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T schueller final_project_safespace

  1. 1. Safe Space To Empower and Protect Somali American Girls in Minneapolis Process Book Tania Schueller Web Design 1 W. Stanley Conrad Spring 2013
  2. 2. Introduction Table of Contents 1 .......................... 2 .......................... 3 .......................... 4 .......................... 6 .......................... 7 .......................... 10 .......................... 14 .......................... 15 .......................... 18 .......................... 21 .......................... 22 .......................... Introduction Proposal Website & Resource Comparison Images & Inspiration Typography & Color Study Thumbnails Rough Sketches Site Map Wireframe Prototype Homepage and URL Screen Shots M innesota is home to an estimated 70,000 Somalis; the largest Somali concentration in the country. As many as 40 percent of this population are 18 years or younger. Somali American girls often face pressures to observe traditional cultural identities and to uphold their families’ reputations. Families were torn apart during their escape from Somalia, and girls’ mother figures could be an aunt, cousin or other relative. Many of these girls are having a difficult time handling cultural pressures and in result may drop out of school, run away from home, and in worst-case scenarios, become victims of gangs and forced into prostitution. Identities in the Somali community are changing rapidly. Many young people in the Somali American community are in the midst of an identity crisis, feeling lost in the mix of surrounding cultures resulting in feelings of isolation. Younger Somalis are in a struggle with the older generation on how much to adopt and adapt to American culture. Young people already belong to two cultures are trying to figure out which one they identify more with: their parents and rich traditional culture, or pop culture of America. There’s a lack of connection between the parents and the children, and that the children are expressing that, but the parents are not yet getting it. Not that they don’t care but they have a lot of other things to deal with like survival issues, trying to bring clothing and food and shelter. This confusion and isolation can leave kids feeling vulnerable. They’re just lost in the mix of all these cultures that they happen to be surrounded by. That may be what’s leaving them open to influences like gangs or the terrorist group Al Shabaab (www.pri.org). Somali society is clan based, with clan leaders often wielding greater authority than the national government. The Somali clans trace their roots back to the 12th century, with conversion to Islam taking place around the same time. At the end of the 19th century, Somalia fell under the control of four colonial powers England, France, Italy, and Ethiopia until 1949 when the nation became a U.N. trust territory. In 1960, the Somali Republic was granted independence as a democratic state. The United States became involved in Somalia in the late 70s to counter communist influence in the region. A variety of internal conflicts led to the outbreak of civil war in 1990, and the nation slipped into anarchy. It was at this time that many Somali refugees fled to the U.S. War and unrest have continued up to the present day. 1
  3. 3. Website & Resource Comparison Proposal Purpose > Audience > Goals > Vision > The purpose of Safe Space is to empower and protect Somali-American girls living in Minneapolis. The website will promote community cohesion within diverse, urban neighborhoods. It will also serve as a positive resource for Somali American girls; a place to connect with peers and develop relationships with mentors, as well as an avenue for finding information about safe places to hang out or stay over night. It will provide a social networking space where Somali girls can not only safely address needs and concerns relating to health, family, school and cultural barriers, but also discuss hobbies, school, or extracurricular interests. The intended audience of Safe Space is Somali American girls in Minneapolis as well as health care practitioners, non-profit organizations, educators, and community members who wish to build and support solidarity within the Minneapolis community. Goals for this website are to provide safe spaces and resources for Somali-American girls in Minneapolis and serve as a social networking website to empower and develop as individuals and members of their communities. The tone of the Safe Space website will be informative yet cheerful, optimistic, and empowering. Ideally, the audience of the website will view this resource as their own space to develop skills, relationships, personal development, a sense of community belonging and a sense of security. 2 Stratis Health Somalis in Minnesota Somali American Parent Association Somali Women in Minneapolis Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board www.culturecareconnection.org www.mnsapa.org www.ethniccommunities.org www.ycb.org 3
  4. 4. Images & Inspiration 4 5
  5. 5. Typography & Color Study Font theme 1 Font theme 2 Header Header Subheader & Text Thumbnails Subheader & Text Optima Helvetica Century Gothic Corbel Color Palette 6 7
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  7. 7. Rough Sketches 10 11
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  9. 9. Site Map Wire Frame Home Page Home Page Be Active This Week This Month Groups and Clubs 14 Be Healthy Resources Be Safe Resources Connect Be You Peer Support Culture Workshop Mentor Connection Blog Find Friends Goals 15
  10. 10. Subpage - Be Active 16 Subpage - Be Healthy 17
  11. 11. Safe Prototypes Space Minneapolis For Somal i Ame ri c an Gi rl s . Home Be Active Be Healthy Be Safe About Conne ct > S a f e S p a c e was created to provide Somali American girls a space to connect, be active, and be heard. From connecting with peers, developing a relationship with an adult mentor, learning about healthy choices to seeing what’s going on in your neighborhood, this space has a lot of knowledge and fun to offer. > Yo u ha ve a vo ice. Let’s hea r it! What’s g oin g on in you r world ? ...Be You Connect with friends Learn New Skills Be You In Minneapolis Safe Space All Rights Reserved | Conditions of Use | Privacy Policy | Site Map 18 19
  12. 12. Homepage & URL http://tschueller.studio.mcad.edu/webdesign1/finalProject/SafeSpace/index.html 20 21
  13. 13. Screenshots 22 23
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