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  1. 1. I Love Swimming!I Love Snorkelling! Done by:Winnie Chia, Nupur and Zhi Xuan
  2. 2. WATER SPORTSLet’s go back to the centuries and see more about the past of the water sports!
  3. 3. Canoeing
  4. 4. Swimming• Is the oldest water sport• Way back in ancient times,It was part of the training for soldiers• First became an Olympic event for men in 1896• Foe women in 1912• Is now second largest sport in the Olympic program
  5. 5. Snorkelling•Exploring underwater has been a popularactivity•In the past,people dived to find food such asfish, abalone and crabs•They had no equipments, could not se clearlyor swim under water•Today,snorkelling is a fast-growing sport•You can discover a whole new world justunder the surface of the water
  6. 6. Surfing• Has been popular for hundreds of years• Australia has always been a leader in competiive surfing• Other type of surfing have become very popular as well Press this to know the story about Surfing!
  7. 7. The story………Around 1780 Captain Cook wrote about Hawaiians surfing but it wasn’t until 1915 that the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoko introduced the surfboard to Australia.Since then surfboards have changed from long,heavy wooden planks to short,light fibreglass boards
  8. 8. Let’s go into the Library for books to see what we need
  9. 9. Press the boxes that has words to see the books!Surfing
  10. 10. SwimmingWhat you need:-Competitive swimmersTight-fitting nylon or lycraswimsuits and rubber suitscaps,goggles and ear plugs-Social or Fun SwimersAnything that is comfortable inwater(ex.Board shorts or lycraswimsuits are suitable)
  11. 11. SnorkellingWhat you need:-Mask-A simple,open-ube,J-shapesnorkel with a soft mouthpeice-Fins or flippes-Full-foot fins with built-inpockets
  12. 12. SurfingWhat you need:-Swimsuit-Fins or flippers-Boards
  13. 13. Let’s know our safety first before weplay in water!It may be dangerous!
  14. 14. Swimming• Do not swim alone• Use a float if you do not know how to swim• Have an adult’s permission before you go to a swimming pool to swim
  15. 15. Snorkelling• Always snorkel with a buddy,never by yourself• Snorkel only in calm conditions• Never enter or exit the water near sharp rocks or large waves• Do not touch jellyfish,sea animals or coral
  16. 16. Surfing• Before you even begin try surfing,you should have completed a Royal Life Saving Society Junior Swim and Survive Award• Never surf alone.Always take a buddy with you• Study the surf carefully before you go in.Look for rips,rocks and sandbars• Remember the golden rule of surfing:only surfing to a wave.The surfer who is closest to the peak has right of way.You must not ‘drop in’ on her.
  17. 17. Hope you have learnt more on Water sports after our presentation Thank You~!