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Chemistry Lab Equipment - 2014


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NCS Chemistry Lab Equipment - Adapted from presentations by Stephen L. Cotton, Charles Page High School and Mrs. Parris, Galax High School

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Chemistry Lab Equipment - 2014

  1. 1. NCS ChemistryNCS Chemistry Lab EquipmentLab Equipment Adapted from presentations by Stephen L. Cotton, Charles Page High School and Mrs. Parris, Galax High School
  2. 2. BeakerBeaker • Beakers hold solids or liquids.Beakers hold solids or liquids. • Very poor accuracy – should only be used toVery poor accuracy – should only be used to estimate volumeestimate volume • Note the size capacity (250 mL in this case)Note the size capacity (250 mL in this case) There areThere are four sizesfour sizes of beakersof beakers for you tofor you to use in youruse in your lab desk.lab desk.
  3. 3. Beaker TongsBeaker Tongs Beaker tongs areBeaker tongs are used to moveused to move beakersbeakers containing hotcontaining hot liquids.liquids. Note theNote the rubberrubber coatingcoating toto improve grip onimprove grip on the glass beakerthe glass beaker -- do NOT holddo NOT hold this in a burnerthis in a burner flame.flame.
  4. 4. Bunsen BurnerBunsen Burner Make sureMake sure the hose isthe hose is snug on thesnug on the gas outletgas outlet and thatand that there arethere are no cracksno cracks in the the hose. Bunsen burners are used for heatingBunsen burners are used for heating nonvolatilenonvolatile liquids and solids.liquids and solids.
  5. 5. Centigram BalanceCentigram Balance Make sureMake sure balance isbalance is zeroedzeroed beforebefore beginning.beginning. NeverNever place chemicals directly ontoplace chemicals directly onto the balance pan.the balance pan. AlwaysAlways return thereturn the riders toriders to zero whenzero when you finishyou finish massing.massing.
  6. 6. Ceramic Fiber SquareCeramic Fiber Square (Heat Resistant Mat)(Heat Resistant Mat) Always placeAlways place hot glasswarehot glassware on a heaton a heat resistant mat.resistant mat. Placing hotPlacing hot glass on aglass on a cool countercool counter can cause it tocan cause it to crack.crack.
  7. 7. Cobalt Glass PlateCobalt Glass Plate
  8. 8. Crucible and coverCrucible and cover Crucibles are usedCrucibles are used for heating certainfor heating certain solids, particularlysolids, particularly metals, to very highmetals, to very high temperatures. Thetemperatures. The cover can be used tocover can be used to contain any smokecontain any smoke particles.particles.
  9. 9. Crucible TongsCrucible Tongs For handling hotFor handling hot crucibles; also used tocrucibles; also used to pick up other hotpick up other hot objects -objects - NOTNOT to beto be used for picking upused for picking up beakers!beakers!
  10. 10. Deflagrating SpoonDeflagrating Spoon Will be used in the Fume Hood in theWill be used in the Fume Hood in the combustion of sulfur.combustion of sulfur.
  11. 11. Erlenmeyer FlaskErlenmeyer Flask Erlenmeyer flasksErlenmeyer flasks hold solids or liquidshold solids or liquids that may releasethat may release gases during agases during a reaction or that arereaction or that are likely to splatter iflikely to splatter if stirred or heated.stirred or heated. Note the size
  12. 12. Evaporating DishEvaporating Dish The evaporatingThe evaporating dish is used fordish is used for heating stable solidheating stable solid compounds andcompounds and elements, as well aselements, as well as for evaporatingfor evaporating nonvolatilenonvolatile
  13. 13. Florence FlaskFlorence Flask Rarely used in firstRarely used in first year chemistry, it isyear chemistry, it is used for the mixingused for the mixing of chemicals. Narrowof chemicals. Narrow neck prevents splashneck prevents splash exposure.exposure.
  14. 14. ForcepsForceps Forceps are used to hold or pick upForceps are used to hold or pick up small objects.small objects.
  15. 15. FunnelFunnel A funnel is usedA funnel is used to aid in theto aid in the transfer oftransfer of liquids from oneliquids from one vessel tovessel to another, and willanother, and will hold filter paperhold filter paper while filtering. Itwhile filtering. It may be glass ormay be glass or plastic.plastic.
  16. 16. Graduated CylinderGraduated Cylinder A graduatedA graduated cylinder is used tocylinder is used to more accuratelymore accurately measure volumesmeasure volumes of liquids (probablyof liquids (probably your best everydayyour best everyday measuring tool)measuring tool) there are threethere are three sizes in your desk:sizes in your desk: 10 mL, 50 mL and10 mL, 50 mL and 100 mL.100 mL.
  17. 17. Litmus PaperLitmus Paper Red litmus paperlitmus paper is used to identifyis used to identify basesbases:: Red turns blue,Red turns blue, Blue stays blueBlue stays blue Blue litmus paperlitmus paper is used to identifyis used to identify acidsacids:: Blue turns red, RedBlue turns red, Red stays redstays red
  18. 18. Pasteur PipetPasteur Pipet A Pasteur pipet isA Pasteur pipet is used to transfer aused to transfer a small volume ofsmall volume of liquid, usually oneliquid, usually one drop at a time.drop at a time. On top of each pipet is a “On top of each pipet is a “rubber bulbrubber bulb” –” – nevernever put your mouth on the dropper to provideput your mouth on the dropper to provide suctionsuction
  19. 19. Pipe Stem (Clay) TrianglePipe Stem (Clay) Triangle The pipe stemThe pipe stem triangle is used as atriangle is used as a support forsupport for cruciblescrucibles when being heatedwhen being heated over a lab burner.over a lab burner. It can also be used toIt can also be used to support a funnelsupport a funnel when filtering.when filtering.
