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PowerPoint Presentation from Prep Information Evening 30/10/12

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  • I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to introduce you to Tracy Peters Provisionally appointed AP and Heather Johnson Provisionally appointed BM
  • Many of you would K >Many people have asked is it a Private school- the answer is no it is a State Primary School built by a Private Partner
  • This may vary slightly in our foundation years- depending on the no of enrolments at each level. It is anticipated we will have an initial enrolment of 200 students. This no will increase as time goes on.
  • Prep Information Evening

    2. 2. Introductions Principal Mandy O’Mara Assistant Principal Tracy Peters Assistant Principal Michael Laird Leaders Sharon Wilson Teachers Brianna Morelli Abbey Lynch Jenna Lewer Suzie Kibar Kristy Ellis Lisa Sarpa Melissa Court Natalie Hansen Jess McCourt Admin Staff Heather Johnson – Business Manager Maree Amey – Enrolments/Public Relations
    3. 3. CommunityPartnerships… Commonwealth Bank Primary School Wear Next Byte Flexi-rent
    4. 4. About Truganina SouthPrimary School The school has been constructed under a Public- Private Partnership (PPP) agreement as part of the State Governments Public-Private Partnerships project. The Education Department leases the schools from Axiom Education Victoria, who will maintain the schools for the next 25 years.
    5. 5. Facilities Truganina South Primary School is an excellent state of the art learning facility that brings together the best in contemporary educational design and promotes active student-centred learning through the creation of flexible, functional spaces. The school features shared classroom areas, a library, performing arts centre and gymnasium.
    6. 6. Vision At Truganina South Primary School the child is at the centre and purpose of all that we do. All teachers and support staff work hard to provide a teaching pedagogy reflective of 21st Century designs including ICT rich environments and Personalised Learning for all students.
    7. 7. Truganina South PrimarySchool strives to:  Provide high quality Personalised Curriculum programs to develop the ‘whole’ child, promote self confidence and provide a conduit for student connectedness to school.  Provide the best possible social, emotional and educational outcomes for each and every student.  Increase the literacy and numeracy levels of each and every child.  Form a strong connection with all students.  Build strong partnership with the school community.  Form partnerships with the wider community.  Develop a high level of student welfare support.  Encourage positive behaviours from all members of the school community
    8. 8. All students and teachers work in learningcommunities to create flexible teaching options inclassrooms and to better cater for the individualneeds of all students.Your child will be working in a learning community with 4adults. This will allow children and parents to developrelationships with 4 different people. The teacherswithin the team will work with the students to developtheir Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Inquiry Skills. We aimto give all students the best possible start to their schoollife by providing them with the opportunities to workcollaboratively.
    9. 9. Grade Structure Grades structures are directly linked with the VELS levels:  Straight Preps  Multi-age communities 1/2, and 3/6
    10. 10. CurriculumAt Truganina South Primary School staff will design acurriculum that meets the needs of every individualchild all students have personal learning goals. Thestudents and teachers work together to develop thesegoals. Learning goals will be communicated withparents.The teachers constantly challenge the students toensure they are always engaged in their learning.The children will be involved in needs base clinicgroups, mixed ability groups and interest groups.This allows the teachers to develop the whole child.
    11. 11. Literacy & Numeracy The key components of the teaching programs at Truganina South Primary School are the effective teaching of literacy and numeracy.
    12. 12. • Your child will be involved in reading, writing and speaking and listening activitieseveryday.• Each Community will have there own classroom library where students will select books to read during Independent Reading. Independent Reading is designed to build reading stamina.• Students will take home books every night to read. Please ensure you read at home with your child each night. The books they will bring home will be easy for them to read. This assists in the development of their confidence when reading.• Students will also bring home a list of words which they will need to learn to read.• The students will also visit the school library each week and will borrow a book to share with you at home. This book may sometimes be challenging for them, but is a fantastic opportunity to sit and enjoy a book together.
