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Yes for eban w.u


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YES supports the EBAN Winter University in Istanbul, January 17th and 18th, 2013!

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Yes for eban w.u

  1. 1.   Brussels, Belgium  Thursday,  January 17th  2013  PRESS RELEASE YES – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs supports  the 11th EBAN Winter University      The 11th EBAN Winter University will take place in Istanbul on the 17th and 18th  of January 2013 and will be focused on Exits.  Another important  event  for  European  entrepreneurs  with  the support of YES,  this  time  organized  by  EBAN  (  ­  The  European  Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and other Early Stage Market Players), together with Business Angels Association Turkey (TBAA).   This years EBAN Winter University will focus on Exits, a challenging topic for early stage investors, specially in a moment of significant economic restrictions across Europe. Experts and practitioners with solid track record of going through exit processes will bring us their cases worth studying. Complementary to this subject, the event will also host dedicated panels on co‐investment models, public‐private successful programmes, entrepreneurship, BAN sustainability and angel syndicates.  A comprehensive agenda is available in the following link (;‐webB‐2?page=870579).  Additionally, 5 workshops are available for increased learning delivered under the EBAN Institute standards.   YES – EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS | | Rue Vautier, 54, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Tel +32 22803425
  2. 2.  This WU edition is another excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet the European community of early stage investors as over 150 participants from across Europe and beyond are expected for these 2 intensive learning and networking days.  We invite you to explore the Winter University in the following link:   Entrepreneurs wishing to attend can register here or follow these links (EBANs mailing list, EBANs LinkedIn Group)in order to stay up to date with the 11th EBAN Winter University.   Twitter: @eban_org #ebanwinteruniversity        Note to the editors:  About the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs ­ YES European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs is the major association of youngentrepreneurs throughout Europe representing 40.000 members and aiming tosupport and improve the economic and social performance of young entrepreneurshipin Europe. As such, it is the largest dynamic network of entrepreneurs, whichconstantly expands its activities, while participating in international networks like theG20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance. Learn more at,, About EBAN ( ­ The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and other Early Stage Market Players).  EBAN is a non-profit association representing the interests of business angels,business angels networks (BANs), seed funds and other entities involved in bridgingthe equity gap in Europe. EBAN is the representative in Brussels through direct andindirect membership of more than 250 business angel networks in Europe. These inturn federate some 20.000 angels, and receive about 40.000 business plans a year.EBAN brings together more than 100 member organisations in 27 countries today.Through direct and indirect membership, EBAN reaches out to 300 groups, 20.000 YES – EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS | | Rue Vautier, 54, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Tel +32 22803425
  3. 3.  angels and 40.000 entrepreneurs. It was established in 1999 by a group of pioneerangel networks in Europe with the collaboration of the European Commission andEURADA. YES – EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS | | Rue Vautier, 54, B - 1050 Brussels, Belgium, Tel +32 22803425