Staffing for the Future: ARL University Library Hiring in 2011


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This study investigates how research libraries are staffing for the future by examining their planned investment in new professional positions. The data for this study are vacancy announcements for full-time professional positions advertised by ARL member university libraries throughout the 2011 calendar year. This yearlong survey of ARL hiring provides insight into current research library staffing priorities, and evidence of emerging job specializations in the research library field.

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  • Removed punctuation and commonly occurring words across data set including: librarian, library, libraries, services, head, associate, assistant, director, dean, university, department, college, coordinator, senior, I, II, III, and proper nouns. Wordcloud courtesy
  • Note the increased prominence of: Digital, Technology, Data.
  • Despite the economic downturn, the vast majority of ARL university libraries continue to hire full-time professional positions in 2011.
  • New Functional Specialist Positions
  • Staffing for the Future: ARL University Library Hiring in 2011

    1. 1. Staffing for the FutureARL University Library Hiring in 2011Tito Sierra, MIT LibrariesARL Fall Forum 2012October 11, 2012
    2. 2. Research Questions
    3. 3. How are research libraries staffing for the future?
    4. 4. What are the new and emerging jobs in the research library profession?
    5. 5. Data Source for Study Vacancy announcements forprofessional positions advertisedby ARL university libraries in 2011
    6. 6. Methodology
    7. 7. Scope of Research Study• 2011 calendar year• 113 ARL member university libraries• Full-time librarian/professional staff• Excludes • Contract and term positions • Support staff, civil servant, student workers • Medical and law libraries
    8. 8. Data Collection• Method – Manual retrieval of job descriptions for all 113 libraries• Source – University-wide employment website or library website• Frequency – Four quarterly sampling periods in 2011
    9. 9. Data Collection Summary
    10. 10. Data Collection Summary
    11. 11. Supplemental Data• Method – questionnaire• Completed by library administrators• Assign a single category for each job • Position is a refill for existing role • Position is similar to existing role, but description significantly redefined • Position is new to the organization• Responses collected for 96.6% of jobs!
    12. 12. Analysis
    13. 13. Type of Job Responsibility
    14. 14. Job Role Newness to the Org
    15. 15. Job Titles: Existing Role
    16. 16. Job Titles: Redefined Role
    17. 17. Job Titles: New Role
    18. 18. Key Findings
    19. 19. Over 80% of ARL university libraries had at least one job inthe data sample during the 2011 calendar year.
    20. 20. Over half of all jobs advertised by ARL university libraries in 2011 were newly created positions or significantly redefined roles.
    21. 21. Two-thirds of FunctionalSpecialist positions were newly created or redefined roles.Less than a third were “refills”.
    22. 22. Less than 10% of SubjectSpecialist positions were newly created, however 30% were significantly redefined.
    23. 23. About half of the newly created Functional Specialist positions have a strong digital or technology focus.
    24. 24. Research libraries continue tocreate plenty of new positions in‘traditional’ library areas such as special collections, administration, and public services.
    25. 25. Thanks! 2011 ARL Job Descriptions: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
    26. 26. Bonus Slides
    27. 27. New Digital Jobs• Digital Preservation Officer/Librarian• Librarian, Digital Projects (x3)• Digital Humanities Librarian (x2)• Metadata and Digital Resources Librarian• Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship• Digital Humanities Technology Consultant• Chair, Digital Services and Shared Collections• Director of Digital Scholarship• Digital Records Archivist• Digital User Experience Specialist
    28. 28. New Technology Jobs• Discovery Systems Librarian• Digital Initiatives Applications Librarian• Technology Services Head• Assistant/Associate University Librarian – Information Technology and Digital Initiatives• Digital Humanities Technology Consultant• Director of Scholarly Technology• Innovation and User Technology Research Librarian• Web Services and Emerging Technologies Librarian• Head of Web and Emerging Technologies
    29. 29. New Technology Jobs (cont.)• Senior Programmer, Information Management & Systems• Emerging Technology Services Librarian• Library Web Developer/Designer• Geographic Data Infrastructure Developer• Senior Software and Systems Engineer• Digital Technologies Development Librarian (2)• Chief Technology Officer
    30. 30. New Data / E-Science Jobs• Data Visualization Coordinator• Data Management Planning Consultant (x2)• Manager, Data Management Services• Data Curation Librarian• Digital Data Outreach Librarian• E-Science Librarian (x3)
    31. 31. “Newness” Matrix