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11 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking


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Public speaking is the #1 fear of Americans. This will help you get over that fear!

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11 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking

  1. let go of your fear<br />public speaking is the #1 FEAR of Americans…. <br />don’t let it hold you back<br />
  2. dress for the occasion <br />you are your most important visual aid<br />
  3. you’ve got 30 seconds<br />engage your audience<br />make it count!<br />
  4. Be confident<br />own that microphone!<br />
  5. think fast. <br />many public speakers fail because they don’t think creatively.<br />
  6. you may not be giving a rock concert but you can still <br />ENTERTAIN YOUR AUDIENCE<br />
  7. have a sense of humor <br />everyone enjoys a good laugh<br />
  8. A smart audience can’t be tricked. mean what you sayor they’ll see right through you.<br />
  9. dedication<br />just like any other craft<br />
  10. take the road less traveled<br />be creative. be something different<br />
  11. justdo it<br />to improve your skills you have to be willing <br />to practice and take a chance.<br />