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DairyCast Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008


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DairyCast Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008

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DairyCast Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008

  1. 1. Sponsor Report September/October 2008
  2. 2. A Note from Sept/Oct Sponsor Report the host DairyCast Impression Stats World Dairy Expo - Visits with a number of dairy producers and industry leaders from around the 30,000 world, each offering a unique view of our industry and how we can work 25,000 together to make our industry better. That dedication to improving the Banner Impressions industry was evident in the number of 20,000 participants in each of the education seminars. We are thankful to have the 15,000 Email Impressions opportunity to capture each of those seminars and provide them to our 10,000 DairyCast audience around the world. Podcast Impressions National FFA Convention - Over 5,000 50,000 young people gathered together with their passion for agriculture and - the goal of feeding a growing world Sep Oct Total population. While the challenges we continue to face seem to be more dynamic than ever, we are fortunate to have young leaders with the passion and desire to solve them all and lasso the moon, too. The challenges presented to our industry are beyond the rising DairyCast Downloads production costs that end at the farm gate. The presence of the Humane Podcast Downloads Society of the United States has also risen substantially as they dedicate millions of dollars from September their packed coffers to the ballot initiative Proposition #2 in the state of October California. As you are probably aware the proposal restricts the freedoms of 2,301 livestock producers and constrains their production practices through the implementation of housing size minimums in the name of “animal welfare.” The need for unity in the 2,035 voices of all agriculturalists has never been greater than today. Trent Fredenburg
  3. 3. Sept/Oct Sponsor Report Events Attended Sept/Oct Facts • World Dairy Expo 24 shows were produced • National FFA Convention 180 average downloads per episode in Sept/Oct 4,336 total podcasts downloaded Interviews 8,672 podcast impressions 3,575 banner impressions 47 interviews conducted 17,578 emails sent 29,824 total impressions See Who’s Listening
  4. 4. Sept/oct Sponsor Report “It’s a convenient Benefits of Podcasting way to stay up to date on industry • Enhance customer intimacy. topics.” • Engage decision makers and influencers. • Share product messages and stories more dynamically than most other media. -DairyCast • Connect with customers where traditional marketing/sales do not. Listener • Deliver valuable insight to customers like no other company. • Integrate with other components of the marketing mix. • Provide a convenient source of information that can be listened to where and when they wish. • Independently produced media ensures customers receive the best content and perspective available. • Feedback sought regularly through Web comments, surveys, email feedback, and toll-free telephone. • Incredibly flexible and responsive – Changes to content and format are made quickly in response to customer interests and recommendations. • Coverage of industry events, promotion, and travel are included as part of the sponsorship without additional expense. Truffle Connects you and your Key influencers & Decision Makers • Producers of the most downloaded agricultural podcasts • Largest source of online interviews • Widest array of agricultural sponsorship • Sophisticated member tracking • Relationships with international media and information sources • Preferred conference content distribution partner • Information people are asking for • Integrated content management