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Middle school


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Middle school

  1. 1. K A R E N K R O L LThe 21st Century Middle School
  2. 2. Who is the current middle school student in the21st Century? Fighting to fit in Need to find a group to fit into Difficult task because student interest are so varied and theycan be split among groups Bullying issues make being part of the group challenging Technology is readily available and used Communication (chatting) is frequent Challenging to define instructional vs social use Diverse students More accepting of differences
  3. 3. Purpose of the 21st Century Middle School Produce students prepare to go to work or further theireducation Produce good citizens Produce students that have a high level thinking skills Ability to focus on abstract thoughts able to analyze complex situations Prepare students for the world of work Help students to learn to make important life decisions Teach important life skills (ethics, adaptability, people skills, socialresponsibility) Guide students toward becoming respectful of adults Learn how to work with people different from them
  4. 4. What can we do? Provide a variety of learningopportunities to: Solve problems Use higher level thinking skills Showcase student talents/skills Help students learn newinformation/skills Provide curriculum andresources that are: Age appropriate curriculum Infused with technology Develop skills (including technologyskills) Appropriate for learning styles andinterests Encourage students to behaveappropriately Digital citizenship instruction Anti bullying programs Character Counts programs Healthy relationship building Modeling Expose students to a variety ofsituations Build adaptability Reduce stress Diverse Challenging