming education and networking events. Print the registration forms online to fax or send email registrations and receive faster confirmation. Agents can download RE/MAX trademarks and logos, listing presentations, editorial templates, and much more. For more information call: 1.888.542.2499, or speak to your office administrator. - 24 -
  24. 24. RE/MAX TOOL bOX REmAXEvENts.cA http://www.remaxevents.ca E xclusively developed by the RE/MAX Ontario Atlantic Canada region, this site is open to all RE/MAX affiliates regionally as well as internationally. sales Associates can access network wide communication and educational programming including designated courses; continuing education; technology training and events featuring industry experts. The site is the credible source of current real estate market information as well as timely topic’s as market news unfolds. stay current with the latest career development programs and dynamic events so you can stay connected to build your referral business and network with your peers. GearinG up for 2009
  25. 25. re/max tool box REmAX.cA http://www.remax.ca T his is a public website that provides access to an array of useful information and tools. Whether it is locating an office, realtor or property, or if you would just like to learn more about RE/MAX, it is all available to you with just the click of a button. www.remax.ca allows you to search by province, enabling you to easily navigate through the website. In addition, there are many useful links on the site that will take you directly to the information you need when you need it most. REmAX.NEt http://www.remax.net R E/MAX Mainstreet www.remax.net is a member’s only extranet website, exclusive to the RE/MAX organization internationally. The site is open to RE/MAX Affiliates, RE/MAX Employees and RE/MAX Approved suppliers. This site offers you access to all the latest training information from RE/MAX International and provides a platform for all RE/MAX affiliates to share best practices. - 26 -
  26. 26. RE/MAX TOOL bOX RE/mAX sAtEllItE NEtWORk T he RE/MAX satellite Network, like the RE/MAX organization itself, is designed to help experienced real estate professionals maximize their success. subscribing RE/MAX offices and sales associates receive weekday programming via satellite dishes. RSN was the first and only such service offered by any major real estate franchise company. The centerpiece of RE/MAX technology, RsN has revolutionized the RE/MAX organization, disseminating training, professional education and the entire corporate culture across the international network. Rich content is now available at remax.net through Agent Training on Demand. GearinG up for 2009
  27. 27. re/max tool box lEAdstREEt C apturing quality business leads through the Internet is a valuable asset in a changing real estate market. It takes a recognized brand and immense investment to perfect a lead generation and lead management system. RE/MAX has invested millions of dollars in Canada and the U.S. to create LeadStreet. LeadStreet captures the leads and filters them to RE/MAX agents as valued customer referrals. This referral process is proven to be more successful than sign calls, generating thousands of customer referrals directly to RE/MAX agents with no referral fees. thousands of qualified customer referrals! - 28 -
  28. 28. RE/MAX TOOL bOX Design Centre http://www.bestAgent.ca Design Centre R E/MAX Design Centre is an online marketing tool available to all RE/MAX broker/Owners and Associates at no cost. RE/MAX Design Centre currently houses over 1300 professionally designed templates, 200 of which are branded specifically for RE/MAX, with additional templates being added on a regular basis. Regional templates from RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada are now available. In the Design Centre professional marketing materials can be created quickly and easily, including: Tri-fold brochures, flyers, Postcards, Animated Web Commercials, virtual Tours, Electronic Greeting Cards, and More! Once completed, materials can be printed via desktop printer, sent directly to a professional printer, e-mailed to clients and prospects, or posted onto a website. All materials are fully compliant with RE/MAX trademark and graphics standards. To create a project or to find out more information, visit: www.BestAgent.ca and click on the Design Centre button. GearinG up for 2009
  29. 29. RE/Max tool box RE/mAX REcOGNItION 5R E/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada 10 takes great pride in acknowledging your commitment to our organization 15 through the Recognition Program. RE/MAX associates are recognized for every five 20 consecutive years of service. The recognition packages are forwarded directly to the 25 associate at their office during the month of their anniversary. 30 RE/mAX AWARds T he Ontario and Atlantic Canada Awards celebrations are RE/MAX’s signature events of the year. An opportunity to salute success, this award show recognizes and honours members of the RE/MAX family for their dedication and outstanding achievements. What this means is that as a Top Achiever, you have made a significant contribution to ensure RE/MAX’s position as Canada’s Number One Real Estate Organization. for more information on the upcoming awards ceremony, please visit: www.remaxevents.ca. - 30 -
