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Research presentation

  2. 2. CONVENTIONS OF GENERAL FILM TRAILERS Elements conventional to all film trailers are:
  3. 3. CONVENTIONS OF THRILLER FILM TRAILERS To create a successful film trailer I will include the conventions used by existing film trailers. As well as the general conventions of all film trailers, there are also specific elements of thriller film conventions to allow the audience to easily figure out what genre of film it will be after watching the trailer such as sudden rush of emotions, surprise and excitement, impending doom, tension and suspense, exhilaration as well as the video examples below from existing thriller filmsUnwelcomed company Screaming Running & hiding
  4. 4. CONVENTIONS OF THRILLER FILM TRAILERSEntrapment/security Unwelcomed company / stalkerUnwelcomed company Canted angle (silhouette of unknown)
  5. 5. CONVENTIONS OF ANCILLARY PRODUCTS Both the film posters and the film magazine covers tend to follow the same or very similar conventions such as:  Focusing on the eyes of the character  Use medium and close up camera angles  Use dark colours  Using dif ferent colour schemes to compliment the character’s personality To make a conventional product I will use the most obvious elements such as the ones I listed above used by existing film posters and film magazines to make my end product successful.
  6. 6. PACKAGE OF PRODUCTS From analysing a package of products, I found that they all link together with subtle elements such as the focus on the eyes, the feather s, the colour scheme of the black and white and the use of the same font within the film trailer and the DVD cover are used to form something similar to trademarks to make it more memorable and subconsci ousl y associate the repeated elements to the film To create a brand for the film trailer I will be making, I will link cer tain elements within the trailer, film poster and film magazine to make it recognisable and memorable to the audience
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE RESEARCH From the questionnaire and focus groups I carried out I found that people aged between 14 -19 females watch films most frequently, their interests include music, T V, internet and watching films.As all their interests associate with film trailers in some waywhich increases the likeliness they will be attracted to the filmtrailer. The majority said that the plot/ storyline intrigues them within a film trailerI will need to focus on the detail of planning the story of thefilm trailer to ensure it will intrigue the audience the most preferred film genre was horror shortly followed by sci-fi/fantasy and thriller but they all said they enjoyed thrillerThough thriller was not the most preferred genre, they all saidthey enjoy watching thriller films so to incorporate both of thegenres to create the subgenre of Thriller -horror
  8. 8. FOCUS GROUP After carrying out the focus group I found that the target audience are very familiar with the conventions within a thriller - horror film but they disliked the storyline being too predictable or very similar to films made before.I will ensure to planand create a trailer withconventional elements aswell as twist to keep theaudience on the of theirseat with the plot to take onone of the aspects dislikedby people who was present in my focus group