Mr. Kevin Maher - 50-State eCVI and eVFD System for Improved Animal Health


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50-State eCVI and eVFD System for Improved Animal Health - Mr. Kevin Maher, Founder and Director of Business Development of GlobalVetLink, from the 2014 NIAA Annual Conference titled 'The Precautionary Principle: How Agriculture Will Thrive', March 31 - April 2, 2014, Omaha, NE, USA.

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Mr. Kevin Maher - 50-State eCVI and eVFD System for Improved Animal Health

  1. 1. 50-State eCVI and e-VFD System for Improved Animal Health for Aquatic Species NIAA Aquaculture Committee - 2014 Presented by: Kevin Maher, Founder April 1, 2014
  2. 2. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending History of GVL® • Based in Ames, Iowa • Began - 1999 with Florida Department of Agriculture Pilot • Certificates of veterinary inspection accepted in all 50 states • 130+ Diagnostic laboratories connected via GVL • License agreements with all 50 states • More than 235 million animals certified via GVL Certificates • Nearly 3 million certificates created
  3. 3. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Partial List of Products & Services • Easier and faster creation, submission and recordkeeping of electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVIs) certificates embracing both companion and food animal providing a real-time traceability solution for food safety and disease prevention • Facilitates easier fulfillment of feed additive prescriptions with the appropriate FDA-directed certification requirements while enhancing communication between animal health stakeholders • Manages oversight of antibiotic usage by optimizing prescribing habits and ensuring continued food safety by easily proving judicious use of antibiotics • Digital EIA (Coggins) Certification and Lab Submission System • Digital Equine Passport System
  4. 4. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Intuitive online solution for animal health professionals Enables animal health practitioners to utilize “best practices” to quickly and accurately create professional health documents, save time and create additional revenue Secure repository of data Allows practitioners and their clients uninterrupted access to their records via the Internet Meets FDA and USDA requirements - accepted by all 50 states Easy Efficient Secure Compliant Accessible
  5. 5. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Health Certificates (eCVI)
  6. 6. center/regulations
  7. 7. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Drawings to Digital (Equine certificate example) • Multiple unique identifiers can be recorded for each animal • Digital photos can serve as one more unique identifier
  8. 8. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Point. Click. Comply. • Real-time eCVI transmission meets record submittal requirements – Electronic systems can provide real-time record transmission of records to both state of origin and destination
  9. 9. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Fictitious Sample Aquaculture eCVI
  10. 10. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Point. Click. Comply. • eCVI record retention - makes it easy to store / access records – PDFs can be stored within the electronic document database and/or secure PDFs can be saved to a practice’s own network
  11. 11. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Point. Click. Comply. • In addition to: – Speed and ease of trace-back in an animal disease outbreak situations – More accurate animal identification and completeness of certificate information
  12. 12. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Added Security  Electronic system security features may include:  Watermarks  Secure, electronic signatures  Unique certificate numbers  Originals saved on secure servers
  13. 13. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending FDA Receives Strong Industry Commitment for its Antibiotic Resistance Strategy FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Release March 26, 2014 • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is announcing today that since December 2013, when FDA announced final Guidance for Industry #213, all but one animal drug company have committed in writing to seek withdrawal of approvals for any production uses of affected drug applications and change the remaining therapeutic uses of their products from over-the-counter (OTC) to use by Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) or prescription.
  14. 14. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending FeedLINK™ • Ease the burden of paperwork while establishing a best practice protocol. • Spend less time creating VFDs and reduce manual inaccuracies • Provide a reliable and controlled source of documentation. • Prove VFD compliancy with a secure, web-based VFD solution
  15. 15. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending FeedLINK™ • Automatically send VFDs to feed mills and producers directly upon creation • Renewal feature of VFDs in a matter of seconds with an email notification linking to the pre-populated VFD • Strengthen the Vet-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) commitment. • Provides a measureable means to support admirable herd health management and disease prevention.
  16. 16. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Enabling Producer Compliance • Offer clearly written and fully completed electronic documents • Secure PDF documents available via email for fast, efficient service • Grant producers access to web- based owner portals for real-time certificate access
  17. 17. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending FeedLINK™ • FeedLINK - electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (eVFD) System • Allows easier, faster fulfillment and tracking of feed directives and feed orders • Regulated and self-regulated drugs • Uniquely connects the veterinarian, producer, government officials, feed-mills, and feed companies - to improve animal health and safety.
  18. 18. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending FeedLINK Application
  19. 19. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending FeedLINK eVFD Sample
  20. 20. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending What Makes a GVL Certificate Authentic?  A watermark that reads: "GlobalVetLink – The Official Online Certificate System“  Secure, electronic signatures, utilizing PKI Technology, that meets FDA 21 CFR Part 11  Every certificate has a unique number.  If in doubt, compare the certificate to the original, saved on GlobalVetLINK's secure server.
  21. 21. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Advantages of an Electronic System  Standardized, secure, web-based  Replaces antiquated paper-based system with online solution  Quicker response & containment of animal disease diagnosis and outbreaks  Improves clarity of animal identity  Database stores current tests, vaccinations and other important animal health attributes
  22. 22. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Summary • GVL has a passion for improving animal health • Conversion is growing from paper to electronic • Technology has enabled a 50-state standardized model • Integration of data into state systems • Laboratory connectivity of 130+ and growing • Improvement of data quality, protection of animal health and well-being
  23. 23. ©GlobalVetLINK, LC. 2013 GVL® Patent Pending Summary • Reduces regulatory related administrative resources, costs and burden • Aquaculture VFDs and eCVIs compliment AquaVetMed laboratory search tool: • Expands GVL’s 50-state and animal industry platform to an enhanced, sustainable partnership
  24. 24. Contact information: Kevin Maher GlobalVetLINK, L.C. 2604 Northridge Parkway Ames, IA 50010 515.817.5066