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Destinations Highlights Day One


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An overview of the first day of Compass Destinations, our national sales conference for

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Destinations Highlights Day One

  1. 1. Destinations Highlights: Day One Thursday Morning Introduction and Products Announcements: Kim Fulcher Compass 3 year anniversary is coming up. In September 2008, we had 24 coaches, 107 representatives and 169 clients. In September 2009, we had 225 coaches, 900+ representatives and 1800+ clients. In September 2010, we have 495 coaches, 2000+ representatives and 3000+ clients. Last year, the Personal Development Network was announced. Now the PDN is 10 months old. It allows us to social network at a deeper level than we can ever go on FaceBook. Announcement: The personal pages will be improved and rolled out soon. Announcement: the MAP library will be enhanced to sort by Life Area, and will feature an enhanced layout to make finding the MAP you need quicker. The MAP Tracks (3 month set of MAPs) announced last year are one year old now, and have been a great success. The new Life Area pages will highlight Tracks for that area. Getting it Started: Kim Fulcher Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. - Henry David Thoreau I will push and pull you. I believe in you. What do you believe in? -Kim Fulcher You liberate yourself while you liberate others. Who will you fight for? The mother? She touches the future. She touches the present community. What if you were the one who was supposed to wake her up? Who was supposed to call her to do what she was born to do? Compass believes in the power of the women to change the world. Who are you going to be?
  2. 2. You don’t even know how strong you are. You are creation. Presentation by our Chairman of the Board, Jay Fulcher: He believes that Compass is in service to others. What it takes to change your life, and to help others to change their own. He is an Entrepreneur and as such, an Entrepreneur always has ideas: He knows how to develop technology companies, and Kim has a passion for personal development. This is the foundation for their Compass partnership. There is a level of momentum around the personal Development movement, which serves Compass well. Trying to start a new company in the worst of times is not easy. Not an easy time for people to pick their heads up and see the bigger picture. There are new technologies though which create exciting opportunities for Compass. "You know your company has arrived when it becomes a Movement. - Become A Movement!" Provide the tools, the awareness. If you change the life of one woman, you will also change the lives of her husband, her children, her colleagues and her community. • Experimentation is part of entrepreneurship, and requires being able to handle an element of risk and initiative. • Entrepreneurship is a decision, and the kind of life that you need to want to have. It is difficult, but incredibly meaningful when it comes out right. THE ESSENCE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Energy: it isn’t just around physical energy, but on being a giver. Leaving the room better than it was when you entered it. Leave the phone conversation, regardless of the outcome, where the other person feels changed, that they learned something new, that may last for a day or make a lifetime shift. Potentially harness the power of the group: good chemistry.
  3. 3. Enthusiasm: a Belief. You have to believe yourself. If you want to influence someone, you have to totally believe yourself. Enthusiasm is 50% of the job. Everyone is worthy of your time. But, the reality is that some are more worthy than others. Choose the ones that you can ignite that same enthusiasm you feel. Look for those. Look for the tactile response. Matching enthusiasm. How you create that common ground is partly by the shared enthusiasm . Expertise. The more knowledgable you are, the better you can move forward into the world. Demonstrate your knowledge, but in a way that others can receive it. You need to be out there constantly learning something. Consume some of the things that not only Compass is providing, but what the greater world is providing. It increases your confidence level. Execution. This part is just hard. The pick and shovel work. Have a plan: daily, weekly, monthly plan. The amount of time that is wasted by not knowing what is important and what is not. How does the organization of time, impact the amount and quality of what I can produce. There are all kinds of urgent and unimportant things, all kinds of urgent and important things --- knowing the difference is a fundamental component of success. Ecosystem. Test if the plan or goals make sense. Use your current system of contacts to see what you are doing will work or not work. Trial and test different ideas. Every business that has ever been successful has had a good ecosystem: for testing, for mentoring, for support. You want to cultivate these relationships. Mentoring: you want to have someone who has had more failures to help you understand what you need to do. Your level of preparedness for the next level can be assessed ahead of time. Pay it forward. Be actively looking for it. Equity. Have ownership in what it is you are doing. Equity is not just money. You have to be
