Oil spill


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Oil spill

  1. 1. OIL SPILL OIL SPILLAn Oil Spill is a release of crudeoil into the environment. This iscause by the human activity and it CONTAMINATED WATERis a form of pollution. Most of theOil Spills are cause in the ocean EARTH, ANIMAL,that gets the name of marine oil PEOPLEspill. DAMAGEThis Oil Spills affects, seriously,our earth, our water, our animals,and us. Hope this help youIn this experiment we want to BETTER WATER,show you how hard it is to cleancontaminated water. BETTER WORLDWhat is going to happen is that we Diana Cuevas #5are going to clean the Regina Cuevas #6 Carla Decanini #7“contaminated” water with several Bianca Gutíerrez #8 HOW PETROLEUM AFFECTS OURsorbents. Paulina López #9 PLANET, OUR WATER, OURWe expect to clean it but notcompletely. ANIMALSWe really need water and it isreally difficult to clean it from anoil spill. We have to take care of it.
  2. 2. To prepare the fresh water: OUR PROJECT How to do it 1. Fill baking dish with cold tap water to within 1 cm of rim.You need: 2. Add 5-6 drops of food dye. 3. Mix dye and water with a one 28 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm stirring stick. clear glass baking dish (or 4. Let solution settle. equivalent) 5. Answer question 1 in water Observations. blue food colouring To simulate crude oil: To test the sorbents: 12 tbsp. vegetable oil 8 tbsp. pure cocoa powder 1. Place 3 tbsp. of vegetable 1. Place a small sorbent 1 tsp. table salt oil in mug. sample into the centre top of a tablespoon 2. Add 2 tbsp. of cocoa the contaminated fresh a teaspoon powder. water 5 popsicle sticks 3. Mix cocoa powder and oil 2. Remove sorbent with a coffee mug thoroughly with a popsicle tweezers or tongs. sorbents (paper towel, stick. 3. Repeat step 1 with other cotton balls, rag, string, sorbent samples. nylon pot scrubber, sponge, styrofoam cup, garden peat To contaminate fresh water: Repeat all of the above procedures moss, Shredded Wheat,) 1 squirt of liquid 1. Very slowly pour simulated substituting an ocean for the fresh dishwashing detergent crude oil from a height of 1 water. To prepare the ocean, follow the tweezers or tongs cm onto the top of the fresh bird feathers (available at a water dish. If you pour the fresh water procedures except add 1 pet store). oil too quickly, the tsp. of salt and mix it with the water experiment wont work - before step 2. start over! 2. Wait 3 minutes.