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Marketing quiz answers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Marketing quiz answers

  1. 1. 1.A 16.C 2.B 17.E 3.A 18.E 4.D 19.B 5.B 20.D 6.A 21.E 7.B 22.C 8.C 23.C 9.C 24.C 10.D 25.B 11.B 26.C 12.D 27.B 13.D 28.A 14.C 29.D 15.C 30.B*For Question 28, the correct answer is A. Causal Research (not A. Casual Research astyped). Hence, teams received full mark for this question.Result will be released tomorrow (July 19th, 2011).Best regards, Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Organiser