Статистика лицензирования университетами США за 2011 финансовый год


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Статистика лицензирования университетами США за 2011 финансовый год

  1. 1. AUTM U.S. Licens g Activity Survey Lic s Lice sing Licensing y Su Su HIGHLIGHTSFor two decades, the Association of University TechnologyManagers (AUTM) has been the leader in soliciting, compilingand publishing academic technology transfer data — makingthe AUTM U. S. and Canadian Licensing Activity Surveys someof the association’s most valuable resources. The AUTM U.S. Licensing Activity Survey Highlights offers a preview of the data found in the fiscal year 2011 (FY2011) report and provides a glimpse into the current state of the field. The comprehensive AUTM Licensing Activity Survey FY2011 will be published in late 2012. For more information about the FY2011 survey— including sponsorship opportunities—and past surveys, please visit the AUTM Website (www.autm.net) www.autm.net
  2. 2. AUTM U.S. Licens g Activity Survey Lic s Lice sing Licensing y Su Su HIGHLIGHTSAnalysis of our FY2011 survey indicates that despite continuing difficult economicconditions, university and research institute licensing and startup activity remained verystrong. The number of licenses and options executed showed healthy increases overFY2010, as did the number of startups that remained active at the end of the fiscal year.FY2011 also saw a modest increase in total research expenditures and another rise inthe number of issued patents on top of last year’s record numbers.Products, Startups and Licenses/OptionsThe number of startups formed increased 3 percent and the number of total startups remainingoperational increased 7 percent. In addition, the number of licenses and options executedincreased 14 and 7 percent, respectively. There was a 24 percent increase in deals with establishedsmall companies. The total number of active licenses and options through the close of 2011 wasessentially flat and the number of new commercial products created slipped 10 percent.• 4,899 licenses executed (+14%)• 1,152 options executed (+7%)• 416 executed licenses containing equity (+5%)• 38,600 active licenses and options (+0.3%)• 671 startup companies formed (+3%), 487 of which had their primary place of business in the licensing institution’s home state (-2%)• 3,927 startups still operating as of the end of FY2011 (+7%)• 591 new commercial products created (-10%)Research ExpendituresResearch expenditures continued to increase from 2010 levels.• $61 billion total sponsored research expenditures (+4%)• $40 billion in federally funded sponsored research expenditures (+3 %)• $4 billion in industry-sponsored research expenditures (-6%) www.autm.net
  3. 3. AUTM U.S. Licens g Activity Survey Lic s Lice sing Licensing y Su Su HIGHLIGHTSIntellectual Property ManagementPatent/legal spending increased 2 percent and legal reimbursements were essentially flat after adecline of 7 percent last year. There was a 5 percent increase in issued patents on top of the largeincrease reported last year.Disclosures• 21,856 disclosures received (+6%)Patent Filings and Patent/Legal Expenditures• 19,905 total U.S. patent applications filed (+6 %)• 13,271 new patent applications filed (+11%)• 1,193 non-U.S. new patent applications filed (+22%)• $330 million external legal fees paid (+2%)• $155 million legal fees reimbursed (-0.8%)Issued U.S. Patents• 4,700 issued U.S. patents (+5.2%)License IncomeRunning royalties (royalties earned on sale of products) increased 5 percent after a decrease of15 percent last year and cashed-in equity increased 2 percent after an increase of 160* percentthe previous year. All other sources of income (e.g., license issue fees, payments under options,termination payments, annual minimums not supported by product sales) were essentially flatafter increasing 25 percent last year. The increase in running royalty is significant because it is anindication that university discoveries are making their way to the marketplace as new products.• Total income: $2.5 billion (+2.6%)• Running royalty: $1.5 billion (+5%)• Cashed-in equity: $64.6 million (+2%)• Other income: $449.6 million (-0.6%) *This large increase in cashed-in equity can be attributed to four institutions: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, California Institute of Technology, Cleveland Clinic and Duke University. www.autm.net
  4. 4. AUTM U.S. Licens g Activity Survey Lic s Lice sing Licensing y Su Su HIGHLIGHTSNew Survey Questions: Product Sales and Startup FTEThis year AUTM included additional questions to better ascertain the economic impact oftechnology transfer. Some survey participants were unable to answer the new questions becausethe information required wasn’t readily available. AUTM plans to build on these initial results andprovide a more detailed analysis in the coming years. Based on this initial test survey, $36 billionof net product sales were generated last year as reported by 69 institutions. In addition, startupcompanies started by 83 of the responding institutions employed 24,653 FTEs.About the U.S. SurveyThe 2011 survey was sent to 305 U.S. institutions (234 universities and colleges, 65 hospitalsand research institutions, two national laboratories, and four third-party technology investmentfirms). Of these 305 U.S. institutions, 186 responded, for a response rate of 60 percent comparedto 183 respondents in 2010 at a rate of 60 percent. The respondents included 157 universities, 28hospitals and research institutes, and one third-party technology investment firm.About AUTMThe Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) is a nonprofit organization with aninternational membership of more than 3,000 technology managers and business executives.AUTM members — managers of intellectual property, one of the most active growth sectors ofthe global economy — come from more than 300 universities, research institutions and teachinghospitals as well as numerous businesses and government organizations. www.autm.net