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Atelier Veritas - Case | Awarded bronze at the Mercurius Prize 2017


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Together with Veritas, the Belgian accessory and creative goods chain, we researched, conceptualized, validated and (co-)implemented the Veritas Atelier concept.

In October 2017, the concept was awarded bronze at the Mercurius Prize, rewarding innovative shop concepts.

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Atelier Veritas - Case | Awarded bronze at the Mercurius Prize 2017

  1. 1. Case: Atelier Veritas Awarded Bronze at Mercurius Prize 2017
  2. 2. to impact decision making on different levels True North helps retail brands understand & act on ever-changing shopping behaviour.
  3. 3. Case study Atelier Veritas
  4. 4. Atelier Veritas wins bronze at Mercurius prize 2017. A jury of 7 retail experts, rewarded Veritas Atelier with a bronze award. Only 3 concepts of a long-list of 11 contenders - out of +100 entries - were rewarded as best retail concept. The Atelier concept was praised for its cosy and warm atmosphere, the workshops offered, the expertise of the staff as well as the omnichannel focus that provides tips & tricks via different channels, both on and offline. Congratulations, Veritas.
  5. 5. The challenge: “How to grow Veritas in the creative market?” Veritas is known for its accessory offering in the Belgian market. With over 95% brand recognition - the brand exists for 125 years in 2017 - and attracting almost 70% of all female buyers in the Belgian market, growth is a different ball game. The creative department - offering goods & supplies for creatives - is considered a growth category as the market for it has been growing over the last years. With a lower basket value per customer, growth is mainly acquisition-driven. But how? To know where and how to grow, True North was recruited to guide the process from A to, well, Atelier.
  6. 6. Our approach: Aligning business and staff with the needs of the creative customer To have impact with an improved offering and concept, we used our proprietary 5/15/150 process methodology. It involves a four phased process and involves three types of stakeholders. A business team (5) is responsible for the progress. 15 internal stakeholders - staff members ranging from IT over sales, store staff, marketing and HR - are involved for preparing and validating every step. Their input & feedback make a feasible concept come to life. A selection shoppers (150) is involved for understanding their needs. Via a validation survey, containing a visual presentation of the concept, creative customers helped decide the ins and outs of the current implementation.
  7. 7. Our model: A full concept requires efforts on all levels The success of the concept lies within a strong stakeholder involvement from start to end. Bringing together all departments around the same challenge solutions are created together guaranteeing a multi-faceted view on every aspect. Our Identity / Offering model involves both soft and hard drivers of shopper needs. Success requires a focus on all drivers: ● Offering drivers include what you sell, at what price & where: your value proposition, your pricing strategy & channel approach. It are the hard drivers you control. ● Identity drivers focus on shoppers’ soft expectations, ranging from shopper benefits, customer experience & your thought leadership - the expertise you can claim.
  8. 8. UNDERSTAND: Convincing first-timers with a four-fold approach. Multiple assumptions were raised about the creative audience and the current impact Veritas had. We revealed the needs of the creative, the improvement areas & thresholds to overcome. We revealed four elements for success: ● Inspiration: creatives look for an answer to the most basic question: “What will I make?” ● Convenience: a creative process involves a lot of preparations and other challenges. ● Guidance: knowing how to start or when stuck, is an often-heard threshold for both starters and avid makers ● Community: the need to share, talk & get feedback is omnipresent.
  9. 9. ACT: Pushing the buttons on all levels to convince the creative market. In a 4-phased stakeholder process, the concept was first conceptualized internally, validated by over 3.000 creatives and translated to a business case and implementation roadmap on different levels: ● A clear & attractive zone was created instore & online ● The assortment grew with over 500 references ● An “all-in-one” box approach highlights convenience ● All own branded products were phased to the newly created “Atelier Veritas” private label ● Workshops help creatives find like-minded people & help! ● Both on and offline Veritas hosts inspiration and tricks. ● External makers were involved to boost credibility and raise awareness for both Veritas and the makers.
  10. 10. The results: Impact on different levels The goal to reposition Veritas as a go-to-source for all creative needs and grow the business as a result, has been reached. Progress was measured over the course of a year of activity: ● Veritas is growing with double digits in the creative department for the new Veritas Atelier stores ● The brand is perceived as “younger” than the mother brand, Veritas ● A new breed of creatives has been acquired via a focus on more accessible ideas and “start to” workshops ● The overall brand perception of both the Veritas and the Atelier brand are very positive. ● NPS scores are higher and perception of service and expertise are (even) better at Atelier stores.
  11. 11. Why we are different About True North
  12. 12. An action-oriented retail consulting agency To understand & act: two requirements of today’s retail success Nowadays, retail is changing faster than ever. According to Standard & Poor’s it is the most stressed industry worldwide. The main reason: not being able to keep up with the pace of ever-changing shopper behaviour. Turning data into valuable insights in order to convert them into relevant measures for your brand, company and industry is the sole focus of our retail agency. We have a passion for retail and offer guidance towards your True North. We have helped both national and international brands act based on a better shopper behaviour understanding. The success of the Lunch Garden restaurant concept upgrade, the new Game Mania flagship store, Planet Parfum’s concept store or Atelier Veritas, the “platform” to reach out to today’s creative customer, are proof of our added value. This document explained how we translate understanding into action for one of the cases we are extremely proud for.
  13. 13. UnderstandingUNDERSTANDING is provided by all means necessary: we offer typical market research services and have insights - off the shelve - benchmarking over 120 brands in 10 different sub-industries. A panel of avid shoppers helps us to gauge how brands are coping with shopper behaviours changes on an everyday basis revealing insights of actual store visits by real shoppers. With our custom solutions we dig deeper for improved understanding with in-depth research, data analysis, segmentation definitions, blind spot analysis, ...
  14. 14. ACT is the result of our stakeholder focused 5/15/150 process methodology bringing together your decision making unit (5), your internal teams that are crucial for making it work (15) and your future customers (150). In a 4-phased process, we go from exploration over co-creating ideas to validating the business case before we start the implementation coordination. All insights collected are translated to our Identity / Offering-model, making sure we cover all essentials to meet shopper needs with the solutions we provide.
  15. 15. In case of questions, feel free to get in contact: Bart Muskala, Founder | +32 473 67 32 02