Branford 3rd 8th Grades Comparisons To Drg D


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Graphical presentation of Branford's 3-8 grades scores on the CMT in relation to the comparable districts (DRG D). Can be used as a judgement of excellence.

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Branford 3rd 8th Grades Comparisons To Drg D

  1. 1. Branford Grades 3 rd -8 th Grades Comparisons to DRG D Graphical Presentation of Variability (Range) and Central Tendency (Mean/Median) and Branford’s Ranking
  2. 2. “ Knowing where you are is essential to knowing who you are.”—TJS The following slides give glimpses of Branford’s elementary and intermediate schools’ rankings in relation to our comparable districts’ mean (average) score, median (middle of the districts) score, and range (spread from the highest to lowest scores).
  3. 3. CMT 2010 Math Grades 3-8 Math
  4. 4. Observations: Branford is competing with the top 50% of DRG D in 4 th Grade Math. Our 3 rd , 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th grade scores are in the lower 50% of the DRG. 5 th Grade scores are on the median (half way point). The variability as measured by the range is stable from 3 rd to 8 th grade.
  5. 5. CMT 2010 Reading Grades 3-8
  6. 6. Observations: SeeSaw ride here. Branford in the bottom 50% of the DRG in 3 rd grade and 8 th grade. 7 th grade above the mean and median—nice. 4 th grade tied at the mean (average) and a hair above the median just entering the top 50% of the DRG—yeh! 3 rd grade getting too near the low DRG D score—need to examine.
  7. 7. CMT 2010 Writing Grades 3-8
  8. 8. Observations: 5 th Grade breaking into the top 50% is to be commended—nice, very nice! Except for 5 th grade, Branford trails the mean (average) and median (divider between the top and bottom halves) in every other grade level. There’s a big range (variability) in 3 rd and 8 th grade with 3 rd grade tending toward the low mean score for the DRG—a concern.
  9. 9. Final Observations: Ranking within a peer group makes a statement about excellence. In math the rankings of the 8 th and 6 th grades are in the bottom 50% of DRG D and too near to the lowest scoring district. The 4 th grade is competitive in the top 20% of the DRG—showing excellence. Reading for 3 rd grade is well below the mean and median—room for improvement here. 7 th grade is in the top 50% while others are at or near the middle for reading. Writing in all grades except 5 th have room for improvement and need to move toward excellence.
  10. 10. “ It (CMT) is a tool, a gift really, given to us to let us see things we otherwise could not.”--TJS