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Freedom toaster


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freedom toaster project by linuxpert baskar

Published in: Education, Technology
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Freedom toaster

  1. 1. Freedom Toaster(a.k.a. The Software ATM)S. Baskarbaskar@linuxpert.inLinuXpert Systems, Chennai
  2. 2. What is Freedom Toaster ?A Freedom Toaster is a kiosk (or simply avending machine) that will burn copies of anyGNU/Linux distribution or any Free / OpenSource Software (FOSS) onto user-providedCDs and DVDs
  3. 3. History of Freedom ToasterThe original Freedom Toaster project was sponsoredby Mark Shuttleworths Shuttleworth Foundation.It consisted of a number of CD burning facilities(in kiosk form), where members of the public wereable to burn copies of free and open-source softwareonto self-supplied blank CD media.
  4. 4. Freedom Toaster @ Monash UniversitySource: South Africa celebrated the second annual Software Freedom Daythis week with the official opening of a Freedom Toaster (14 September 2005)
  5. 5. Purpose of Freedom ToasterFreedom Toaster kiosks provide a way for computerusers in economically disadvantaged regions andareas with limited or no Internet access to get software.By providing this service, the people behind theFreedom Toaster hope to address the issue of theDigital Divide.
  6. 6. Build your own Freedom ToasterHardware (Recommended):An Intel / AMD based Dual Core Processor1 GB of of RAM500 GB Hard Disk DriveAn Touchscreen Monitor at 1024×768 resolutionA CD±RW WriterA Kiosk BOX (for User Interaction)
  7. 7. Build your own Freedom ToasterFreedom Toaster Software(Licensed under GPL)Seneca Freedom Toastersvn co svn:// Lee High School Freedom Toaster
  8. 8. DEMO
  9. 9. ?
  10. 10. THANK YOU !