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Slideshow presented summer of 2010 to small business owners in the Memphis and mid south area.

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Clicks and coffee

  1. 1. Video Clips Next is Now How Search Works Or our corporate video Welcome Follow us!
  2. 2. Video Clips Next is Now How Search Works Or our corporate video Check out this video to get us started
  3. 3. The search universe Search
  4. 4. Who are the players?
  5. 5. The Big Picture 131 Billion Searches Monthly 1.5 Trillion Searches Annually 0 Time left to figure it out 4 Billion Searches Daily
  6. 6. What are people searching? 70% of searches are local in nature Only 5% of Search Engine advertising dollars are local!
  7. 7. Targeting users based on media interaction Level of Targeting User/Consumer Level of Participation Capture the consumer at a high level of targeting… In a very active stage of their search Passive Active High Catalog Mail Trade Magazines Opt-in E-mail Direct Mail INTERNET SEARCH Low Network TV Radio Billboards Yellow Pages
  8. 8. Why Search Engine Marketing? An average of 85% of all traffic on the internet is referred from a search engine 90% of all users don’t look past the first 30 results (most only view top 10) Many websites aren’t even indexed, most are poorly optimized and get very little traffic from the search engines Cost-effective advertising SEM has the ability to target markets Clear accountability and measurable ROI Operates under this assumption: More (relevant) traffic + Good Conv. Rate = More Sales/Leads
  9. 9. The Two Faces of Search SEM 35%-45% Click Activity SEO 55%-65% Click Activity Paid Listings (SEM) Organic Listings (SEO)
  10. 10. Search Engine Marketing CPC Advertising Impressions are FREE!
  11. 11. Relevant Keywords Keyword: “ Pontoon Boats” Keyword Phrase: “ Pontoon Boat for sale” Keyword Phrase w/ Geo-Modifier: “ Pontoon Boat for sale Knoxville” Keywords- words that are typed in to Google’s search bar
  12. 12. Relevant Ad Copy Ad Copy- Multiple versions to entice your consumers to click
  13. 13. Relevant Landing Pages Landing Pages- Specific landing pages to keyword searched
  14. 14. Relevant Geo-Targeting Radius Cities Regionally Nationwide Internationally Geo-targeting keeps the quality in the search and allows advertisers to reach an audience outside of their local market
  15. 15. What Can You Expect? Visibility – How much visibility and exposure can you expect? Maturity Phase – Establish credibility with search engines ROI – Is your website prepared to make the sale? Tracking – Ask your customers if they’ve visited your website
  16. 16. How do you budget for SEM? Competitive Industry – Every industry will require a different budget to be competitive Search Demand – Every industry has a different level of search activity from consumers Geo-Targeted Area – The larger the targeted area, the larger the budget will need to be
  17. 17. Case Study Adwords Vs. KNS $4,384 $1,412 1940 Keywords $1.71 CPC 620 Keywords $3.12 CPC $3000 MONTHLY SAVINGS!!!
  18. 18. Two Faces Pay-Per-Click (SEM) Most Visible Immediate Results Customized Campaigns Organic/Natural (SEO) Rankings are “earned” Long Term Results The Big Prize Two faces of marketing your website
  19. 19. Advantages of SEM A Stronger Web Presence SEM works while you’re building your SEO Greater Measurability SEM metrics are used to understand the consumer behavior and your site relevance Market Penetration Capture the consumer at all stages of the buyers cycle Build Credibility Research shows that the Top Ten Listings are the industry leaders
  20. 20. 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Rankings Know what search words are valuable for your business Ensure your pages cover a single focused topic Use topic-focused descriptive page titles Make sure there is static text on your pages Use topic-focused words within your page content
  21. 21. What can I take away TODAY? FREE COFFEE MUG! Sign up for a consultation with Tim today! & Receive the5 tips that your website needs to be successful Research your business – Where do you appear on Search Engines? Embrace the Web and Search Engine Marketing. Memphis is looking for Local Search Results.
  22. 22. Video Clips Next is Now How Search Works Or our corporate video Questions ? Follow us! Blog
  23. 23. Video Clips Next is Now How Search Works Or our corporate video Follow us! Blog $500 Search Engine Marketing Campaign Give Away! Drawing on Thursday afternoon . Please leave your card or sign up to Win!