    13. 13. Before School Begins• Students need to identify and write their own name.• Students can identify and recall some letters of the alphabet.• Students can write some letters of the alphabet.• Students can speak confidently to the community adults and their class mates .• Students have some knowledge of how books work. Eg Holding the book correctly.By the End of Prep• Students will know all letters of the alphabet.• Students will be able to write a meaningful sentence using correct spelling of common words and include full stops and capital letters.• Students will be able to participate in extended periods of independent activities.• Students will be able to read simple text and comprehend what the text is about.• Students will be able to relate to the books they read.
    14. 14. Numeracy sessions will take place everyday. Students will be involved in tasks which willallow them to challenge themselves and work at a level that is appropriate to them.Each Community will have there own classroom resources where students will select theresources they need to complete the maths task assigned.Students will have access to Mathletics at both home and school.At home your support will be appreciated. You can play simple games using cards-matching the numbers, ordering them from largest to smallest.
    15. 15. Before School Starts• Students can count to 10 orally and read and write some numbers• Students can identify shapes in the environment• Students can identify colours.By the End of Prep• Students will be able to count by 1s to 120• Students will be able to count backwards from 20 by 1s• Students will be able to recognise, read and record numbers to 100• Students understand positional language e.g. next to, beside, on top of• Students can add and subtract a collection of numbers of 20 objects.• Students can sequence the days of the week.• Recognise and verbalise 1st-10th to describe position.
    16. 16. The use of iPads in Prep
    17. 17. Why iPad?
    18. 18. Hundreds of thousands of Apps!
    19. 19. Anywhere, anytime learning … but not all the time!
    20. 20. Blended Learning
    21. 21. Expectations Students are on task They use the technology purposefully Students are able to articulate and talk about their immediate and long term goals Respect for the learning space and learners inside it Taking responsibility for their own actions/property
    22. 22. iPads @ Truganina South Blended Learning Self maintained iPads Apple iTunes Cards (Discounted prices – Gift cards on sale) School App lists online Support provided by school
    23. 23. School Wide PositiveBehavioursis an evidence based practice for building a positivesocial culture that will promote both social andacademic success.How do we do this ? Common purpose and approach to discipline Clear set of positive expectations Procedures for teaching expected behaviour Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviour Continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviour Procedures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation
    24. 24. At Truganina South Primary School allstudents , staff, parents and communitymembers follow 3 school rules… 1. We are always safe 2. We are always respectful 3. We are always ready to learn
    25. 25. • Practise opening their lunches• Practise writing their name• Practise taking their jumpers on and off. This can sometimes be challenging for students• Talk to your child about some of the tasks they may do at school.• Encourage them to drink water
    26. 26. Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times.• Please ensure all items of the uniform are clearly labeled with your child’s name. This allows us to return it to your child as quick as possible.• Terms 1 and 4 are Sunsmart terms. The school hat must be worn during all outdoor activities, including recess and lunch times.• All items that are not part of the school uniform will be asked to be removed.• Jewellery is not to be worn to school. Studs or sleepers are acceptable for those who have pierced ears. This is for safety purposes.
    27. 27. At Truganina South Primary School we stronglyencourage parental participation. This can be donethrough helping out in Classroom, FundraisingCommittee, Special Event days, and excursions.We will offer training to parents who would like to helpout in the class.
    28. 28. 2013 PREP FEESThis year School Council has set the Essential LearningCharges at $240. This covers the cost of all stationaryand materials your child will require throughout theyear.Fees can be paid at the office prior to the end of the yearor alternatively paid on Book Collection Day Friday 25thJanuary 2013.If you hold a current Concession Card you may beentitled to the Education Maintenance Allowance.Please talk to the office staff for further information.
    29. 29. Key Dates School Starts Friday February 1st for all students Wednesday 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th of February are student free days for Preps only. These days allow the teachers to conduct one on one interviews with your child to gather information about their skills and challenges Last day of Term 1 is Thursday 28th March First day of Term 2 is Monday 15th April
    30. 30. Transition Dates These days are designed for your child to meet other 2013 Prep Children staff and become familiar with the school. They will participate in a range of literacy, numeracy and developmental play-based activities throughout the sessions. The sessions will be running in November and December this year.You will be notified of the upcoming dates and times your child will be required at the school.
    31. 31. QUESTIONS…