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15_04_24 Reference Tshering Dolma Gurung

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15_04_24 Reference Tshering Dolma Gurung

  1. 1. Faculty of Business Studies To whom it may concern Reference for Tshering Dolma Gurung Student at FH Dortmund - University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany I have known Tshering Dolma Gurung since winter semester 2014 in my capacity as Course Director of the study programme ‘Master International Business – Managing Diverse Markets’ as well as in my capacity as Professor for Economics at the Faculty of Business Studies. Tshering Dolma Gurung visited the FH Dortmund - University of Applied Sciences and Arts for one semester as student of the study programme ‘Managing Diverse Markets’ (MDM). The MDM masters programme is the core programme of the MDM alliance, an international collaboration of leading business schools. The mission of this programme is to set global standards for an international study program that focuses on the challenges of multinational corporations operating in different market and socio-economic environments. Intercultural experiences like studying abroad, working in diverse project teams, collaborations with multinational corporations, jointly designed study courses, focus on application and provision of local expertise are integrative elements of the MDM programme. It is the core vision of the programme that differences between markets, societies and cultures matter and that these differences are not only to be seen as challenges but as chances as well. Multinational corporations know about this and keep asking for talents capable to cope with these challenges and opportunities. Tshering Dolma Gurung is a student of the IILM Graduate School of Management, a member of the MDM alliance and one of the Top 50 MBA colleges in India. Thus, it was no surprise that Ms Gurung performed well while staying at our faculty. Tshering has a number of strengths to offer. I have come to know her as an interested and intelligent student who gracefully pursues her objectives with commitment. She can interact with the teachers and other people very well and grasp the points fast. She hardly had difficulties in adjusting to the life and learning style in Germany and got well along with German and international students. During her study at the FH Dortmund she showed an especially strong motivation for cross cultural management topics. Furthermore, she has a strong sense of responsibility, what she has shown in teamwork tasks related to the academic part of the programme. Prof. Dr. Gregor Brüggelambert Postbox 10 50 18 44047 Dortmund Address: Emil-Figge-Straße 44 44227 Dortmund Phone +49-231-755-4925 Fax +49-231-755-4957 E-Mail: gregor.brueggelambert Date: April 24, 2015 Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  2. 2. FB Wirtschaft Seite 2 Based on her grades, attendance and class participation (discussions, contributions etc.), I rate her academic performance as good. In conclusion, I would recommend Tshering without reservation. If her performance in our programme is any indication of how she will perform in another academic or working environment Tshering Dolma Gurung will be a very positive addition. Prof. Dr. Gregor Brüggelambert Course Director International Business  Managing Diverse Markets

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