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Smith street traders true blue production odp


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A presentation devised for the Smith Street Business Association by True Blue Production for the presentation to Tourism Victoria on promoting Smith Street, Melbourne Australia 25 July 2012.

Described by Uli Maas, Business Development Manager from Tourism Victoria as 'one of the best we've seen'.

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Smith street traders true blue production odp

  1. 1. A Journey downTram 86.Destination 86:Smith Street.
  2. 2. Destination 86: Smith StreetA Journey Towards cultural diversity.Tram 86 offers a corridor towards cultural diversityrecognise Melbournes oldest shopping strip.* Accessibility on Tram 86 down Bourke Street* New Bike paths along Wellington* Corridor to the cityThe journey reveals the colour cultural diversity on everycorner.
  3. 3. Destination Smith street:Bringing the Night to LifeSmith Street is home to a hand full of historic pubs, a favouritedestination after Melbournes devoted fans celebrate or commiseratethe flight of Collingwoods Magpies.The first stop is The 86 offering an entrance to the magic and mysteryof Smith Streets long living music scene. Burlesque dancers flirt withillusionist and world famous artists bringing the beauty of SmithsStreets Night to Life.
  4. 4. Destination 86: Smith Street World renown Food and BeverageWith eclectic cafes specializing in great coffee and tasty food varieties Smith Street isVictorias oldest shopping strip serving top quality gourmet food witheverything from fresh, natural vegan products to top quality butchers.This includes world famous restaurants, cafes recognised in Qantas Inflight magazine.● Gi Gi Baba (Persian/Turkish cuisine)● Huxtables (from huxtaburgers to a tappas bar offering high end food) - Three Hats •
  5. 5. Destination 86: Smith StreetThe best of boutique and vintage fashion.Whether you are shopping for food drinks or giftware, fashion, financialservices, entertainment, or vintage memorabilia all are available in SmithStreet every day of the week. Including: ● U turn fashion: Evening Dress ● Sallys Vintage Fashion ● Five Elements
  6. 6. Destination 86: Smith StreetFinding treasures from around the globe. ● Vintage Garage ● Memorabilia ● Lost & Found .
  7. 7. Destination 86: Banking on business development• Banks: Five banks, including Bank of Melbourne investing in the community.• Refurbished Coles store• Ground Floor Commercial retail block• 4 Tower Residential quality apartments
  8. 8. Destination 86: Smith Street Promotions• Gertrude street projection festival (extension to smith street)• Smith Street Stroll• Summer Concert Series (1 x month)• Christmas Promotion• Arts for Arts Sake – database of local artists and musicians
  9. 9. ● Smith Street Traders platform development● Developing quality video and digital content for social media to tell stories through the web (M) 0416779163 Gareth Benson & Vito Leo