  20. 20. Reaction PlatesReaction Plates Reaction platesReaction plates (or(or multi-well plates)multi-well plates) areare used when we want toused when we want to perform many smallperform many small scale reactions at onescale reactions at one time.time. It is like having lots ofIt is like having lots of test tubes available attest tubes available at one time.
  21. 21. Ringstands and their ComponentsRingstands and their Components Ringstands are aRingstands are a safe and convenientsafe and convenient way to performway to perform reactions thatreactions that require heatingrequire heating using a lab burner.using a lab burner. NeverNever put them input them in the cabinet if theythe cabinet if they are too hot to holdare too hot to hold as it can cause aas it can cause a
  22. 22. Ringstands and their ComponentsRingstands and their Components Iron RingIron Ring Iron rings connect to aIron rings connect to a ringstand, and provideringstand, and provide a stable, elevateda stable, elevated platform for a beaker toplatform for a beaker to be heated. Will also hold a pipeWill also hold a pipe stem triangle andstem triangle and funnel during filteringfunnel during filtering
  23. 23. Ringstands and their ComponentsRingstands and their Components Test tube ClampsTest tube Clamps Test tube clamps areTest tube clamps are used to secure testused to secure test tubes, distillationtubes, distillation columns, and buretscolumns, and burets to the the ringstand. Image source
  24. 24. Ringstands and their ComponentsRingstands and their Components Double Buret ClampsDouble Buret Clamps Double BuretDouble Buret clamps are usedclamps are used to secure buretsto secure burets (long graduated(long graduated tubes) ortubes) or thermometers tothermometers to the ringstand.the ringstand.
  25. 25. Ringstands and their ComponentsRingstands and their Components Wire GauzeWire Gauze Wire gauze sits on theWire gauze sits on the iron ring to provide airon ring to provide a place to stand aplace to stand a beaker.beaker. On older wire gauze,On older wire gauze, the white material wasthe white material was asbestos – currently itasbestos – currently it is a a ceramic.
  26. 26. Scoopula/SpatulaScoopula/Spatula Spatulas are used to transfer solid chemicals.Spatulas are used to transfer solid chemicals. NeverNever insert a spatula directly into a reagentinsert a spatula directly into a reagent bottle.bottle. Chemicals shouldChemicals should nevernever be transferred withbe transferred with your bare hands.your bare hands.
  27. 27. Stirring RodStirring Rod The stirring rod isThe stirring rod is used to:used to: a)a)manually stirmanually stir solutions;solutions; b)b)assist in pouringassist in pouring liquids; andliquids; and c)c)to transfer a singleto transfer a single drop of a solution.drop of a solution. Rubber policeman tipRubber policeman tip is used to removeis used to remove precipitates.precipitates. Stir with this end.Stir with this end.
  28. 28. Striker / SparkerStriker / Sparker These strikers areThese strikers are used to light labused to light lab burners.burners. The flints onThe flints on strikers arestrikers are expensive.expensive. Do notDo not operate the strikeroperate the striker repeatedly just torepeatedly just to see the sparks!see the sparks!
  29. 29. Test TubesTest Tubes –– we commonly use 2 sizes:we commonly use 2 sizes: 18 x 150 mm18 x 150 mm 13 x 100 mm13 x 100 mm IgnitionIgnition TubeTube (25 x 200 mm(25 x 200 mm – I’ll use these– I’ll use these in demos.)in demos.) Test tubes are used to mix chemicals, and alsoTest tubes are used to mix chemicals, and also to heat heat chemicals. Only heat test tubes that are Pyrex or Kimax.
  30. 30. Test Tube BrushesTest Tube Brushes Test tube brushes areTest tube brushes are used to clean testused to clean test tubes and graduatedtubes and graduated cylinders.cylinders. Forcing a large brushForcing a large brush into a small test tubeinto a small test tube will often break thewill often break the Don’t worryDon’t worry about drying theabout drying the inside of a test tube.inside of a test tube. Small test tube brushSmall test tube brush Large test tube brushLarge test tube brush
  31. 31. Test Tube HolderTest Tube Holder A test tube holderA test tube holder is useful foris useful for holding a testholding a test tube which is tootube which is too hot to to handle. Knowing whereKnowing where toto holdhold this piecethis piece of equipment (atof equipment (at the end) isthe end) is important!important!
  32. 32. Test Tube RacksTest Tube Racks Test tube racks are for holding and organizingTest tube racks are for holding and organizing test tubes on the laboratory counter.test tubes on the laboratory counter.
  33. 33. ThermometerThermometer NeverNever shake thermometers.shake thermometers. NeverNever place aplace a thermometer directly into a flame.thermometer directly into a flame.
  34. 34. Thin Stem PipetThin Stem Pipet
  35. 35. Watch GlassWatch Glass A watch glass isA watch glass is used to hold aused to hold a small amount ofsmall amount of solid, such as thesolid, such as the product of aproduct of a reaction.reaction. Can also be usedCan also be used as aas a covercover for anfor an evaporating dish orevaporating dish or beaker.beaker.
  36. 36. Weigh BoatWeigh Boat  Weigh boats areWeigh boats are used to weigh solidsused to weigh solids that will bethat will be transferred totransferred to another vessel.another vessel.  NeverNever put chemicalsput chemicals directly on thedirectly on the balance – it leavesbalance – it leaves residue and canresidue and can harm the balanceharm the balance and contaminate theand contaminate the chemicals.chemicals.