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True North :: Offshore Model


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True North's offshore/onshore model with business-aware technical leads fronting a highly experienced remote team of engineers.

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True North :: Offshore Model

  1. 1. True NorthOffshore delivery with True North
  2. 2. Introduction• Our clients have highlighted the need to be able 1 INTRODUCTION to deliver software at offshore prices and to a 2 MODEL high standard. 3 SERVICES• This allows them to scale up production in a cost-effective manner. 4 FIND OUT MORE• Many have tried remote development with varied results.• We have worked with them to both manage and deliver alongside outsourced teams for a number of years.• We recognise the need for low-cost and high- quality software delivery and have utilised both our experience and contacts to provide this as a service to our clients.• We can provide a scalable team of experienced remote software engineers fronted by highly experienced and business-aware technical managers.09/02/2011 2
  3. 3. Model• We have seen the remote engagements that 1 INTRODUCTION have worked and those that haven’t 2 MODEL• The most successful models have been where 3 SERVICES there is a highly skilled remote development team that is fronted by a local technical and 4 FIND OUT MORE business expert• This provides better understanding of the requirements and hence a quicker start up time• It also reduces the number of errors or reworking through clear and concise documentation that is understood by client and developer alike• Most importantly, it provides the client with a single point of contact through the engagement• Our model splits the engagement in to two distinct sections: – Inception – Delivery09/02/2011 3
  4. 4. Model – Inception1. We are briefed by you as to your business requirements and delivery dates2. Based on our understanding of the requirements and technical landscape we define the scope and deliverables and review with you.3. Following agreement of the draft scope we brief the remote team and use their expertise to refine the scope and deliverables.4. We deliver a final agreement outlining the timelines, deliverables, and cost. Following agreement of this we begin the work.09/02/2011 4
  5. 5. Model – Delivery1. We have regular team meetings between our local technical manager and remote delivery team (the frequency will depend on the deadlines but we usually expect the team to be in daily contact)2. We deliver and talk through status reports with your stakeholders / managers3. We handle ad-hoc queries through our onshore technical manager meaning that we cover your business hours and there is a single-point of contact4. We deliver the tested code ready for integration and acceptance testing.09/02/2011 5
  6. 6. Services• Our remote developments services are shown below. 1 INTRODUCTION – We also offer a wider range of technologies onshore that we 2 MODEL are happy to discuss. 3 SERVICES• All of our software engineers are Computer Science 4 FIND OUT MORE graduates with a minimum of 5 years’ development experience Area Skills/Technologies Application Development .NET Framework (1.1 3.5) Visual C++ MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) iPHone / iOS Database Development Microsoft SQL*Server SSRS (SQL*Server Reporting Services) UI Development Web-standards HTML/CSS Javascript (includes main JS libraries e.g. jQuery) Collaboration Microsoft Sharepoint Server09/02/2011 6
  7. 7. Find out more• This is just an overview of our remote 1 INTRODUCTION services. We can give you more details 2 MODEL or provide you with references should 3 SERVICES you need. 4 FIND OUT MORE• We strive to be as flexible as we can to meet our clients’ needs, so if you require a different approach or just want to find out more just get in touch• Founding directors – Mark Thomsit • | +44 7801 480 820 – Sid Haniff • | +44 7968 277 11609/02/2011 7