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10 industries that will be disrupted by the Google Car


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Although there are plenty of experiments that are signs of car manufacturers (are willing to) become a mobility provider rather than a car provider, they will continue trying to sell cars to citizens.

But Google forces us to think beyond what we know today, beyond selling cars. Way beyond.

Learn about disruptive innovations in our article on and decide for yourself whether you will be the disrupted or the disruptor.

Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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10 industries that will be disrupted by the Google Car

  1. 10 industries that will be disrupted by the Google Car A story about disruptive innovations and how they work Full article by @bartmuskala on
  2. Google connects all the dots & blends it with a vision of the changed world. That is why Google has the potential to disrupt 
 the car manufacturers industry as well as many more industries. Google connects the dots all smart technology sharing economy traffic congestion automated vehicles creativity mobility needs safety location based tech gps data
  3. Audi, Volvo & the like are moving cars to a more advanced level.
 Whereas Google is inventing something new on top of autonomous driving. As a result, Google is not on the same S-curve advancement applied effort existing tech curve new tech curve the Google car yet,Audistillthinkstheyareontheirplayingfield,eatingawaytheirturf a car a good car a better car an autonomous car a better car2
  4. Disruptive technologies don’t follow the standard S-curve theory because they start their life cycle in a different market than the one in which they will generate the most profits.‘‘Clayton Christensen, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”
  5. 10 industries most likely to be disrupted 
 by the 
 Google Car
  6. 1. Government administrations They no longer need to run “no drinking & driving” campaigns, 
 nor do they need to process collision forms.
  7. 2. Insurers They will be providing their services no longer to individuals as their cars are sold with a “no crashing” guarantee, but to Google, Volvo and the like.
  8. 3. Car repair companies They will be out of business, although Carglass can still repair cranks, the low value market they grew themselves.
  9. 4. Roads Roads will look different as there is no more need for traffic lights, night lightning or road signage.
  10. 5. Gas stations They will change to charging stations for automated vehicles that drive there before or after dropping you of (comparable to your Robomow).
  11. 6. Rental car industry The rental car industry will be fully automated, lending out cars ordered from your smartphone taking you where you want.
  12. 7. Taxi Industry Even Uber — the disruptor of the taxi industry — will be disrupted by the Google Car as cars will be driving us, not people owning cars.
  13. 8. Transportation and logistics Trucks will be driving in convoys, local transport companies are gone as Google cars can pick up packages and return goods when required.
  14. 9. Fair & exhibition organisers Fairs don’t start at the venue, but at your home when fair-sponsored cars pick you up and offer a personalized preparation of your fair visit.
  15. 10. Dating sites Dating sites might offer additional services renting out limo-styled Google Cars to impress your date.
  16. Incumbents think inside the boundaries they always knew, 
 having a hard time connecting the dots that emerged. Google - not a car company - does not have those boundaries… Lesson learned? an incumbent’s connections Google’s connections
  17. Read the full article on by @bartmuskala, 
 founder of True North, a marketing innovation hub, 
 infusing a challenger mindset to help organisations of today 
 stay relevant in the world of tomorrow. ! True North is part of DuvalUnion, a marketing technology ecosystem helping organisations to get ahead in the New Normal, the world of marketing in which technology is at the core.