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  1. 1. Superman The true story
  2. 2. Before skyscrapers could be completely covered with windows, the urban heat island was much more dramatic. In modern day engineering, the windows allow sunlight into the building, trapping the solar energy inside, usually as heat.
  3. 3. The convection currents created by the urban area were much more dramatic while the sides of buildings were absorbing 100% of the solar energy as heat, and then in turn dramatically heating the air. Industry was unregulated by todays standards, and produced a great deal of heat as well. Automobiles were at their peak, and cheaper than ever. The wind blowing towards the city center would be much more significant than today. On many days, there would be a sailing wind.
  4. 4. Some people were so good at sailing, they were able to “paraglide” with a cape. Vertical take-off and 360 degree travel was possible from rooftops and open areas with fair access to the wind. Buildings make vortices of very powerful wind. Para-gliders today often use the coastal breeze for this activity. This means they need not jump in order to achieve flight. They can lift off from the ground.
  5. 5. Superman believed that the Americans could learn the skill of sailing, and use the heat island wind for daily transportation and became very dedicated to his demonstrations. With wind turbines in existence, it would also be possible to generate electricity from this wind.
  6. 6. Following the introduction of inert kryptonite gas into window engineering, it became possible to make windows cover the entire exterior of buildings without sacrificing insulation or strength. (actually insulation is still sacrificed, and windowed buildings experience higher cooling and heating costs despite the kryptonite, although kryptonite was hailed into practice) Allowing the sunlight into the building made it possible to generate electricity inside using air pressure differences. . .
  7. 7. Largely overlooked was the fact that using a city- wide convection current would allow for energy harvest over the entire urban area, while the buildings as they are only harvest solar energy that hits them directly. Also building planning rarely included waste-heat recovery systems, and so did not generate electricity at all. The marketing for kryptonite, however, was immense, and highly effective having corporate support. The wind was seen as a problem, as was the need for further infrastructure. With kryptonite, buildings downtown would (supposedly) become very comfortable for fairly cheap. Buildings used to be very uncomfortable (ventilation was poorly planned already)
  8. 8. The buildings today, however, are unable to generate enough power to meet our needs. Many of them provide no electricity output at all. The amount of sunlight that hits a 300 square mile urban area, by contrast, contains enough energy to power the nation. Superman’s plan would also include a method of urban flight for a very low cost, although a fair sailing skill is required. This skill is more well developed in other nations, and during Superman’s short rise, Americans were thoroughly ridden of laborious activity.