Charis team intro


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Charis team intro

  1. 1. RMIT International University Vietnam TOYOTA Motor Vietnam Marketing Challengers 2011 Vong Gia Huy – s3210380 Luong Thanh Tram – s3260742 Nguyen Tran Bao Tran – s3260916 Ngo Hong Phuong Linh – s3246691 Nguyen Pham Doan Trang – s3258255 Hello …
  2. 2. Huy – RMIT Bachelor of Commerce Linh – RMIT Bachelor of Commerce Tran – RMIT Bachelor of Marketing Trang – RMIT Bachelor of Marketing Tram – RMIT Professional Communication C HARIS
  3. 3. S TRENGTH IN HAND <ul><li>Charis </li></ul>