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Email Marketing + Social Proof = The Perfect Formula to Convert More Browsers Into Buyers!

Drive more revenue using your least expensive channel - email!

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Email Marketing + Social Proof = The Perfect Formula to Convert More Browsers Into Buyers!

  1. 1. Email Marketing + Social Proof: The Perfect Formula to Convert More Browsers Into Buyers
  2. 2. Speakers Daniel Kohn Founder Lauren Lowman Marketing Director
  3. 3. Intro to SmartMail Intro to Trustpilot Let’s Talk About Email… Behavioral Emails to the Rescue! The 3 Highest Converting Emails #Winning Email + Reviews Examples Agenda Social Proof in Emails FTW!
  5. 5. Daniel Kohn Founder SmartMail is a “done for you” solution helping eCommerce companies send highly personalized, automated emails to customers.
  6. 6. Company Milestones: $27 million revenue generated for clients 531 million emails sent and A/B tested 25 million email addresses added to client lists 46% average open rate on emails
  8. 8. Who is Trustpilot? Online community & business solution connecting consumers & businesses via reviews 140,000 reviewed websites 26,000 websites get new reviews/month 22 million online reviews 700,000 new reviews/month Reviews from 120 countries 72 million visitors/year 7 million unique visits/month Over 1 billion impressions/month
  9. 9. For Businesses:For Consumers: Why does Trustpilot Exist? Open online review community to read, write, and engage with authentic reviews to provide trustworthy customer experience information and make better buying decisions. Solution to implement an automated review collection strategy, moderate and engage with reviews, and leverage reviews to accelerate business improvement and growth.
  10. 10. The Trustpilot Business Solution BRAND BUILDER Establish a trusted brand MARKETING ACCELERATOR Maximize digital ROI INSIGHT GENERATOR Improve customer experience
  12. 12. Email = Highest Converting Channel * 2015 Affiliate Social Email PPC
  13. 13. Broadcast vs Behavioral • Spray and pray • One to many • No smarts or logic • Nothing wrong with these campaigns • What shoppers do or don’t do on your site • Sent in relation to their shopping journey • Highly personalized • Massive engagement rates
  14. 14. The Behavioral Lifecycle
  15. 15. The Majority of Value Comes From: Browser Segments: • Cart abandoners • Product page browsers • Category browsers • Homepage browsers • Site search users
  16. 16. Forrester Research 2015
  17. 17. Forrester Research 2015
  18. 18. Behavioral Emails Work! • Doesn’t matter what products you sell • Doesn’t matter how much your products cost • Doesn’t matter which country you’re selling in • Doesn’t matter if you sell B2B or B2C
  20. 20. Product Browse Email • Views product page but didn’t add anything to basket • Gentle reminder • Populate product details for higher engagement and CTR’s
  21. 21. Product Browse Email
  22. 22. Benchmark Metrics: Open Rate: 52% Click Through Rate: 28% Revenue Per Email Sent: $3.63
  23. 23. Category Browse Email • Views category page but didn’t view any products • Gentle reminder • Populate email with category specific imagery and, recommendations and text
  24. 24. Category Browse Email
  25. 25. Benchmark Metrics: Open Rate: 43% Click Through Rate: 21% Revenue Per Email Sent: $1.82
  26. 26. Homepage Browse Email • Viewed homepage but didn’t get any further • Idea is to stay top of mind • Populate email with site-wide top sellers over past 10 days
  27. 27. Homepage Browse Email
  28. 28. Benchmark Metrics Open Rate: 26% Click Through Rate: 19% Revenue Per Email Sent: $0.84
  29. 29. Review: 3 Campaigns
  30. 30. Additional Browse Campaigns: • Brand (specific) browse • Site search campaign • Wishlist campaign • New visitor campaign • Welcome campaign
  31. 31. How to get these campaigns live in days (not months)?
  33. 33. 72% of people trust consumer opinions posted online (2nd only to “Recommendations from people I know”) -Neilson study
  34. 34. 92% of consumers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews - 87% use them for both brick-and-mortar & online purchases The Impact of Reviews on Buyer Journey 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews
  35. 35. Need recognition Product specification Evaluation of options Purchase decision Post-purchase Influenced by reviews “I need a new couch...” One person, influenced by opinions May ignore specs if “like something better” How Consumers Purchase Look for reviews Leave reviews Look for reviews “What kind of couch should I get?” “Where can I buy this kind of couch?” “Should I buy this couch from this business?” “Would I shop again or recommend to a friend?”
  36. 36. Email Marketing + Reviews UGC New, fresh, user-generated content, that’s totally free and being created on an on-going basis (a proactive feedback process is key!) Natural Language Language by customers, for customers makes for more effective content and better customer experience Social Proof Social proof that feels like rec’s from ”friends” (as opposed to typical marketing and promotional messaging) Effective Targeting Targeted content based on specific behaviors or demographic info, or to promote certain products Credibilty Third-party validated reviews offer credibility and trust (so prospective customers don’t have to look for it elsewhere) Improved engagement, click- through & conversion
  37. 37. Create stronger email marketing campaigns, communicate more effectively, get more from email.  Review content is great for new & returning customers  Use targeted review content based on: - Demographic information - Purchasing behavior/past purchases - Steps of the purchase funnel completed  Reviews can be great content at many times in the buyer/customer journey: - First introducing/pitching your company (in your customers words) - Mid-way through purchase funnel to overcome objections encourage next steps/conversion - After first-purchase, to encourage subsequent purchases/re-activation/upgrade Email Marketing + Reviews
  39. 39. Questions? Daniel Kohn Founder Lauren Lowman Marketing Director