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Justin Bieber

  1. 1. THE EVER SO CONTROVERSIAL JUSTIN BIEBER Justin Bieber has one of the biggest fan bases we have ever seen and he has been spiraling downwards for the last year. Let’s see how his reputation in social media and his music popularity have responded.
  2. 2. ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER  There are two reasons I decided to engage with Justin Bieber: • He is one of the most talked about solo artist the world has ever seen • I actually enjoy some of his music We all know that Justin Bieber is the boy from Canada who rose to the top of the music industry faster than anyone has ever seen. He has produced single after single and has attracted many fans which we know as “Beliebers”. He has recently turned into a little bit of a rebel, but I believe a lot of it is blown out of proportion because of his fame. He still sells albums, and his Beliebers are still as loyal as ever to him. This is partly because of how long they have been committed to him, and probably because of his apparent dashing good looks.
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Justin Bieber’s social media presence may be the largest anyone has ever seen and the list goes as follows:  Twitter  Facebook  MySpace  Instagram  YouTube As far as his actual presence in these social media trends, it is pretty much the most dominant. However, all media is not good media and Bieber has recently found that out. With all of his bad behaviour recently he has gained very many media haters, but media numbers nonetheless.
  4. 4. ONLINE COMMUNITIES Bieber’s online communities are extremely large which I imagine would make it very difficult for him to maintain all of them. However, through personal experience and research I have found that he is the sole or one of a few people who use and maintain his Instagram and Twitter accounts. From personal experience in following him on Instagram he is very engaged and posts pictures daily of his whereabouts. As far as Twitter, he has the 2nd most followers in the Twitter World and receives a very large amount of tweets daily. Although Bieber receives a lot of hate for his antics in his life, it is easy to also say that he does care about his fans based on several promotions and charities he is apart of.
  5. 5. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE Finding an audience and maintaining your audience can be a very difficult thing to do for an artist. I believe Justin Bieber has found his audience. He has the most loyal fans in the world and he does whatever he can to keep them growing and to make sure they are satisfied. Yes, he has had several slip ups along the way but everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. I believe with the media attention and the attention of the fans, he is doing as well as he can to keep them happy. People sometimes forget that he is a 19 year old kid. I’m sure we’ve all done our fair share of bad things when we were 19 so I think the media can give him a break. The most important thing about finding and audience is keeping them engaged. The way Justin Bieber’s fans speak about him on Twitter speaks volumes. They show commitment to him and they are always staying actively participating in the charities and events that he orchestrates.
  6. 6. POST MEANINGFUL, SHARABLE CONTENT Justin Bieber’s posts are meaningful. He interacts with his fans and other artists, posts pictures or tweets about what he is doing. Whether he is recording or just meeting up with friends he is keeping his fans aware. Bieber also is involved in many charities and he tweets about them to raise awareness, whether it’s for starving children or the Make a Wish Foundation. Anything Justin Bieber posts on twitter is being retweeted and shared because of the meaning behind it and the value it holds.
  7. 7. ENGAGE YOUR CURRENT FANS Justin Bieber’s interaction with his fans is excellent. He has reportedly made his 200th wish for the Make a Wish Foundation involving fans wanting to meet him. He actively is tweeting and posting on Instagram and responding to fans in any way he can. During his concerts he invites a girl on stage every night for his song “One Less Lonely Girl”. The videos show these girls crying with joy if they are the ones selected. I believe he could meet fans more often to increase his popularity, however whenever he is out he is mobbed by girls so it is almost dangerous because the security cannot contain some of these fans.
  8. 8. CONTINUE THE SOCIAL PUSH IRL. HAND OUT SWAG. PUT UP FLYERS Justin Bieber is always continuing the social push on Twitter by following back and retweeting not only his fans but his fellow musicians. He increases awareness of good causes but also has some fun in his tweets back and forth with fans. When you receive thousands of tweets a day I’m sure it is difficult to keep up, but one tweet to one fan could make that persons day. As far as handing out swag and putting up flyers, Bieber has many free giveaways at shows and I’m pretty sure he has outgrown the putting up flyers. It is quite possible he couldn’t even get outside to put up flyers without being mobbed, so I’ll stay away from that one for now.
  9. 9. POST CONSISTENTLY This section of the five social media tips is one that Bieber could work on. On Twitter Counter, it should that he sends an average of 9 tweets per day. That is a pretty small number when you have close to 50,000 followers. If he were to even double his tweet count he could attract a lot more fans and make a lot more of his current fans happy. However, he does post quite a few Instagram pictures everyday and keeps his fans involved on Instagram. But, we all know that Twitter is still the king of the social media world and he could really benefit more by sending out a few more tweets.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION In conclusion, love him or hate him, Justin Bieber will always have his Beliebers and will always be one of the fastest up and coming artist we may ever see. He has taken the social media world and the music industry by storm and hasn’t looked back. And at the young age of 19, who knows what kind of potential he has in his prime years.