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What you wish you knew before you became a teacher


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An overview of the education industry. Slide-show produced by Carly Walker

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What you wish you knew before you became a teacher

  1. what<br />you wish you knew<br />you<br />before<br />became a<br />teacher<br />
  2. Making a difference in student’s lives<br />The school atmosphere is full of new ideas and hope<br />To be able to collaborate with teachers and help students<br />Rewarding: to be able to make an impression on others<br />love<br />Why<br />teaching?<br />
  3. Qualities<br />teachers<br />of<br />great<br /><ul><li>Passion for teaching
  4. Love the people they teach
  5. Believe in the importance of education
  6. Flexible, willing to try new things
  7. Can take constructive criticism
  8. Not afraid of challenges
  9. Good communicator and listener
  10. Interactive with students
  11. Add personal elements to the classroom
  12. Organized
  13. Disciplined
  14. Problem solvers
  15. Creative in how they teach
  16. Great fund-raiser
  17. Teach beyond the textbook
  18. Not afraid of other’s opinions
  19. Have a lot of energy</li></li></ul><li>Job Growth for Careers in Education<br />
  20. Salaries<br />Teachers<br />for<br />
  21. Reasons teachers leave the workforce: <br />Unsupportive administrations<br />Lack of funding and financial support for schools<br />Low salaries<br />Politics and federal testing mandates<br />Draining: takes time, money, energy<br />Too much paper work<br />Getting sick ( catching illnesses from students)<br />
  22. Education Industry Struggles<br />Due to the recession there have been massive cuts in education budgets for each state. It is estimated that around 150,000 teachers will be laid off between 2010 and 2011. <br />Positions with the highest number of graduates and positions for subject areas that are not required by state law have the highest competition<br />Education careers facing the highest layoffs:<br /><ul><li>Elementary education (high competition)
  23. Secondary History teachers
  24. Secondary English teachers
  25. Art & Music teachers</li></li></ul><li>top<br />subjects<br />need<br />in<br />Subjects in need of teachers include:<br /><ul><li>Mathematics
  26. Physical sciences
  27. Chemistry
  28. Computers/technology
  29. Physics</li></li></ul><li>careers<br />other<br />educators<br />for<br />Careers that are not in the public education system that have higher salaries and less competition: <br /><ul><li>Instructional coordinator- Average salary in 2008- $56,880
  30. Business training and development managers- Average salary in 2008- $87,700
  31. Business training and development specialist- Average salary in 2008- $51,450
  32. Adult literacy and remedial education teachers- Average hourly salary in 2008- $22.26</li></li></ul><li>this slideshow is brought to you by: <br />Visit us at<br />