  4. 4. fully invested in what you do. Your reputation is everything. Everything else comes and goes, and reputation is also equity. Use all the tools available. Announcement: Everyone who hits SRR by December 31, 2010 will be an equity owner in this company. Ecosystem: don’t be too timid about reaching out to people who can help you. Finding the model that you think it should be. People respond well to these requests. Don’t restrict yourself to just the industry you are in. Look for someone who is in a similar enough, but actually different situation. Social Networking: how do you use that to build your business. Get to learn it. Twitter and FB are important tools. Video online. LiveStream. Virtual attendance. Always be a student of your craft. What are Jay’s top ten books? Go to Jay's LinkedIn profile. One of his favorites: "The Spark, The Flame & The Torch" by Lance Secretin What happens when you are in a gap between execution and expertise? Rely on your network. You need to rely on a team. Figure out how to fill in your gaps, what are open areas of vulnerability and what in those gaps are crucial and not that crucial. Sometimes teams get stuck in things that don’t really matter. In Jay’s company right now, he has the management team going through the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, one more time. Good book to get clear on what is important and what is not and organizing your time around that. We as Representatives are co-Mingling our reputations. Compass has put out what is important to it. But there are opportunities to extend that, to put our own flavor on it. Establish what we stand for, beyond the Compass values. How to transition from being Managed to Managing yourself? Think about your experience of being Managed versus being Led. Imagine what worked best. Keep that. Get rid of the rest of it.
  5. 5. Your instincts are far more important than those things that have been taught or coached into you. You have to have a plan. There isn’t any one answer for everyone. You have to think about what worked for you. All the other stuff doesn’t matter. Becky Mason Updates: Take a stand; Remember the Alamo. Dani Johnson: 98% of the population will not risk anything. 2% will risk, because they have a belief that will take them through anything. Compass is creating a company of 2%ers. Take our dream to the masses. We have a lot of work to do. Thursday Afternoon The Unveiling They already talked about the new MAP on Demand, New Life Area Page, New Track page, now focusing on the new Back Office tools. Announcement: There is a new DYC. What holds you back from serving your purpose? Fear? Debt? Find your freedom with a couple minutes a day? Who wouldn’t do that? Announcement: Product Video in YouTube: overview on how to start with Compass. Announcement: New Opportunity Page in Q1 2011. Announcement: Post Cards with Editable Fields. Print them up and send them to people. Announcement: Flip Chart. Glossy, printed table standable slides with notes space on the back of each one for you to talk to the slide easily.
  6. 6. Announcement: New content for Back Office: Tips from the Field; on demand training with Field Leaders, recorded Videos/Audios of Field Leaders, Topics like Contact Management System, Goal Setting, etc. and Webisodes Announcement: Anyone achieving VP Rank qualifies for their own Mercedes Jennifer Berault: Step It Up Have you been expecting a harvest because you have planted your seeds, or have you been expecting a harvest because you need a harvest? The complete text of Jennifer’s presentation will be distributed separately. Kim George Is it desperation or is it knowing? Let go of Fixing. Are we tired of Fixing ourselves? Are we tired of fixing other people? Are we tired of fixing the world? There is beauty in letting go. You are beautiful. The way you are. Let go of fixing. Kim shared an excerpt from her book, The Freedom Memorandum, totally moving. Find the root of your resistance. Our thinking ALWAYS serves us. Our mind is always looking for why that conditioning is true. It's not the existence of fear - it's the impact. Its human to be fearful. It's how you use it. Authentic Vulnerability is Powerful. Announcement: New Compass Life Coaching training, which will be accredited by the IAC. Price includes the Basic Rep kit, the Compass Certified Coach training as well as the actual 6
  7. 7. month program. First session begins in January. Payment options are available. Existing Reps can sign up for $2500 - Enroller earns $400 For New Reps, the price will be $2900 - Enroller earns $500 Announcement: As of November 1st, life experience will no longer qualify for entry into the Compass Certified Coach training program. Margie Warrell: Speaker Think Bigger, Live Bolder --- We can turn our fear into a force that really drives us forward. If I wasn’t afraid of failure who would I be? In liberating others, you liberate yourself. ‘I always wanted to be someone. I should have been more specific.’ -Lilly Tomlin You will fail more from timidity than from daring. ‘Pity the person with sight but no vision.’ -Helen Keller It is by daring to work for something that may not be achievable that you live a remarkable life. Life rewards action. Delay is increasingly expensive. ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ -Wayne Gretsky Fortune favors the bold. Put yourself at risk everyday! Courage=Action despite our Fear Act Bolder - Life rewards action. Delay is increasingly expensive. Step into action. We under- estimate what we are capable of. Stick your neck out and try!
  8. 8. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you failed at something you are a failure. Every adversity has the seed of an equal or greater benefit. She made a decision that she was not going to become a victim to the rotten bad luck that had happened. How often do we live in mental wheelchairs? Leverage Adversity! Your way of being speaks so much more loudly than anything you do or say or write. Mastery of Life is not the absence of problems. It is Mastery of Problems. It is your capacity to handle life. ‘Problems cannot be solved at the same level in which they were created.’ -Albert Einstein You are unique and un-repeat-able. There are things that you are called to do. Things that you are uniquely called to do. Blossom wherever you are planted. Change what you can change. You are where you are. Give the world the best you’ve got, and it may not be enough, but give the world the best you’ve got any way. All the courage you need is in you now.