Truth McCann Credentials Presentation


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The latest Truth McCann credentials presentation. Creating new insight and engagement.

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Truth McCann Credentials Presentation

  2. 2. What we do...We answer business questions by gaining a deep understanding of the waypeople think and feel and provide feedback that energises organisationsand promotes action Evaluation Improvement Exploration Co-creation
  3. 3. Who we work with...
  4. 4. Our proposition...Research and insightagency.... Cultural Trends Actionable Qualitative Truth Multi-media Quantitative Social web McCann Insight Story Telling ...within McCann Erickson Communications House
  5. 5. StorytellingWinning hearts & minds and the catalyst for action • We believe that insights are better labelled as truths – they are compelling and singled minded observations that inspire action • We don’t just tell you the ‘what’, we tell you the ‘so what’
  6. 6. Cultural trendsCultural insight is marketing’s untapped resourceMcCann Moody Britain McCann Pulse TM Universal McCann Social Media Tracker
  7. 7. Research capabilitiesWe conduct research using all major methodologiesQualitative Quantitative Focus Groups Online Surveys Depths Telephone Interviews Surveys Face to face Ethnography surveys
  8. 8. In house group facilitiesGives you more for less Birmingham Bristol London Manchester
  9. 9. Multimedia-Social webExciting additions to the research and insight toolkitGame Changers NewMR Immersive Diaries & Research Blogs Group Research Discussions Communities
  10. 10. Lands’ EndCustomer Story
  11. 11. The brief • New sub brand • Need to get closer to the lifestyles and motivations of the target market • What appeals and what doesn’t? • What works and what doesn’t? • Inform best way to go to market
  12. 12. Fashion buying facts Inspiration/Motivation/Li Shopping/Wearing Reaction to Canvas Way forward for Canvas festyle Preferences Brand/Offer Who are Emily & Jack – social Role of basics within Canvas What grabs attention - price, status, lifestyle, psychology, and how easy to find and howHow often do you shop? Casual v smart or do both? fabric, colour shape, model habits and media much willing to pay – one off or wearing outfit? consumption? multiple? How do they fashion shop – Wear same or different things What target age associated channels (online, Wear casually or at work orDo you buy your own clothes? at weekend – wear shirt , suit with model catalogue/shops) and both? to work? presentation/styling? motivators? Response to multi buys and What/where inspiration & promos – attitude andHow frequently do you return Outfit buy or key outfit buy? Perceived competitors? behaviour?items? influence? How do they search online – Importance of accessorisingHow much do you typically spend What type and frequency of brand name, product, specific and needing to be shown how Colour palettes and fabrics?on an outfit? communication? look, outfit , other? to do it?How much do you spend pcm? Definition and role of basics, Explore possible promotionalAnnually? When? Spree or Appeal of exclusivity? how basic and basics with a Urban positioning or not? campaigns?planned etc? twist?How often they buy accessories v Definition and role of novelty What is newness and how Role of ethics? Online v Catalogue and usage?clothes? buys? could /should it be promoted? Brand loyalty - linked to Potential barriers around dryUsed a dating agency? Canvas Guarantee? Maximising desire factor? products such as jeans ? cleaning / hand wash?
  13. 13. The solutionTask driven online immersive and group discussion research32 people in the target market participated over four consecutive daysThey uploaded input in open text and multi-media formatsResponded to prompts from the moderator and other participantsProvided profile data in simple survey format Day 1 Day 3 • Profile • Shopping • Way forward • Fashion • Inspiration • Wearing • Reaction to for Canvas buying facts • Motivation Canvas Enrolment Day 2 Day 4 Who are Core Customers? Where is Canvas now ? What do they want? Where could/should it be?
  14. 14. Being there everywhere Francine S - 39 London Suzanne O - 39 Non City S Boot leg jeans and top Skinny black jeans Longer top/dressBlack Halo dress Simple cardigan Woolly jumper and Body warmer Thick woolly cardigan black leggings Comfy non frumpy shirt • Plays with fashion to suit different roles • Looks at the practicalities first • Uses dresses and cardigans as style statements • Money is tight but she can mix and match to get and to feel elegant and feminine when going out the most from her clothes • Uses non frumpy basics for comfort at work • Uses the flexibility of day to evening switching including outside locations to justify add on purchases to herself
  15. 15. BenefitsCompared to conducting 4 traditional focus groups with 32 participants • Able to recruit right across the UK • Could recruit people who wouldn’t attend focus groups Participants • More interesting and enjoyable participant experiences • 2 hours of input per participant compared to average 12 minutes • See into to people’s lives where they are and as they live • Use multi-media for stimulus and powerful participant input Methodology • Receive immediate and considered opinion and feedback • Allow unlimited number of clients to view anywhere, anytime • Overall operational costs broadly similar • But no travel, accommodation or hospitality costs Costs • And costs per participant input minute only 10% of focus groups • NewMR £2.60 per minute and focus groups £26.00 per minute
  16. 16. Workingwith us
  17. 17. The core team...Benefits of BIG/smallBig agency resources and infrastructure, small agency focus and dedication Phil McCormick Isabel Beresford Liz KinnearInsight Development Director Research & Insight Research & Insight Manager Manager Nick Oppenheimer Jacqui Power Planning Director Planning Director
  18. 18. What we deliver... Actionable Insight Reports • 1-2 hours presentation • Delivered by Senior Insight Directors • PowerPoint and multi-media • Access to detailed findings as required Action Planning Workshops • Co-creation and collaboration • Internalisation of insight into management action and communication planning
  19. 19. Thank You For more information contact Phil McCormickResearch & Insight Development Director Truth McCann Direct: 0121 713 3711 Mobile: 07966 938 175 Email: