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Panda Security corporate solutions.

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Panda security corporate_presentation_2012

  1. 1. Innovation is our driverOur products and solutionsAppendixOur partners, hand in hand in growthPanda Security, a global companyThe cloud-based model benefits
  2. 2. Panda Security is a global companythat protects over 10 million usersin 195 countriesWe develop innovative cloud securitysolutions to protect businesses andhome user’s computer systems againstall types of threats
  3. 3. What we do22 years innovating since our birth in 1990We develop security solutions for businessand domestic usersWe provide protection against all typesof malwareLocationsHead offices in SpainSubsidiaries in US, Germany, UK, Brazil, Benelux,France, Austria, Sweden and ChinaLocal offices in over 56 countries460 direct employees and 700 in total worldwideWE ARE GLOBAL: WE PROTECT OVER10 MILLION USERS IN 195 COUNTRIES
  4. 4. A FEW NOTABLE CUSTOMERSWe protect all kinds of customersGovernment Industry Services
  5. 5. Our products and solutionsAppendixOur partners, hand in hand in growthInnovation is our driverPanda Security, a global companyThe cloud-based model benefits
  6. 6. 19981st dailysignature file20041st behavioralanalysis20071st productscanning fromthe cloud20091st thin-clientantivirus fromthe cloud20101st Securitycompany with acompleteCloud-basedofferingAFTER 22 YEARS OF INNOVATION, WE AREFIRST IN SECURITY FROM THE CLOUDHistory of InnovationThe leading provider of cloud-based security solutions
  8. 8. Our products and solutionsAppendixOur partners, hand in hand in growthInnovation is our driverPanda Security, a global companyThe cloud-based model benefits
  9. 9. CLOUD COMPUTING – FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESSBeforeon PremiseNow - PandaCloud-based modelInfrastructure Local In the cloudTCO High LowComplexity High Very simpleManagement Local – from Serverbased consoleRemote - fromanywhere, anytimeAvailability Limited Always availableIntelligence In the PC In the cloudResourceconsumptionHigh Very lightUpdates Large, slow Always updatedCloud computing benefitsNo need for infrastructurePay only for what you needHardware scales to meet your requirementsRemote management from anywhereCloud-Based ModelPanda CloudEliminates need for costlyserver infrastructure,network configuration,databases, maintenanceand VPNsAllows for seamlessmanagement remotelyfrom anywhere in theworldCorporate Office Remote OfficeRemote UserRemote User
  10. 10. PANDA CLOUD PROTECTION -FORGET ABOUT SECURITYPanda cloud security benefitsEasyEasy: the console is a web browser, so youcan manage the security of any pc, remotelyand from anywhere in the worldLight: Malware detection and analysis is handledin the cloud, freeing up resourceson your networkSecure: A new threat is automatically analyzedand blocked within 6 minutes from reception atour cloud servers (PandaLabs)One of the main advantages of SaaS solutions like PandaCloud Protection over traditional protection is that theyeliminate dedicated servers costs, simplifyingmaintenance and updates.TEA CEGOS (SPAIN)
  11. 11. Our products and solutionsAppendixPanda Security, a global companyOur partners, hand in hand in growthInnovation is our driverThe cloud-based model benefits
  12. 12. AT PANDA, WE HAVE THE FORMULA TO INCREASEYOUR BUSINESS PROFITSMore controlIncreased businessbusinesscontrolcontrolMore control over yourcustomers’ securityMore marginIncrease your marginsmarginsby purchasingdiscounted packsEliminateEliminate security-related costscostsGenerate additionalrevenuerevenue by sellingvalue-added servicesMore simplicitySimple customerlifecycle managementlifecycle managementSimple securitymanagementPanda has become the easier vendor to grow business with
  13. 13. PANDA HAS DEVELOPED THE TOOLS TO GROW THECHANNEL BUSINESSPANDA CLOUD PARTNER CENTERSimplify your businessPANDA PARTNER PROGRAMA flexible framework to grow your businessPanda Cloud Partner Center:A centralized Cloud tool to manage yourcustomer’s entire life cycleMore simplicityMore marginMore controlPanda Partner Program benefits:Access to exclusive special promotionseCampus: On line Training & CertificationMarketing: Collaterals and CampaignsPanda Security Forum24 x 7 technical support
  14. 14. Our partners, hand in hand in growthOur products and solutionsAppendixPanda Security, a global companyInnovation is our driverThe cloud-based model benefits
  15. 15. PANDA SECURITYSOLUTONSCloudOnpremiseCorporate ConsumerRetail Range and PAV for MacPanda Cloud AV – Free & Pro
  16. 16. WhatWeb based partnerpartnerConsoleConsole that allowscentralized managementof customers, licensesand securityHowWebWeb based consoleEntire ccustomer’s lifeustomer’s lifecyclecycle management: trial– purchase – renewSingle sign-onSingle sign-on tocustomer’s solutionsBenefitsMore SimplicitySimplicity:: managecustomer’s licenses andsecurityMore MarginMargin: reducecosts and sell servicesMore ControlControl: yourbusiness and yourcustomer securityThe partner reduces businesscomplexities by centrally managingcentrally managingsecurity, licenses and the customersecurity, licenses and the customerlife cyclelife cycle from a single web basedconsole while eliminatingvendor dependenciesPANDA CLOUD PARTNER CENTER - SIMPLIFYYOUR BUSINESS
  17. 17. WhatCloud solution for PCsPCs,laptopslaptops and serversservers,that allows companiesto simply forgetforget aboutaboutthethe antivirusantivirusBenefitsProactive real-time,robustrobust protectionprotectionMinimum costscostsMaximum businesssecuritysecurity controlcontrolMinimum resourcesresourcesconsumptionEasyEasy to use, easy tomanageHeadquartersRoad warriorsRemote OfficeHowCloudCloud based deliverymodelReal-time connection tothe CollectiveCollectiveIntelligenceIntelligencePANDA CLOUD OFFICE PROTECTION -FORGET SECURITY
  18. 18. WhatCloud email securitysolution that eliminateseliminatesunproductiveunproductive traffictraffic atthe network perimeterHowNo anti-spam, antivirusservers needed.RedirectRedirect youryour mailmail anduse a web browser tomanage your mailprotectionBenefitsMaximum antimalwareantimalwareand anti-spam protectionand anti-spam protectionMinimum bandwidth usageNo upfront investmentWeb-based managementWeb-based managementanywhere, anytime“Panda Cloud Email Protection hasprovided our client with a crucialsolution for spam management, freeingthe from routine tasks such as mailfiltering and removal. After just 7 daysusing it they rated it 10 out of 10”Ordismatic (Spain)PANDA CLOUD E-MAIL PROTECTION - FORGETE-MAIL OVERHEAD
  19. 19. WhatOn premise security solutionssecurity solutions forendpoints (PCs, file servers, Exchangeservers, etc)HowLayered protectionLayered protection model for all thecorporate network levels of our clientsConnected to Collective IntelligenceCollective Intelligencein real timeBenefitsTotal protection against all typesall typesof threatsof threatsComplete modular controlmodular controlDetailed reportsreportsCentralizedCentralized installation and configurationWe are fully satisfied with theproducts central administration,daily updates, simple managementand effective supportPMR EADS Defense & Security – FrancePANDA CORPORATE SOLUTIONS – MAXIMUMENDPOINT PROTECTION
  20. 20. WhatPanda GateDefender Performa - SCMPanda GateDefender Integra – UTMReal time perimeter protection for youre-mail and web trafficHowCollective IntelligenceCollective IntelligenceBest of breed technologiesUnique implementation of hybrid cloudhybrid cloudBenefitsRobust real-time proactive protectionprotectionSet it and forget itOptimize bandwidth and resourcesIncreaseIncrease user productivityproductivityIncrease web & e-mail traffic controlPANDA GATEDEFENDER APPLIANCES – YOURFIRST LINE OF DEFENSE
  21. 21. WhatThe Industry’s First Free Cloud-BasedFirst Free Cloud-BasedAntivirusAntivirus Thin-Client Protectionwww.cloudantivirus.comHowCommunity-based protectionCommunity-based protection systemautomatically classifies new malware inunder six minutesBenefitsSo lightlight you will forget about itSecureSecure: Advanced protection againstnew and unknown virusesEasyEasy: it will take the decisions for youPANDA CLOUD ANTIVIRUS – EASY, LIGHT,SECURE
  22. 22. WhatEverything you need to protectprotect your PC,your datadata and your familyfamily against allkinds of threatsHowCollective IntelligenceCollective IntelligenceLive up to the minute updatesPanda USB VaccineMore online backup – now up to 5GBBenefitsMaximum ProtectionMaximum Protection: increaseddetection ratesMinimum ImpactMinimum Impact: 80% reducedmemory consumptionAntivirusProInternetSecurityGlobalProtection2012 2012 2012Antimalware, Collective Intelligence,Firewall, USB Vaccine, Safe browsingAnti-Spam, Parental Control, IdentityProtect, Backup online, Remote AccessOptimization, File Encryption, FiledeletingPanda SafeCD, Tehcnical Support,Minute updatesRETAIL 2012 – PROTECT YOUR ONLINE WORLD
  23. 23. PANDA SECURITY SOLUTIONS AWARDSCorporate ConsumerCloudOnpremisePanda ManagedOffice Protection5 StarsPC World – Spain, May 2009Panda Cloud Office Protection5 starsPC Mag, Russia, May 2011Panda Cloud AntivirusBest software 2010PC Magazine, Russia,Dec 2010Panda Cloud Antivirus 5 starsSoftpedia, Romania, June2011Panda Cloud Antivirus:Editor’s ChoicePC Mag, USA, June 2010Panda Security for BusinessBest Security Suite for the SOHOPC World Mexico, Dec 2011Panda Virtual GateDefender Performa PC ProRecommendedUK, October 2011Panda GateDefender Integra5 starsSC Magazine, USA, April 2011Panda Internet Security 2011Advanced *** PerformanceTest SuitesAV-Comparatives, Austria, July2011Panda Global Protection5 stars and winner of the comparative test PC World,Spain, Nov 2009
  24. 24. PANDA CORPORATERESPONSIBILITY It’s in our name,we hadto give theplanetplanetsomething backHelp us protect the planetPanda Security is a CorporateSupporter of WWF, the globalconservation organizationBy supporting WWF, Panda Security ishelping to ensure our children inherita living planet. Panda Securitysupports WWF’s work to protect theplanet
  25. 25. Our partners, hand in hand in growthOur products and solutionsAppendixPanda Security, a global companyInnovation is our driverThe cloud-based model benefits
  26. 26. THE PROBLEM - CYBERCRIME TODAYGrowing malware evolution
  27. 27. InformationgatheringFile knowledgebaseFile informationdeliveryTrupreventSig FileOnlineAccessOther AVCompaniesHoneypots Users OnlineServicesAutomatic File Classification SystemAutomaticinformationProcessingCollective Intelligence is Panda’s answer to the growing problemTHE SOLUTION COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE
  29. 29.