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David Operation APR


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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David Operation APR

  1. 1. Gender : Male Age : 59 Disposition : Home Health Service (6) Admit Date LOS :6 Disch Date APR (all versions) DRG Information 163 CARDIAC VALVE PROC WO CATH APR wt 3.6712 Low Trim 2 High Trim 12 Status: Low LOS Outlier Severity of Illness 1 Minor Severity of Illness Risk of Mortality 1 Minor Risk of Mortality Principal Diagnosis *4412 Thoracic aneurysm without rupture *SOI=P Principal diagnosis used for SOI calculation *ROM=P Principal diagnosis used for ROM calculation Secondary Diagnoses 99811 Hemorrhage complicating a procedure SOI=2 Moderate ROM=1 Minor 4241 Aortic valve disorder *SOI=1 Minor *ROM=1 Minor Principal Procedure *3511 Open heart valvuloplasty without replacement, aortic valve *SOI Other Procedures 3403 Reopening of recent thoracotomy site 3845 Resection of vessel with replacement, thoracic vessel (aorta) 3961 Extracorporeal circulation auxiliary to open heart surgery I certify that the narrative descriptions of the principal and secondary diagnoses and the major procedures performed are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. ______________________________ ____________ Physician's Signature Date