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Soluble insoluble materials


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Experiments with water-E-twinning programm

Published in: Education
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Soluble insoluble materials

  1. 1. E-twinning programm “I’m trying, exploring,discovering” Water experiments 2st week : Water Soluble & Insoluble materials 2o Nipiagogeio Komotinis
  2. 2. Do these materials dissolve in water or not?
  3. 3. First we made assumptions and wrote them in a paper
  4. 4. Then we added each material in water and stirred with a spoon. Conclusion 1. Sugar dissolves in water
  5. 5. Conclusion 2. Salt dissolves in water
  6. 6. Conclusion 3. Oil does not dissolve in water
  7. 7. Conclusion 4. Lentils do not dissolve in water
  8. 8. Conclusion 5. Coffee dissolves in water and changes the colour of it
  9. 9. Conclusion 6. Flour does not dissolve in water although it seems dissolving first.
  10. 10. Then we wrote our conclusions