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App7 gumj

  1. 1. Leave your Tie, Bring your Ideas<br />Welcome to Apple<br />
  2. 2. The Steve's<br />1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wazniak and Ronal Wayne found Apple Computers <br />1976 Jobs and the Wazniak introduce the Apple I to the Home Brew Computer Club<br />A local computer store called Byte Shop, agrees to buy 50 Apple I computers.<br />Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne produce and sell the Apple I in July 1976<br />Jobs and Wazniakattempt to sell the Apple I to HP and Commodore, and are turned down.<br />
  3. 3. The year is 1977 <br />Apple Computer was incorporated January 3rd <br />The Soviet Union launches Soyuz 24 (Viktor Gorbatko, Yuri Glazkov) to dock with the Salyut 5 space station. February 7th<br />The Apple II was released April 16th<br />Star War was released May 25th<br />The first Apple II series computers go on sale. June 5th<br />The first oil through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System reaches Valdez, Alaska. July 28th<br />NASA’s space shuttle Enterprise makes its first free flight August 12th<br />The Commodore PET computer is first sold. September 3rd<br />The Atari 2600 game system is released. October 1st<br />TCP/IP test succeeds connecting 3 ARPANET nodes (of 111), in what eventually becomes the Internet protocol. November 22nd<br />
  4. 4. The Year was 1983 <br />Steve Jobs revels what would be the most influential commercial and computer<br />The commercial is shown to the board of Apple to disastrous results. <br />The commercial would eventually run during the 3rd quarter of the super bowl to unveil <br />The Macintosh<br />
  5. 5. The Game Changer <br />Jeff Raskin has an idea for a computer for the rest of us called Macintosh<br />The Mac was the first computer to have a Graphical User Interface<br />Or GUI<br />The Mac borrowed from the LISA <br />And had an hierarchical operating system<br />With applications running in windows<br />The mac was also the First to use a mouse<br />
  6. 6. The Changing of the Guard <br />John Sculley replaces Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple <br />Sculley divided Apple into separate divisions creating mass confusion due to the subdivisions of each division<br />Due to his in ability to manage Apple, the board replaces Sculley with Michael Spindler<br />Spindler would eventually be replaced with Gil Amelio<br />After many failed product lines and flops.<br />
  7. 7. Rotten Apples<br />From the early to late 90’s newly appointed Apple CEO’s miss the mark<br />The Newton; the worlds first PDA<br />The Macintosh Portable the 15lb Behemoth<br />Macintosh Centris<br />eWorld<br />LISA<br />Macintosh LC<br />Macintosh Performa<br />Macintosh Quadra<br />
  8. 8. The Return <br />Apple, under the guidance of Gil Amelio buys NeXT, Steve Jobs new company.<br />NeXt Step OS<br />Jobs brought power with him when he returns to Apple<br />Apple Purchases final cut <br />
  9. 9. Apples Apples Everywhere<br />1997 Apple Hires Jonathan Ive..and a revolution begins<br />2003 iTunes store Launches<br />2004 Apple enters the business world with Xserv Cluster node<br />2005 Apple introduces the mac Mini<br />1998 the iMac is born<br />2006 Apple switches to Intel processors<br />1999 iMovie is released<br />2007 the iPhone is born<br />2001 the iPod is born<br />2007 Apple TV Launches<br />2008 Apples App store launches by June 2011 there are 10 billion downloads<br />2001 the first Apple store opens<br />2010 iPad is born<br />2002 OSX is born<br />
  10. 10. Innovation Continues <br />Macbook Air goes SSD (Solid State Drive)<br />2011 OSX Lion is released<br />2007 Apple goes digital<br />2011 iCloud is introduced<br />2007 iPod touch is launched<br />2011 iPad 2 changes it again<br />2010 The iPhone 4 is released and offered on Verizon <br />Apple goes Green<br />
  11. 11. Green Apples!<br />1990 Apple stars to go green<br />2002 Product take-back solutions are implemented in the U.S. and Japan. <br />1991 Apple removes lead from its batteries<br />2005The Apple Supplier Code of Conduct is implemented.<br />1992 Apple becomes a founding member of the U.S. EPA Energy Star program<br />2006 Apple is the first computer manufacturer to entirely replace CRT displays with material-efficient and energy-efficient LCDs. <br />1994The first voluntary Apple product take-back program is initiated in Germany<br />1995 PVC in packaging materials is phased out. <br />2008 Apple achieves a recycling rate of 41.9 percent<br />1999 Apple Product Environmental Specifications (APES) files are introduced.<br />2009 All products ship BFR-free and with mercury-free LED-backlit displays and arsenic-free display glass <br />2000All Apple manufacturing sites are ISO 14001 certified worldwide<br />2010Apple’s facilities in Cork, Ireland; Austin, Texas; and Sacramento, California, convert to using 100 percent renewable energy.<br />
  12. 12. In the end<br />Jobs takes a leave of absence for health reasons and places Timothy D. Cook as Ceo.<br />“With quarterly revenue growth of 83 percent and profit growth of 95 percent, we’re firing on all cylinders,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We will continue to innovate on all fronts throughout the remainder of the year.”<br />Apple has become the most valued-customer facing brand in the world<br />Apple has a 246% increase in wealth to $19.1 billion. <br />As of March 2011, Apple has a second quarter revenue of $24.67 Billion with a net profit of $5.99 Billion<br />