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Digital SignageWith truDigital Signage, implementing an end-to-end digitalsignage solution has never been easier.Competiti...
A great location, good people and a quality product is nolonger enough. Consumers want to be informed andentertained. They...
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Cloud-Based Digital Signage by truDigital


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truDigital Signage provides a premier cloud-based digital signage solution. One low monthly price and no long term contracts!

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Cloud-Based Digital Signage by truDigital

  1. 1. Digital SignageWith truDigital Signage, implementing an end-to-end digitalsignage solution has never been easier.Competition for consumers’ attention is fierce: It is becoming harder toreach audiences through traditional advertising. truDigital Signagesolutions deliver targeted, consistent, high-impact messagingwhenever you want it, virtually anywhere in the world.Around the globe, businesses are using digital displays withincustomer facing store locations to optimize the customer experience,increase sales, and enhance customer and associate communication.truDigital Signage helps reach customers more effectively bydistributing engaging video content that can be customized to matchbuying cycles. It’s a high-impact delivery platform integrated into theway people shop, learn or work. Displays can deliver messaging that iscustomized by geography, time of day, specific location and more inreal-time.Reach out to targeted consumersEntertain and inform consumers while they wait in line as an effectivestrategy to drive sales growth. Sending your message via truDigitalSignage reduces perceived wait time and enhances upsell/cross-sellopportunities, turning a potentially negative experience into a positiveone through eye-catching visuals that can drive revenue and reinforcebrand image.Turn wait time into opportunityIncrease SalesEnhance BrandImprove Customer ExperienceIncrease brand awarenessIncrease salesFaster time to revenueConsistent messagingCustomized messagesCost effectiveCaptive audienceReduce perceived wait timePotential source of incomeRetailRestaurantsFinancial services/bankingAutomotiveCorporateServicesBusinesses with multiplelocationsIdeal For:Cloud-based platformEnd-to-end managed serviceArray of video andmultimedia formatsCentralized controlsFlexible schedulingRapid deploymentVideo on demandProven solutionBenefits:Features:
  2. 2. A great location, good people and a quality product is nolonger enough. Consumers want to be informed andentertained. They want to “experience” the company, theproduct and the brand to its fullest extent. As marketsincreasingly commoditize, high-impact digital signage is apoint of differentiation.A recent study, conducted by InfoTrends, clearly illustratedwhy the digital signage market has become such a successamongst the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries. Thestudy revealed that digital signage displays offer 47.7percent effectiveness of consumer brand awareness andcreates a 31.8 percent upswing in overall sales’ volumes. Thestudy also demonstrated digital signage’s ability to generatea 32.8 percent growth in repeat buyers and instore traffic.With no uncertainty you can realize the positive effectsdigital signage has on consumer behavior, employeeeducation and corporate communications.Branded environments where the store is a destinationmakes the customer experience pleasant and desirable. Theend result: consumers feel good about spending money. Thisis the customer experience, and it is something businessesignore at their own peril. Customers are willing to pay a littlebit more if the act of purchasing makes them feel good.As is often the case, technology – and in this case digitalsignage – is an invaluable tool that creates memorableconsumer experiences. Often it is as simple as a one-to-oneinteraction, providing pertinent information to make the tripquicker and more convenient, or it can be a one-to-manyexperience where consumers get a warm feeling about beingin a branded environment. Either scenario drives sales, buildsbrand loyalty and generates strong competitivedifferentiation.Businesses need to create real differentiation with theirbrand and truDigital Signage is the perfect solution!Why digital signage?With truDigital Signage, you can deliver high-impact media toanynumber of displays across the enterprise. Content can includeproductspotlights, brand promotion, targeted multilingual video, text,audio, orimages designed to promote your products non-stop. truDigitalSignage is a one-stop, turnkey solution providing:Turn network resources into a revenue generatortruDigital Signage solutions take advantage of a SaaS deliverymodel through which you utilize the application andinfrastructure that drive your content delivery. truDigitalmonitors, manages and provides technical support for thecomplete solution for a cost-effective monthly subscription fee.Reduce capital expenses and staff demandsRelieveTechnology Hassles,ReduceCosts.The complexity involved in designing and implementing a digitalsignage network can be daunting. The capital expense andongoingoperational and management costs alone are significantdeterrents.truDigital removes these hurdles by offering a comprehensivesolution for installation, management, operation andmaintenance of the entiremultimedia network.All required software, hardware, installation and training24x7x365 system operation and technical supportPowerful, scalable, redundant datacenter architectureOngoing operations and system maintenancePush out local & national promotions with a single clickFast deployment and business turnaroundWhy truDigital signage?truDigital signage frameworkFor more information contact your truDigital Representative or visit us at$50ONLY per monthNo contractNo hidden feesPlug-n-PlayReady