  30. 30. RE/MAX TOOL bOX AWARD cAtegoRies Executive Club ............................. $50,000 - $99,999 100% Club ..................................$100,000 - $249,999 Platinum Club ........................... $250,000 - $499,999 Chairman’s Club ...................... $500,000 - $999,999 Diamond Club ...................................... $1,000,000+ DEADLINEs TO NOTE: Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement Circle of Legends applications are due December 23, 2009. Please mail or courier all applications to Sherrie Plumbe at the Regional Office. GearinG up for 2009
  31. 31. RE/Max tool box AWARD cAtegoRies ATLANTIC CANADA TOP 5 TRANsACTION WINNERs TOP 3 TRANsACTION WINNERs • Population over 150,000 • Population under 50,000 • Population between • Team Individual 50,000 - 150,000 TOP 10 bY COMMIssION Team and Individual (Ontario and Atlantic) TOP 3 ICI bY COMMIssION Commission sales (Ontario and Atlantic Canada combined) hALL Of fAME honouring associates who have earned $1 million in commissions with RE/MAX during their RE/MAX career. LIfETIME AChIEvEMENT AWARD honouring associates who have earned $3 million in commissions with RE/MAX and have been with RE/MAX seven years or more. CIRCLE Of LEGENDs AWARD honouring associates who have completed 10 years of service with RE/MAX and who have earned $10 million in commissions. COuRAGE AWARD Given to a person who has faced adversity and had the courage to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals of success. - 32 -
  32. 32. RE/MAX TOOL bOX DIsTINGuIshED sERvICE AWARD Presented to individuals who have been selected by the Regional Directors and Officers for their exceptionally loyal and dedicated service. bROkER-OWNER Of ThE YEAR AWARDs The recipients are nominated by the Regional Director and Officers of RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada based on business growth and achievements. MANAGER Of ThE YEAR CbCf - TOP CONTRIbuTING OffICE Honouring Top offices and their sales representatives in both large and small markets for, their outstanding contributions through the RE/MAX sold on a cure program and fundraising events. CMN LARGE - TOP CONTRIbuTING OffICE Honouring Top offices and their sales representatives in large markets for, their outstanding contributions through the RE/MAX Miracle home program and fundraising events. CMN sMALL - TOP CONTRIbuTING OffICE Honouring Top offices and their sales representatives in small markets for, their outstanding contributions through the RE/MAX Miracle home program and fundraising events. ChILDREN’s MIRACLE NETWORk AWARD Recognizes and acknowledges associates for the high level of community citizenship achieved through contributions. GIvING bACk TO ThE COMMuNITY AWARD bREAsT CANCER sPIRIT AWARD GearinG up for 2009
  33. 33. Re/max tool box Corporate Material prograM R E/MAX has teamed up with the most reputable companies ranging from printing services to promotional companies who specialize in thank you gifts to discount membership companies. To find a list of preferred suppliers for the Ontario and Atlantic Canada region, please visit: www.BestAgent.ca. - 34 -
  34. 34. RE/MAX Tool boX cANAdA POst E xpress Order Entry is a new on-line tool designed for RE/MAX Realtors who send unaddressed Admail™ to a single delivery installation. The tool is ideal for mailings announcing a recent sale or Opportunity to a specific neighbourhood. Through this tool, you can access Canada Post Letter carrier walk maps and postal code targeting tools to target, prepare and pay for your unaddressed Admail™ Order in 4 easy steps. To find out more information about the Canada Post Program, visit: www.bestAgent.ca suppliers Marketplace. NEW! Canada Post has agreed to drop our rate from 8.4 cents to 7.9 cents for unaddressed admail in Canada. The reduction is due to the success and increase use by RE/MAX agents across the nation. This is in effect as of January 14, 2009. GearinG up for 2009
  35. 35. Community involvement chIldREN’s mIRAclE NEtWORk W hen a sales associate joins the Miracle home Program, please register their pledge on-line at: www.remax. net. All funds collected from the sales Associates are forwarded by the RE/MAX office directly to the designated CMN hospital in your area on a quarterly basis. All reporting should be done through: www.remax.net. 100% of all funds donated by the sales Associates go directly to support the cause. A tax receipt for the total amount will be forwarded to the individual offices. To find out the participating hospitals or to find out more information on the RE/MAX home Miracle Program, please visit: www.bestAgent.ca. - 36 -
  36. 36. COMMuNITY INvOLvEMENT cANAdIAN BREAst cANcER FOUNdAtION R E/MAX is committed to the early detection and prevention of breast cancer. RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc. is proud to support breast cancer initiatives that will make a difference. As a lead donor in the Canadian breast Cancer foundation – Ontario Chapter’s Primary Prevention Research Program, RE/MAX is helping to fund research that aims to stop breast cancer before it starts. The RE/MAX “Sold on a Cure” program allows RE/MAX real estate professionals to voluntarily make a donation from the sale of each home directly to the Canadian breast Cancer foundation. To find more information on the RE/MAX Sold on a Cure Program, please visit: www.bestAgent.ca. GearinG up for 2009
  37. 37. Community involvement yARd sAlE FOR thE cURE R E/MAX is the presenting sponsor of Yard sale for the Cure, a one day event that raises money for breast cancer treatment, research and prevention. Our goal is to get as many people as possible across the country to simultaneously host and shop at yard sales. To find our more information on how you can participate, please visit: www.bestAgent.ca. - 38 -
