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やっとでた! OpenStack Manila


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OSSコンソーシアム クラウド部会で報告。
OpenStack Manila in OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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やっとでた! OpenStack Manila

  1. 1. やっとでた! OpenStack Manila 2015/11/19 TIS OSS推進室 倉持 健史
  2. 2. About me 倉持健史(くらもち たけし) 現職 OSS推進室 「OSSの推進活用」 を担当 職歴 2015- TIS 2011- NetApp.KK 2005- SIOS Technology, Inc. 2001- Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.
  3. 3. TOKYO
  4. 4. OpenStack Manila Hands-on lab Manila and Sahara Crossing the Desert to the Big Data Oasis The state of Ceph, Manila, and containers in OpenStack The Comparison of Ceph and Commercial Server SAN A Conversation With Cinder Developers Scality Unified Storage for OpenStack The State of Ceph, Manila, and Containers in OpenStack Storage Vendors are Killing Cinder Chef vs. Puppet vs. Ansible vs. Salt What's Best for Deploying and Managing OpenStack? Ansible Deployment + OpenStack in Docker Containers = Operator Bliss Block Storage Replication With Cinder
  5. 5. OpenStack Manila
  6. 6. Manila is Shared Filesystem as a service
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Manila Shared Filesystem
  9. 9. % File-based use cases
  10. 10. $34,600,000,000
  11. 11. REST API , Manila Processes Concept Diagram
  12. 12. nova-computenova-compute Nova Neutron Manila Cinder mount create NFS,CIFS control data General Configuration
  13. 13. 3rd Party Enterprise Storage HP,IBM,EMC,NetApp,HDS,etc Manila Cinder 14 Storage Drivers
  14. 14. Akshai ParthasarathyThomas BechtoldSean Cohen
  15. 15. Extend & Shrink Consistency Groups Oversubscription Share Migrations (Experimental) Availability Zones
  16. 16. Work Session
  17. 17. Manila contributors meetup
  18. 18. QoS Minimum required features Mount Automation Manila HA 1st-party Drivers Share Replication etc… Upcoming in Mitaka
  19. 19. Thank you