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Goals 2012


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Goals 2012

  1. 1. The Year of New Beginnings And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” Thank You to God, My Angels, Spirit Guides and all who I meet on my Human Journey for helping and supporting me in my Goals for 2012. Joanne
  2. 2. List ANYTHING you want! Anything your heart desires! THINK BIG! This list is not about what you "need" or what you think is reasonable or possible — let yourself admit to wanting something, no matter what current limitations you perceive. Imagine what you would love to do/be/have...  ...if anything were possible  ...if it were impossible to fail  ...if money were unlimited  ...if you didn’t have to work  ...if you had all the time in the world  ...if no one else would judge or criticize you for it  ...if no one else would approve of you for it, either  ...if no one else would have any particular opinion or comment about it at all!  ...if it were given to you, you’d take it and if you got it, you’d really want it  ...if all the necessary help were available to you in order to make it happen...
  3. 3. What I am going to be……. Inner and outer state of being Examples:  to be peaceful, free, happy  to be accepting, compassionate, forgiving  to love oneself and/or others unconditionally  to experience one’s Divine Self and/or Higher Power  to be healthy, fit, slim and/or full of energy
  4. 4. What I am going to do: Fun, adventure, learning, and accomplishment  travel  getting a degree  changing or evolving a career  accomplishment in a language, craft, sport, etc.  live in a particular city or environment  creating a new enterprise or organization  creating works of fine art, music or literature public performance (music, acting, comedy) or public speaking  any activity, adventure or accomplishment that you dream of doing.
  5. 5. What I am going to have: Can be intangibles or tangible.  harmony with family, mutually loving partnership, supportive and enjoyable friends  a certain kind of clientele or boss  a peaceful home  financial security, ease, solvency, serenity, and/or independence  a particular lifestyle  any material possession that you would love to own such as a house, car, garden, etc. Be specific!  a certain income or amount of money saved or invested
  6. 6. Long Term Goals (10 Years) 1) 6) 2) 7) 3) 8) 4) 9) 5) 10)
  7. 7. Short Term Goals (5 Years) 1) 6) 2) 7) 3) 8) 4) 9) 5) 10)
  8. 8. Most Important 2012 Goals 1) 6) 2) 7) 3) 8) 4) 9) 5) 10)
  9. 9. Career
  10. 10. Relationships
  11. 11. Health & Fitness
  12. 12. Finances
  13. 13. Home & Environment
  14. 14. Adventure & Fun
  15. 15. Accomplishment
  16. 16. Inner Wellbeing & Spirituality
  17. 17. Anything Else