  38. 38. COMMunITy InvOlvEMEnT Corporate Material prograM T o assist you in promoting your involvement with our corporate charities we offer a range of promotional material. We offer complimentary items such as the Human Balloon, Cold Air Balloon, 1 0 X 1 0 Carpet Booth, brochures, stickers, CMN Certificates of Appreciation, Banners and Plastic Bags. In additional to all the great complimentary material we offer some products for sale such as, plastic bags, roll banner, flags and much more. 10 X 10 CARPET BOOTH • Accordion assembly with easily attachable metal struts • Carpet panels with velcro assembly • RE/MAX “Above the Crowd” banner for top display • lighting at top of panels - standard electrical outlet required • Attach any graphics using push pins • Weighs 40 pounds • Easily portable - 2 heavy duty wheeled containers • $5,000.00 refundable security deposit required* *All items are thoroughly checked for damage upon their return. Cost for any damage incurred will be deducted from the security deposit. Note: Borrower is responsible for all shipping costs. For more information on renting or ordering any of the items above, please visit: www.BestAgent.ca. GearinG up for 2009
  39. 39. Community involvement RE/mAX hOt AIR BAllOON PROGRAm to request the hot Air Balloon for your next event, simply follow these steps. stEP 1 Log on to www.bestAgent.ca. stEP 2 Click on the Request balloon button. stEP 3 Click on the balloon Reservation button. - 40 -
  40. 40. Community involvement step 4 Fill out all your contact event information. step 5 Review your information Request Balloon. You will instantly receive a confirmation of request via e-mail. Within 30 days prior to your event, you will be contacted via e-mail with the status of your request. step 6 Once your event has concluded, forward all media received to the RE/MAX Regional Office. Examples: • local radio clips / information • Community newspaper articles For more information on the Balloon Program, visit: www.remaxballoon.ca. GearinG up for 2009
  41. 41. We spend the most to get the word out. Each office independently owned and operated.
  42. 42. RE/mAX EvENts w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca w w w. re m a xeve n t s .ca
  43. 43. RE/MAX EvEnts EvENt REGIstRAtION E ach event advertised will have its own registration instructions, please visit: www.remaxevents.ca for details. kIckstARt ANNUAl sAlEs RAlly G et the Edge from RE/MAX by joining over 3,800 sales associates at this COMPLIMENTARY event hosted by RE/MAX Ontario Atlantic Canada at the beginning of each year. The RE/MAX kickstart sales Rally features an up-to-the-minute market forecast with interactive presentations with motivational speakers, designated and continuing education courses, exclusive RE/MAX Platinum Plus quality program (by invitation), advanced ‘live’ demonstrations in technology, LEAD management via RE/MAX Leadstreet and RE/MAX Design Centre features. The kickstart sales Rally also includes a cocktail networking reception so you can build your referral business, a trading secrets portion with top producing agent and industry experts and an opportunity to connect with more suppliers under one roof than you would experience at any other event during the course of the year. Expand your business network and strengthen your knowledge of the the industry to kickstart the New Year! - 44 -
  44. 44. RE/mAX cONsUmER EvENts w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca w w w. re m a xeve n t s .ca
  45. 45. RE/MAX ConsuMER EvEnts cONsUmER shOWs R E/MAX has partnered with a variety of Consumer home shows across Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Each show we participate in, we are able to offer exclusive VIP benefits to our Agents to extend to their clients. All vIP programs vary from show to show. Please check: bestAgent.ca or remaxevents.ca, for more dates on upcoming consumer shows and vIP details. - 46 -
  46. 46. RE/MAX CONsuMER EvENTs fEbRuARY 20 - MARCh 1: National home show Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, ON MARCh 13 – 15: designs for living home show hamilton Convention Centre, hamilton, ON MARCh 20 – 22: moncton home show Moncton Coliseum Complex, Moncton, Nb MARCh 26 – 29: Ottawa home Garden show Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, ON MARCh 27 – 29: cottage life show International Centre, Toronto, ON MARCh 27 – 29: halifax spring Ideal home show Exhibition Park, halifax, Ns MARCh 27 - 29: kitchener-Waterloo home Garden show kitchener Auditorium, kitchener, ON APRIL 10 – 12: metro home show Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON APRIL 30 – MAY 3: st. John’s home show Mile One Centre, st. John’s, NL OCTObER 1 – 4: Fall home show better Living Centre, CNE Grounds, Toronto, ON GearinG up for 2009
  47. 47. We’re the #1 brand searched on the web. Based on 2006 Google Trends. Each office independently owned and operated.
  48. 48. RE/mAX 2009 cAlENdAR w w w. B e s t Ag e n t .ca w w w. re m a xeve n t s .ca
  49. 49. RE/MAX 2009 CAlEndAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. - 50 -
  50. 50. RE/MAX 2009 CALENDAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. GearinG up for 2009
  51. 51. RE/MAX 2009 CAlEndAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. - 52 -
  52. 52. RE/MAX 2009 CALENDAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. GearinG up for 2009
  53. 53. RE/MAX 2009 CAlEndAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. - 54 -
  54. 54. RE/MAX 2009 CALENDAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. GearinG up for 2009
  55. 55. RE/MAX 2009 CAlEndAR subJECT TO ChANGE WIThOuT NOTICE. Check: bestAgent.ca for up-to-date information. - 56 -