SwineCast Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008


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SwineCast Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008

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SwineCast Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008

  1. 1. Sponsor Report September/October 2008
  2. 2. A Note from Sept/Oct Sponsor Report the host SwineCast Impression Stats Market volatility in general speaks volumes about the consumers will- ingness to pay and producers ability to continue in light of today’s seri- 90,000 ous market extremes. Where two 80,000 months ago the issue was high feed 70,000 costs, those feed costs are down sharply as fund speculators looked 60,000 Banner Impressions to raise cash from any available 50,000 source including the liquidation of 40,000 Email Impressions commodity positions. 30,000 The good news is that pork is posi- Podcast Impressions 20,000 tioned to benefit from an economic downturn as a lower-cost protein. 10,000 The challenge comes as those fast - moving markets may have caught Sep Oct Total producers with too much feed hedged. Those resultant margin calls tend to make lenders unfriend- ly as you return to the table for next year’s operating loans. SwineCast Downloads At least two major ethanol com- panies, source for both consumer biofuels and agriculture’s Distillers Podcast Downloads Dried Grains feedstuffs, have de- clared bankruptcy as they were on the wrong side of those price moves September of historic proportion. “Agricul- ture’s New Golden Era” may still 19,020 October be intact, but certainly some of the bloom has faded from the ‘rows’. Interesting times... keeping up with our producers questions and con- cerns make for interesting podcasts as well. 11,021 Ned Arthur
  3. 3. Sept/Oct Sponsor Report Events Attended Sept/Oct Facts • Exclusive Leman Conference Coverage • Midwest Pork Conference 18 shows were produced • International DDGs Conference 1,668 average downloads per episode in September/October 30,041 total podcasts downloaded Interviews 60,082 podcast impressions 16,980 email impressions 45 interviews conducted 9,257 banner impressions 86,319 total impressions See Who’s Listening http://www.trufflemedia.com/maps/SwineBatchGeocode20080901to20081031.html
  4. 4. Sept/Oct Sponsor Report “Providing necessary Benefits of Podcasting information to an industry greatly in • Enhance customer intimacy. need of sharing. Growth comes from • Engage decision makers and influencers. knowledge.” • Share product messages and stories more dynamically than most other media. - SwineCast • Connect with customers where traditional marketing/sales do not. Listener • Deliver valuable insight to customers like no other company. • Integrate with other components of the marketing mix. • Provide a convenient source of information that can be listened to where and when they wish. • Feedback sought regularly through Web comments, surveys, email feedback, and toll-free telephone. • Incredibly flexible and responsive – Changes to content and format are made quickly in response to customer interests and recommendations. • Coverage of industry events, promotion, and travel are included as part of the sponsorship without additional expense. Truffle Connects you and your Key influencers & Decision Makers • Producers of the most downloaded agricultural podcasts • Largest source of online interviews • Widest array of agricultural sponsorship • Sophisticated member tracking • Relationships with international media and information sources • Preferred conference content distribution partner • Information people are asking for • Integrated content management
  5. 5. For more information contact Aaron Gilbertie agilbertie@TruffleMedia.com 317.690.7097