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The longboard


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The longboard

  1. 1. The Longboard A presentation on why the skateboard could be so great
  2. 2. For the sake of argument, let us assume a number of things. -The skateboard is taboo. -The simple majority of U.S. citizens cannot ride a skateboard -People are afraid of the culture of the skateboard -People have decided the skateboard has no place in transportation planning
  3. 3. It is my opinion that the skateboard is a viable means of transportation. -The skateboard moves at a greater speed than walking -The skateboard can travel on most wheel-compatible pathways -Many trips are short enough to warrant NMV use, including the skateboard.
  4. 4. Consider • Although very good, a bicycle has cons. • A skateboard excels where a bicycle has problems, and vice versa. • An individual capable of using both can have all available pros for the NMVs. • Bicycles are for long trips. (the difficulty in parking, need for a lock, etc. make it inconvenient for many short trips) • Skateboards are for short trips, and are portable enough for most imaginable multi-modal trips.
  5. 5. Bicycles vs. Skateboard Bicycles • Excellent for single vehicle trips. • Travels very quickly, but is not good for carrying. • Does not fit well into cars or onto mass transportation • Is allowed on roads and sidewalks. Skateboards • Excellent for multi-modal trips • Travels more moderately, but leaves hands free to carry or interact. • Fits very well into cars or onto mass transportation • Is not allowed on roads or sidewalks.
  6. 6. So in theory, the longboard could make mass transportation feasible despite urban sprawl.
  7. 7. We could make our cities look like this. Transit exits could be at the top of the hills Transit entrances could be at the bottom of the hills This would mean we could go downhill both ways!!!! “LONGBOARD!!”
  8. 8. If the longboard can arguably travel at 8 mph on good sidewalk, and the direct route bus is 1.1 miles away, then a longboarder can travel to the bus stop in 10 minutes and skip the neighborhood trawler bus. They can board the bus in the same time and fashion as a pedestrian, occupy the same seat as a pedestrian, and get off the bus the same as a pedestrian. They didn’t block the aisle, or make the bus wait for them to load something onto an external rack! AAAND, America didn’t have to build a thing! (we need more nmv roads)