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CropVillage Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008


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CropVillage Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008

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CropVillage Sponsor Report Sep Oct 2008

  1. 1. Sponsor Report September/October 2008
  2. 2. A Note from Sept/Oct Sponsor Report the host CropVillage Impression Stats What a difference a month (or two) makes! 25000 Remember crop shortage concerns, 20000 corn headed for double digits and the new ‘golden age’ of agriculture? Banner Impressions While the age may truly be golden, 15000 the general world-wide economic Email Impressions implosion has rocked our industry 10000 as well. Podcast Impressions 5000 Those high crop prices were ‘demand-driven’ until the specu- lative side of the trade needed to 0 September October Total raise cash fast. Unwinding spreads knocked the wind out of market sails to the tune of... oh, 50% or so. What’s the fall-out? Maybe some good news. CropVillage Downloads If producers sold that $7.00 corn and held off on buying their inputs Podcast Downloads like fertilizer, they’re sitting in tall cotton since the slow-down has also dropped our inputs like fuels and September fertilizer. However, if you chose to buy inputs ‘because they might go October 4440 higher’ and held off on selling crop because ‘it can’t go lower’... it’s go- ing to be a long winter. Our listen- ers and your customers actions will soon tell the story. Now you know what the CropVillage community knows. 327 Ned Arthur
  3. 3. Sept/Oct Sponsor Report Upcoming Events Sept/Oct Facts • American Farm Bureau Federation 17 shows were produced • Commodity Classic 280 average downloads per episode in Sept/Oct 4,767 total podcasts downloaded 9,534 podcast impressions Interviews 8,895 email impressions 79 interviews conducted 1,714 banner impressions 20,143 total impressions See Who’s Listening
  4. 4. Sept/Oct Sponsor Report Benefits of Podcasting • Enhance customer interdependency. • Engage decision makers and influencers. • Share product messages and stories more dynamically than most other media. • Connect with customers where traditional marketing/sales do not. • Deliver valuable insight to customers like no other company. • Integrate with other components of the marketing mix. • Provide a convenient source of information that can be listened to where and when they wish. • Feedback sought regularly through Web comments, surveys, email feedback, and toll-free telephone. • Incredibly flexible and responsive – Changes to content and format are made quickly in response to customer interests and recommendations. • Coverage of industry events, promotion, and travel are included as part of the sponsorship without additional expense. Truffle Connects you and your Key influencers & Decision Makers • Producers of the most downloaded agricultural podcasts • Largest source of online interviews • Widest array of agricultural sponsorship • Sophisticated member tracking • Relationships with international media and information sources • Preferred conference content distribution partner • Information people are asking for • Integrated content management