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Trustparency Mobile Architecture


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Mobile Architecture using PhoneGap and Jquery

Published in: Technology
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Trustparency Mobile Architecture

  1. 1. Trustparency Mobile Technologies Technologies by Tier Visual Tier UI Components HTML5, CSS3 jQuery UI Middle Tier SW languages JavaScript jQueryMobile Native integration Tier HW languages PhoneGAP
  2. 2. Trustparency Mobile High Level Architecture Web SQL W3 standard View HTML pages Response Views Controller Event Handlers Model Data Base Manager MVC roles by Layer HTTP Manager
  3. 3. Trustparency Mobile Low Level Architecture View: draw data within the DOM of html pages Controller: handles the events raised by html objects Model: manages the data obtained from Data base or Server Project Organization
  4. 4. Trustparency Mobile Sequence Diagram: Data Base Web SQL W3 standard Button click() :Controller :View :Model sendFormValues() SQLquery() Sends data
  5. 5. Trustparency Mobile Sequence Diagram: Server HTTP Server Button click() :Controller :View :Model HTTP JSON Request Sends data HTTP JSON Response sendFormValues() CacheManager