Truth McCann Credentials Presentation

Truth McCann
Feb. 18, 2011

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Truth McCann Credentials Presentation

  2. What we do... We answer business questions by gaining a deep understanding of the way people think and feel and provide feedback that energises organisations and promotes action Evaluation Improvement Exploration Co-creation
  3. Who we work with...
  4. Our proposition... Research and insight agency.... Cultural Trends Actionable Qualitative Truth Multi-media Quantitative Social web McCann Insight Story Telling ...within McCann Erickson Communications House
  5. Storytelling Winning hearts & minds and the catalyst for action • We believe that insights are better labelled as truths – they are compelling and singled minded observations that inspire action • We don’t just tell you the ‘what’, we tell you the ‘so what’
  6. Cultural trends Cultural insight is marketing’s untapped resource McCann Moody Britain McCann Pulse TM Universal McCann Social Media Tracker
  7. Research capabilities We conduct research using all major methodologies Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups Online Surveys Depths Telephone Interviews Surveys Face to face Ethnography surveys
  8. In house group facilities Gives you more for less Birmingham Bristol London Manchester
  9. Multimedia-Social web Exciting additions to the research and insight toolkit Game Changers NewMR Immersive Diaries & Research Blogs Group Research Discussions Communities
  10. Customer Story
  11. Truth McCann: A customer story Creating new insight and enhanced engagement by adapting research methods to play to the strengths of online and mobile phone applications Challenge Our client, a leading online and catalogue fashion retailer, was launching a sub-brand aimed at a significantly younger target audience. A key part of the brief was to understand the fashion motivations and behaviours of this new audience in context and to bring them to life for the client organisation. Solution A five day activity-based online qualitative research approach was adopted to address this part of the brief. We recruited 32 members of the target audience and asked them to use their mobile phones to take pictures of the clothes they wore each day and also pictures of the items in their wardrobe that they felt most represented their personal style. With each upload of pictures they provided us with an explanation of the what’s and why’s of their fashion choice, which we were able to follow up and probe further. Engagement The participants really embraced the activity-based approach and provided exceptional levels of depth and richness that couldn’t have been achieved using other methods. Managers throughout the client organisation were given ‘live’ access to view the responses in context, direct from the homes of the participants as we received them. This enabled them to see into the real lives of the participants in ways not possible in more artificial settings such as focus groups. Results The engagement created by the online research process helped turn the insight into effective action within the client organisation. Understanding the fashion motivations and behaviours of the target audience in this way provided highly valuable and unexpected insight which was used to inform and re-shape the launch of the sub- brand. Key insight identified that the opportunity and potential for the sub-brand was even greater than initially anticipated if the messaging and tonality could be appropriately developed.
  12. Benefits Compared to conducting 4 traditional focus groups with 32 participants • Able to recruit right across the UK • Could recruit people who wouldn’t attend focus groups Participants • More interesting and enjoyable participant experiences • 2 hours of input per participant compared to average 12 minutes • See into to people’s lives where they are and as they live • Use multi-media for stimulus and powerful participant input Methodology • Receive immediate and considered opinion and feedback • Allow unlimited number of clients to view anywhere, anytime • Overall operational costs broadly similar • But no travel, accommodation or hospitality costs Costs • And costs per participant input minute only 10% of focus groups • NewMR £2.60 per minute and focus groups £26.00 per minute
  13. Working with us
  14. The core team... Benefits of BIG/small Big agency resources and infrastructure, small agency focus and dedication Phil McCormick Isabel Beresford Liz Kinnear Insight Development Director Research & Insight Research & Insight Manager Manager Nick Oppenheimer Jacqui Power Planning Director Planning Director
  15. What we deliver... Actionable Insight Reports • 1-2 hours presentation • Delivered by Senior Insight Directors • PowerPoint and multi-media • Access to detailed findings as required Action Planning Workshops • Co-creation and collaboration • Internalisation of insight into management action and communication planning
  16. Thank You For more information contact Phil McCormick Research & Insight Development Director Truth McCann Direct: 0121 713 3711 Mobile: 07966 938 175 Email: