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TRUE BLUE PRODUCTION                    Gareth Benson Intellectual Property Lawyers and Consultants                       ...
transferable to the presentation of online videos and it is important to work on these skills asbefore begin the storytell...
Aristotle’s Theory of Story Telling for Web VideoBorn before Jesus Christ, Aristotle is widely recognized as the king of t...
Speech:We cover this earlier in the white paper. It is important to think of three stories to start telling your ownstory....
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Using story to create a powerful online presence 12 december 2012


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As part of the special presentation on online storytelling techniques for Online Video.

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Using story to create a powerful online presence 12 december 2012

  1. 1. TRUE BLUE PRODUCTION Gareth Benson Intellectual Property Lawyers and Consultants “Why reinvent the wheel, when the story wheel has been driving our stories since the dawn of time?” Gareth Benson Creative Director sdanUsing storytelling techniques to create powerful online videoCreating a story around the story of your business can leverageyour brand online by recording your own online videos.Don’t Dance with the Dinosaurs! We know this is the dawn of a new online age. Onlinevideos and social media marketing via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter andLinkendIN is one of the to promote your business or enterprise. It is perfect for small tomedium sized enterprises, sole traders and social enterprises with limited time and budget toconnect with their customers. Web video presented in up to five minute episodes can allowyou to build your brand online using the worlds most oldest and powerful weapon: story.Having an online profile and presenting your personnel brand or enterprise online meansmore than just uploading a profile picture and recording a video from your web camera. Ittakes some careful consideration to ensure that your message is not lost online andcomplements your existing marketing collateral and puts your most valuable asset forward:You.A. Creating to ConnectWe all agree that it is important in the use of social and web platforms to connect with ourcustomers, or in story terms, our audience. Using the ageless human anatomy of story tellingcan allow your message to ‘click’ through to your intended audience.There are now over 1 billion you tube users,800+ million Facebook users, and 140 milliontwitter users. In order to differentiate yourself from others the most important asset you haveis to have clarity around your message for it to ‘click’ with your customers.B. Presenting SkillsWe all understand the value of communicating with others in our own message in public. As ainternational film and documentary producer previously working for SBS broadcasting I wouldlike to go one further by offering how to use story to enhance you online presence.As a member of Thought Leaders International and Toastmasters International weunderstand the importance of clarity in our public presentations. These skills are directly LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX…. (M) 0416779163
  2. 2. transferable to the presentation of online videos and it is important to work on these skills asbefore begin the storytelling process.Find below a summary of these tips to take you from the ground floor to the presentationskills necessary to present quality online videos. The principles of competent communicationare necessary to understand the importance of storytelling. Many presentation skills alsodraw on Aristotle’s theory of story telling which allow us to connect with your audience. ONLINE VIDEO COMPOTENT COMMUNICATION 101SKILL TIP1. Like any good story, a Memorize an interesting openingpresentation needs a good and finish with a tip ‘And remember to..’beginning, middle and an end.2. Organize your speech with strong Make your message clear with supportingresearch material that supports your conclusion3. Get to the Point with sincerity and For the beginning, middle and ending supportconviction your story with with one strong message4. Use language which excites and Select the right words often active use, eliminate jargon and well used metaphors. Thisdelights also eases the editing process.5. Stand up straight and strong Let your body speak, use wide open gestures with your hands and don’t be afraid to use strong gestures to reinforce a point keeps your video Interesting.6. Use vocal varieties to tell your story Starting your story personally, and quietly, being strong during your middle and soft to end is generally a good technique for video7. Research makes for competent Use research and white papers to reinforceCommunication your story between sub stories.8. Use visual aids Make your story interesting by placing an item of interest or relevance to your topic in the video9. Persuade with power Use the conclusion of your video or story to persuade the audience to connect with you further or visit your website. Appeal to their interests.10. Inspire your audience Challenge your audience to reach a higher level of benefit of achievement so they engage in viewing more videos by educating through entertainment LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX…. (M) 0416779163
  3. 3. Aristotle’s Theory of Story Telling for Web VideoBorn before Jesus Christ, Aristotle is widely recognized as the king of the story castle. Living 350-300BC his thought leadership has influence a 2500 years of the stories which drive our televisions,cinema, newspapers and marketing strategies. This theory is also, and probably more so relevant tothe creation of outstanding world class videos for the web.Aristotle 384-322 BCE, in his seminal treatise Poetics or Poetica concluded there are sevengolden rules of successful story telling. These rules or principles in his days pertained toancient Greek theatre. Incredibly, today the same seven elements are essential to writingsuccessful film screenplays and I have adapted them for the use of online video. Thisincludes: 1. Plot: what message is your video communicating? 2. Character: this is you! Be yourself! 3. Idea or Theme: this is the topic and title which should be clear! 4. Speech: See above our 101 toastmaster tips for web video 5. Chorus: it can enhance your video by presenting to audiences. 6. Decor: This means location. I don’t always believe green screen is best, natural personnel locations relaxes you and allows you to deliver an authetic process which is brand You! 7. Spectacle: special effects such as editing, titles and other post production techniques.PlotMuch of the message of your existing video will come natural to you, being the subject of your pinksheets. The objective is through the use of story to have your potential clients contact you to make agreen sheet presentation. I.e Bill Sayers for Sayers Art Design journey to transform a holiday home in48 hours in ‘The Art of Colour’.Character:This is easy, be yourself. This thought leadership process has help form your own personnel brand sostay in character be natural, open and relaxed. Online allows us to be in conversation with ouraudience so keep this in mind when presenting to camera. I.e Cameron Richardson from ‘ToughSeal’who ‘serves to protect’.Idea or Theme:The Idea or Theme should be funky and fresh. Use a catchy phrase, think slogans, branding and catchphrases that relates it to your products without doing a direct pitch. Once the idea or theme is chosenthis will inform much of the rest of your presentation. I.e The Secrets of Storytelling for online video LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX…. (M) 0416779163
  4. 4. Speech:We cover this earlier in the white paper. It is important to think of three stories to start telling your ownstory. In the beginning, memorise an opening line, substantiate this with facts, move onto a moresubstantial argument or message, substantiate with facts and move onto your final story finishing witha tip that will make your personnel brand alive online. I.e YVolunteer TV involving youth across SouthWest Victoria telling their story about youth volunteer activites.Chorus:While not advisable for your first few videos, there will become a point in time where it is necessary toshow the ‘evolution’ of your personnel brand online. This is where filming in front of people,employees, clients, or at one of your busk outs or keynotes can be great. This requires more set uphowever for your big brands and books is worthwhile to capture the attention of your brand and showyou ‘connecting’ with customers I.e James Southwell performing live at Pony Records ‘Beast ofBurden.Décor:In my opinion, next to the story you are telling this is important. Many consultants believe that ‘grteenscreen is best’. Green screen can be useful, especially for advanced video makers, however from theperspective of a film and documentary professional I believe it is unnatural. A more warm performance,with interesting annectodal story telling objects used in the frame of your video is far more powerful intelling your own story online. It make is personnel as we as more authentic, allowing you to connectand ‘click’ with customers. I.e Recording of TEDxMelbourne Conference at Melbourne ExhibitionCentre to audience of 500+ people.Spectacle:This is an often under utilized use in online videos but I believe that it can facilitate remarkableengagement, keeps you looking advance and in tune with an increasingly demanding audience of 1billion video viewers online. I.e Dom Mckenna TeamMak Epipheo styled animation.Learning to use imovie, film with your iphone and other techniques mean that you can do this yourselfand we can assist to show you. Editing with royalty free music also creates a more commanding videoand taking digital photographs that are spliced within the edit can also keep audiences engaged sothat your video is being seen by the millions of youtube users online, everyday.In conclusion, Aristotles theory of story telling is still just as relevant to the online world and video. Bycreating clever content we are engaging in greater thought leadership by allowing the world receiveour message, gain traction, and keep our ‘audience’ coming back for more.This is reinforced by Chris Anderson who in a speech to TED supports that we should be using webvideo to enhance online videos to further our own innovation:www.chris_anderson_how_web_video_powers_global_innovation.htmlBy creating clever content with our web videos distributed through online platforms we are not onlyreinforcing our own personnel brand but presenting world class presentations to an audiences ofthousands or possibly millions of people. True Blue.Gareth BensonCreative Director LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX…. (M) 0416779163
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