Third Sector Internships Moray May 12


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Presentation by Irene Connolly Third Sector Interships Scotland - stats and background info.

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Third Sector Internships Moray May 12

  1. 1. Employability in Scotland• Learning to Work 2 (Scottish Funding Council) – Specifically to address work experience/work-based learning – Making students more employable through practical experience. – 4 projects awarded funding addressing different needs in HE and FE – Other projects also exploring placements and internships.• TSIS addresses third sector only and offers paid internships. – Target of 200-300 placements over 4 years (project commenced 1/9/10)• Overall Aim: – To promote internships as a sustainable model for student engagement in the Third Sector.
  2. 2. Third Sector Internships Scotland• Core Partners: The Open University, Queen Margaret University, SCVO• Develop and fund a diversity of types and formats of internships in organisations that do not currently have internships.• Facilitate reflective learning for interns.• Develop a comprehensive support package for Third Sector hosts.• Provide a ‘hub’ for collaboration between Scottish universities and the Third Sector.• Develop robust programme of research on internships.
  3. 3. What is a TSIS internship?• Short term position offering on-the-job development for a student in the delivery of a specific piece of work or project for the host organisation.• Can be up to 10 weeks’ full-time-equivalent i.e. 350 hours of total internship time(duration will depend on the piece of work/project)• Can be part-time, full-time, flexible, working from home• Paid at £7.20 per hour (living wage)• Student becomes an employee of the host organisation during the period of internship (host organisation provides contract of employment and processes pay)• Open to all current students attending a Scottish university
  4. 4. TSIS Support• Organisations support • Sliding scale of financial support to organisations. 100% Salary + employers NIC for first intern. Sliding scale for additional interns e.g. 50% for 2nd: 25% for 3rd • Start-up, on-internship and follow-up support. help develop internship “idea” support and advice on drawing up job description and person specification advice and guidance on employment contracts, HMRC registration• help with work plans, support and supervision, reflective learning tools recruitment support – advertising, short listing, interviewing• Intern support • Help with applications forms, interview preparation • Advice, guidance and support to enable students to reflect on their learning
  5. 5. The Headlines• 113 organisations have provided• 122 internship opportunities• Average internship is 293 hours• 3,141 applications received from students• 90% of host organisations are SMEs (˂ 50 employees)• 55% of host organisations have less than 10 employees
  6. 6. Types of internships
  7. 7. Locations of Internship• Isle of Lewis Aberdeen• South Uist Elgin• Inverness Forres• Islay Dundee• Gigha Fife• Greenock Falkirk• Glasgow Grangemouth• Ayr Stirling• Cumnock Edinburgh• Livingston Dumfries• Hamilton Hawick• Aviemore Cowdenbeath
  8. 8. Links with Third Sector Interfaces• Promoting internships and HE links to members. – Local and national links with universities.• Hosting internships - TSIS and member organisations.• Broader opportunities for collaboration and TS-HE engagement.
  9. 9. • Currently seeking expressions of interest for Winter round (closing date for EOI is 10th Aug 2012)• Approved opportunities will be advertised 8th Oct. 12• Interviews take place Nov. 12• Start dates Jan – March 2013 Tel 0141 559 5027 M: 0779 497 3826Website: Follow us on Twitter @ 3rdSectorIntern