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Gt briefing nov 2014 wearables fab, fashion or functional slideshare


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Technology is moving off the desktop and on to the body. While technology already plays an essential role in our daily lives, new wearable technologies have the ability to take the relationship between people and technology even further. These emerging technologies could allow people to interact better with technology and, at the same time, enable more meaningful experiences by extending the reach of interpersonal and machine-to-person communication. The advantages of this new generation of wearables are many, e.g. they are hands-free, always-on, environmentally-aware, constantly connected, and attention-getting, there are also many drawbacks such as the constant urge to check the information the devices are providing. Even more important are the significant concerns regarding data privacy as well as moral, social and ethical issues.

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Gt briefing nov 2014 wearables fab, fashion or functional slideshare

  1. 1. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   1   GT  BRIEFING  November  2014:   Wearables:  Fab,  fashion  or  func@onal?  
  2. 2. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   2  
  3. 3. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   3     19+  million  wearable   compuCng  devices   will  ship  in  2014.     In  2018  shipments   will  increase  to   about  112  million.       (Source:  IDC)     Forrester  Research   predicts  that  the   interest  in  wearable   devices  will  probably   rise  in  2015  but  could   decline  as  early  as   2016.       (Source:  New  York  Times)   Photocredit:  hTp://­‐trust-­‐wears/#.VEEndOe7nMM  
  4. 4. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   4   With  NO  regulaCon   personal,  behavioral  and   medical  data  may   potenCally  be  sold  to  third   parCes,  such  as  employers,   insurance  providers,  and   other  companies,  without   the  users’  knowledge  or   consent      
  5. 5. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   5   Fitbit,  the  fitness  tracker,  is  collaboraCng  with  the  luxury  brand  Tory  Burch’s     Photo  credit:  hTp://   Photo  credit:  hTp:// personaltech/fashion-­‐and-­‐funcConality-­‐meet-­‐in-­‐smart-­‐ jewelry.html?_r=2  
  6. 6. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   6   Wearables  as  a  crime-­‐figh@ng  tool     Google  Glass  will  be  issued  to  detecCves  of  the   Dubai  police  force  so  that  they  can  uClize  the   device's  facial  recogniCon  technology.  The   American  police  force  has  also  shown  interest  in   using  Google  Glass  as  a  crime-­‐fighCng  tool.     (Source:  InternaConal  Business  Times)   Financial  services  made  easy     Spain’s  Banco  Sabadell  has  created  a  banking  app   for  Google  Glass  that  displays  the  nearest  ATM,   allows  the  viewing  of  accounts,  and  supports  24/7   video  conferencing,  while  others  are  tweaking   their  mobile  banking  apps  for  smart  watches.     (Source:  Bank  InnovaCon)   Transforming  workplaces     Service  technicians  on  top  of  a  wind  turbine  are   tesCng  smartglasses  to  access  work  orders  and  take   photos  while  keeping  their  hands  free.  In  potenCally   dangerous  areas  like  construcCon  sites,  smartwatches   are  being  tested  to  monitor  heart  rates  and  provide   safety  and  locaCon-­‐based  alerts.     (Source:  InformaConweek)   Improving  lives  through  wearables     Wearable  device  Endotheliometer  will,  when  fully   developed,  be  able  to  measure  one’s  overall  health   and  could  potenCally  be  used  as  a  rouCne  diagnosCc   tool.  It  measures  acCvity  within  the  endothelium,  the   condiCon  of  which  declines  with  age,  so  the  device   could  monitor  one’s  mortality,  aging  and  illness.    (Source:  PSFK)  
  7. 7. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   7    (Photo  credit:  hTp://   Mark  Gasson  from  the   University  of  Reading  holding   the  computer  chip  that  was   injected  into  his  hand.             (Photo  credit  and  source:  hTp:// microchip-­‐implants-­‐in-­‐healthy-­‐people-­‐2014-­‐7)     Neil  Harbisson  who  was  born  without  the   ability  to  see  color,  is  a  cyborg.  He   decided  to  “hack”  his  own  body  with  a   “eyeborg.”  It  translates  color  informaCon   into  sound  and  now  he  effecCvely  hears   colors  instead  of  seeing  them.    
  8. 8. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   8     Click  here  to  read  the  full  briefing:  Wearables:  Fab,  fashion  or   func@onal?      In  November,  look  out  for  trends  in  ac@on  on    10  Key  Trends  to  Watch  for  2015  
  9. 9. ©  Strategy  Dynamics  Global  Limited.  All  rights  reserved.    Not  to  be  used  without  permission.   9     This  presenta@on  is  adapted  from  the  GT  Briefing  October  2014:     Waste:  Avoiding,  Managing  or  Designing  it  out.     Electronic  copies  of  the  briefing  and  of  our  The  Global  Trends  Fieldbook:  From   Data  to  Insights  to  Ac@on  are  available  on,  and  printed   copies  of  The  Global  Trends  Fieldbook  and  The  Global  Trends  Report  can  be   purchased  on  and  Amazon’s  European  sites.     Don’t  forget  to  register  at  now  to  make  sure  you  don’t   miss  our  next  monthly  briefing  (they  are  free)!