Houston Johnson - Preventing Undercover Employment Operations


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Preventing Undercover Employment Operations - Houston Johnson, Uniform Patrol and Tactical Team Commander, Harker Heights (TX) Police Department, from the 2010 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit: Truth, Lies and Videotape: Is Activism Jeopardizing Our Food Security?, April 28 - 29, 2010, Washington, DC, USA.

More presentations at http://www.trufflemedia.com/home/conference/2010-animal-ag-alliance-stakeholders-summit

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  • Ohio – Livestock Care Standards – HSUS filed bill supporting stricter standards on Confined Livestock Production.
    Dave White (Ohio Livestock Coalition)
  • Ohio – Livestock Care Standards – HSUS filed bill supporting stricter standards on Confined Livestock Production.
    Dave White (Ohio Livestock Coalition)
  • Houston Johnson - Preventing Undercover Employment Operations

    1. 1. Preventing Undercover Employment Operations
    2. 2. Competition A new crime trend: stealing bull semen Gazette Extra By TED SULLIVAN Tuesday, April 20, 2010 “In a string of recent burglaries, thieves have targeted dairy farmers to steal a valuable commodity: bull semen. Valued at $22,000” “Farmers believe thieves might be selling the semen on the black market.” “A bull semen theft also was reported in Brodhead in July 2008. About 100 embryos or semen samples valued at $35,000 were stolen.
    3. 3. Terrorist Their ideology or religion is more important than anything else to include their own lives. Their motivation is to eliminate those who are non-believers or those who jeopardize the fundamentals of their religious beliefs.
    4. 4. Protectionist These groups want to protect things they think can’t protect themselves. Other motivations dehumanizes their targets while protectionist groups humanize what they are protecting.
    5. 5. Goals Keep You Problem Solving Financial Impact Change Your Practices / End or Impact Business Shake Consumer Confidence Gain Media Attention Claim Responsibility Reduce Public Support of Industry Increases Membership Public Belief & Awareness of Cause Fundraising Empowers their efforts
    6. 6. Group Profiling Considerations   Location and Motivation helps determine potential targets Financial Backing and Education helps determine potential capability and range of operations
    7. 7. How They Get It? Getting hired in your organization  Social Engineering Your Group  Undercover Tactics – Video & Pictures  Legal Methods – OSI, Public Info, Courts  Sharing Their Success With Others 
    8. 8. Knowledge Is Power Art of War “The Original Spy Manual” “Probe the enemy to unmask his strengths, weaknesses, patterns of movement and intentions. Shape the enemy’s perception of the world to manipulate/ undermine his plans and actions.”
    9. 9. Social Engineering  What can I figure out about you? • Internet – Google • Social Pages (Facebook) Maiden Name, DOB  Address, travel plans  High School & College  Hobbies & Friends  • Trash • Phishing – 21% Increase (18,820 Attacks)
    10. 10. Social Engineering Log Ins & Passwords  Security Questions  Cell & Computer Security 
    11. 11. Hacking human gullibility with social penetration: We don't need no stinking exploits By Dan Goodin in San Francisco “Vulnerability stems from humans' inherent tendency to trust one another. Survival over the millennia largely depended on their ability to work in groups. When one person saw that a group of his peers ate a particular berry and didn't die, he ate the same fruit - and survived as a result. Hackers who understand this trait can exploit it to access companies' most precious assets.” “David Bailey said he regularly sends client employees emails informing them the strength of their login passwords is being tested through a new website. They are then instructed to follow a link and enter their credentials. The success rate: as high as 50 per cent”
    12. 12. How They Use It?  Distort Public Perceptions • Hallmark-Westland Video      Activism & Fraud Network Access Criminal Acts – Arson, Stalking, Criminal Mischief Educate other Groups Propaganda • Funding – USDA Domestic Horse Slaughter Insp. • Public Relations – Yellow Tail Winery - $100K • Political – Sub-therapeutic Antibiotics Legislation
    13. 13. What might they do with this info?
    14. 14. What’s Next Animal activists' unsettling bid for freedom Sharp Science Short 15 March 2010 Science In Society -Andy Coghlan, reporter -Andy Firebombing, arson, hitting people with baseball clubs, disinterring people's dead relatives and screaming abuse through loudhailers all day and night Researchers quoted in The Guardian say they're intimidated by the tactic, fearing that exposure of their experiments, however legal and ethically justified, would make them targets for extremists. Constrained in the UK, activists moved instead to the US and the European mainland, where they have been engaging in violent campaigns similar to those previously confined to the UK
    15. 15. What Can You Do?      To understand how not to hire a plant you must first understand them. Understand how your business may be vulnerable Understand what is out there about you Investigate complaints thoroughly and completely (internal & external) Suspicious Activity Reporting Process (anonymous, easy, and free) has to be followed up on quickly.
    16. 16. Facility Security Recommendations  Office & Plant Security • The Environment Dictates the Tactic  Employee Screening • Profile Behaviors Not People  Employee Training & Accountability • SCAN, Reporting Process (suspicion & abuse)  Responding to Activists’ Letters • Let the Pro’s Help You  Talking With Law Enforcement • Explosives,Arson (ATF) $10K, Terrorism (FBI), pay (IRS)  Talking With Media • Have a PIO – You never know when or where it will happen
    17. 17. Behaviors     Temporary Positions – willing to take jobs that only last short periods of time. 18 to 30’s Generally Caucasians College or University ID’s not Government ID • University or major city within hour of you?      Over or Inappropriately (degree not related) educated Out of State ID or Vehicles Willingness to come early & stay late Attempting or accessing restricted areas not job related. “I’ve always wanted to see that” May indicate previous related job experience
    18. 18. Educate Yourself & Your Company       Need Buy-In from Top Down Develop an understanding of the opposition What is your companies vulnerability? Understand how they would focus on your vulnerabilities. Educate your staff – SCAN, Water Cooler Suspicions (“He doesn’t fit in”, “He’s over educated for that job, that’s why he wants to move up”. If company goes out of business everyone is out of a job. Secure your assets (facilities & Information) – They only have to be right once, you have to be right every day.
    19. 19. Develop legal hiring techniques that identify suspected plants        Add perjury clause and have statements and applications signed (compare signatures) Verify past employment-ask questions and communicate with others in industry. Do background checks – use computer tools to investigate (Google, E-Verify, Social Networking, Facial Recognition Software) – Call references & contacts Take photos & fingerprints of them Verify (false ID tools) & Xerox identification (investigative asset) – keep secure so cant be recovered by plant. Register vehicles with access to plants (photograph them with their vehicle) Do a surprise home visit.
    20. 20. Develop policies that mandate animal care and handling procedures Hold employees accountable to those policies and reporting abuses. (Section C of AAA Facility Security Recommendations)  If you don’t police yourself someone else will.  Off Premise Monitoring  Follow-up on complaints & back brief 
    21. 21. Push Back Prosecute Violations  Make them work for it  Be proactive  Discipline Internal Violations 
    22. 22. Develop Information & Intelligence Sharing Relationships Law Enforcement  Other Processors & Facilities in your area  Organizations that track activists, activities & proactive legislation  Joint Training  Share suspicious activity (Dallas) 
    23. 23. Questions? You have to be more passionate about keeping this from happening than they are about stopping it. You have to be right every day, they only have to get it right once. Houston Johnson 254.534.1646 houston@genesis0103.com