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Quality professional development


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Published in: Education, Business
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Quality professional development

  1. 1. QualityProfessionalDevelopmentby Karen Kroll
  2. 2. Quality Professional DevelopmentIs.. Job Embedded● is grounded in day-to-day practice● occurs regularly● consists of teachers analyzing studentslearning and finding solutions to immediateproblems of practice● is aligned to student standards, schoolcurricula, and school improvement goals.Examples of JobEmbedded PDMentoring/Coaching Data Teams/AssessmentDevelopmentOrganizational Research Peer ObservationPeer Coaching Portfolios Study Circles(Darling-Hammond & McLaughlin, 1995; Hawley & Valli, 1999; Hirsh, 2009)
  3. 3. Focuses on ResultsProfessional development not tied to outcomes instudent achievement, it is often nothing more thanactivity-based time, time that may not have lastingor meaningful results.
  4. 4. Research BasedBy examining what works, instructional leaders candetermine which practices are most effective indifferent contexts and what factors will contribute toimproved educator and student learning.
  5. 5. Fosters Individual and TeamLearningFor professional development to take hold andresult in increased student performance, it shouldinclude both individual and team, or organizationallearning.
  6. 6. Informs AdultLearning throughStudent LearningTo improve student performancestart with an assessment of howstudents learn and wherestudents are in the learningprocess. This will require anexamination of student work,and a review of data on studentperformance.Link Process withResultsFocus on what they will generatein terms of improved studentlearning, rather than on theskills that the session willdevelop in teachers. Theacquisition of skills is a stepalong the path towards improvedstudent achievement andenhanced learning, not the endgoal in itself.
  7. 7. Fosters Professional Learning andGrowth...Examine educatorscognitive processesand relationships, aswell as the physical,social and emotionalconditions that lead tothe transformation ofknowledge, attitudes,skills, and behaviors,rather than theactivities associatedwith the developmentprocess itself.