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Personal perspective

  1. 1. TechnologyAnd Education A Personal Perspective Karen Kroll Integrating Technology Into Education Course 893.505 July 21, 2003
  2. 2. Personal Philosophy of Technology In EducationTechnology in the classroom should... Be motivating Enhance curriculum - integrated directly into curricular subjects/used to support content learning Develop cooperative learning/thinking skills - “no man/woman or child is an island” Encourage higher order thinking skills Be used to develop life-long learning skills
  3. 3. No Child Left Behind Enhancing Education Through TechnologyPurpose Rational- enhance curricula - ensure that ALL- engage students in children have equal learning access to technology- prepare students for the - ensure that ALL technologically teachers are demanding job technologically market literate
  4. 4. No Child Left Behind Educational Technology State Grants Program GoalsPrincipal Goal - improve student academicachievement through the use of technologySub Goals - assist every student in becomingtechnologically literate by the end of 8th grade - encourage effective integration of technologyresources and systems with teacher training andprofessional development to establish research-based instructional models
  5. 5. What Does NCLBmean to Education? strategies must be based on relevant research supported by professional development national study to look at the relationship between technology, student achievement and the ability of teachers to teach funding can be used in more flexible means states must set goals for using technology disadvantaged students are targeted to improve student achievement
  6. 6. What Do The NCLBStandards Mean to Children? Rational All students will have highly qualified teachers All students will achieve at higher levels All students will be better prepared for the workforce/higher education - better citizens Students from low SES backgrounds will have more opportunities for achievement
  7. 7. Personal Experiences With Using Technology in EducationSc.800.30 Students will connect aspects of technology tothe nature of science.SC.800.40 Students will use appropriate methods tocommunicate orally and in writing the process and resultsof scientific investigation FCPS Middle School Science Standards
  8. 8. Personal ExperiencesWhen students use technology... they are more motivated content is better understood at a higher level they are more responsible for their own learning when researching to create a product integration not isolation works best
  9. 9. Problems...When students (especially middle- schoolers) use technology… some students can become unfocused on content and more focused on the product some students do not learn information well when others present their topic/content - may be due to developmental maturity/poor listening or note-taking skills.
  10. 10. ResourcesNo Child Left Behind: A Desktop Reference Middle School Science Standards