The Social Web at UWGB (part 1 of 2)


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The Social Web at UW-Green Bay (part 1 of 2)

-What is the social web
-Our history

Presented at the December 6, 2011 Leadership Council at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

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  • Remember, unicorns don’t exist.
  • Great question, long answer.
  • First we need to answer, What is the web?
  • The Internet was invented in Al Gore’s basement. It’s a huge network, of which, the Web is a piece, think anything you get to with a browser. The social web is the fun part of the web. 
  • The web is the telephone, created to send information. Not intended to be social.
  • The social web is what happens when teenage girls discover the phone. What happens when people play and learn - Communities of people with ideas and opinions - Fun, powerful, helpful - Connecting, sharing - Similar likes, different area codes - Like college = place to learn and grow
  • EMOTIONS are welcome - A place to vent when things go bad - Boast when things go good - Cry when things go really bad - Remain humble and thankful when things go really good
  • A graphic of things that no longer exist, we’ve never touched, or will soon disappear… and facebook, twitter, and youtube. - CREDIT:
  • Here’s the ones we’ve touched. - CREDIT:
  • Google UWGB = social media is well represented - If they can google, they will find us. - Ifthey find us, they’ll find our social web presence - Sidenote: Want something added to Wikipedia = GO BACK TO YOUR OFFIC AND ADD IT (serious)
  • 4 minute long video, read fast, goes quick(if you like Fatboy Slim, feel free to dance)
  • ONLY reason social web works is because it’s intuitive. - Want to tweet. Invest 5 minutes at - YOU are what makes it work.
  • People want to vent, want to be heard. - Remember the social web is EMOTION - Easy to blame a brand/company, much more difficult to attack a person. - Making our brand social, makes it human.
  • See the  that means empathy in this case. Share your emotion, save the cheerleader, save the world…
  • His Story
  • I have a passion for the social web, so I began playing early on. - Off the clock, during Ghost Whisperer
  • Before Facebook (Dec 2006 = membership in the FB club) - Video podcast series (available on iTunes) - Allowed viewers to submit photos - Pin a map with hometown - Build community - Help create the show with a wiki (heavily inspired by the show with ze frank)
  • Paula Ganyard and I ventured to San Francisco - (originally for the food and atmosphere, but something happened… we learned lots) - Zero to do with higher education, yet everything to do with higher educaiton - Web 2.0 is what we used to call the social web - Eye-opener
  • 3.5 million post views in the past year - March spike = Women’s Basketball - 3400 likes - 769,043 = friends of fans = likeable is good, sharable is GREAT - Checking in = over 1000 (30 a day)
  • Social web never sleeps (weekends – before 8am, after 5pm) - Ramped up in the past year – wider adoption in community
  • Biggest success = #uwgb2015 hashtag (thanks to the Student Ambassadors)
  • Nearly every department and office has stuck a toe in the water-some are swimming-some are sunning, waiting for the water to warm-everyone knows where the pool is located - NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY (so you can run, and get hurt)
  • Reply in unexpected ways. It makes it more fun. People like fun.
  • Squirrel + Phoenix = Squenix or Phorrel? - PLEASE SEE PART TWO:
  • The Social Web at UWGB (part 1 of 2)

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