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Introduction to Trufflenet for local government


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How Trufflenet combines automated search and intelligent analysis to plan and evaluate marketing campaigns

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Introduction to Trufflenet for local government

  1. 1. AN INTRODUCTION… “If I has asked what my Henry Ford customers wanted, they would have said ‘a faster horse’”. Henry Ford
  2. 2. WHAT TRUFFLENET DOES Uses both proprietary and best in class technologies to find and collect opinion from the entire web Overlays a multi-stage analysis process using analytical software, linguistic understanding and human analyst teams to ‘root out’ what you need to know Delivers understanding and insight in a clear written report to address your particular business needs Trufflenet is a custom digital intelligence service which allows us to undertake all projects, large or small
  3. 3. WHAT YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW Do residents reveal insights about behaviours and opinions? Can those comments Can they be cost- Will that analysis deliver and conversations be effectively analysed? actionable insights? found?
  5. 5. WITH UNIQUE STRENGTHS Fast Cost-effective Natural • No delays in recruiting • No sample fees • Listen to the unprompted, panel • No incentive fees authentic voice of the • Ask quick or urgent consumer • No additional costs for questions right away • Tap into consumers low incidence activities where they are, and learn • Get responses quickly and niche audiences from their natural • Typically twice as fast • Focus group alternative – behaviours as survey research with sample sizes in the millions • Enables other strengths such as speed and depth • Makes it possible to track quantity and sentiment of conversations over time
  6. 6. WHAT TRUFFLENET IS FOR Reputation Management • Track key metrics over time to inform communications planning and evaluation: • Key announcements / issues • Events • Perceptions audit Social marketing • Perfect for one-off projects and deep-dives • Understanding behaviours • Segmenting audiences • Capture subtleties in attitudes and tone of voice
  7. 7. QUALITY OF ANALYSIS CASE STUDIES1. Reputation management2. Social marketing3. Realtime evaluation
  8. 8. TRACKING REACTION TO SENSITIVE ISSUES TRUFFLENET TRACKER How did the public reaction contrast with media coverage? • Trufflenet identified • Which measures received the most attention? • Which measures received the least attention? • What influenced positive and negative sentiment 5,000 comments analysed in 5 hours • We segmented the data according to speculation, reaction and round-up to understand • What created most concern? • Who influenced the debate?
  9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES FOR RESPONSIBLE DRINKING TRUFFLENET TRACKER To what extent could a brewer use social media to promote responsible drinking? • Trufflenet analysed conversations about drinking too much to understand when and why the conversations took place. • Detailed sentiment analysis identified tone of voice and language variations. 150,000 conversations | 40 recommendations • We identified unmet needs and possibilities to create content that appealed to the target audience.
  10. 10. REALTIME EVALUATION TRUFFLENET TRACKER How can the film ‘Dreams of a Life’ reach new audiences? • Trufflenet tracked conversations about the film before its general release. • We identified unmet needs and recommended actions to tailor the marketing to audience expectations. Revenue target exceeded by 167% • Analysis of audiences not engaging in the film helped target messages at key influencers • Weekly reports and an evaluation report showed the ROI to the film’s backers.
  11. 11. CONTACT DETAILSMatthew CainTrufflenet53 Chandos PlaceLondonWC2N 4HS CONTACT DETAILST: +44 (0) 20 7812 6565E: matthew.cain@trufflenet.comW: